Daily Seinfeld Sequence Method – The E-mail Sequence That Talks About Nothing

The best emails to send are about nothing.

Yes, that’s right, lol.

The name the Seinfeld sequence comes from a TV show, which was great, but was really about…


Your emails should contain about 90% entertainment and about 10% content. The entertainment part is the daily stories from your Attractive Character.

It can be anything that’s happening on a daily basis, that is entertaining, and then leads to content that will sell your product.

E-mail marketing might seem a bit old school to some when it comes to getting your message out compared to newer methods like Facebook Live, or YouTube.

It’s a fact that it has withstood through the test of time and is still considered one of the most inexpensive ways to engage with your audience because it’s the traffic you control.

The key to using email marketing effectively is to hold your audience’s interest. You have to make them excited to open your next email.

How do you do that in an age where attention spans are short and the options seem endless?

Create a soap opera sequence.

You email your list frequently, by e-mailing daily. Make sure your emails are so entertaining that they don’t annoy your readers. 

So what exactly is the Seinfeld Sequence method?

The Seinfeld Method serves as a follow-up form of communication to “The Soap Opera Email” – which is typically a story-arch of emails designed to build a relationship with new leads while introducing them to your products and services.

The Soap Opera Email, which is typically a story arch of emails designed to build a relationship with new leads, while introducing them to your products and services.

Its primary goal is building trust.

There are 3 main styles of Seinfeld sequences:

  • Episode style
  • Educational style
  • Epiphany style

The Seinfeld Method is short-form storytelling with the goal of entertainment. If you’ve ever watched the hit TV series, you may recall it was fondly referred to as “the show about nothing.” There was no story arch; each episode stood on its own. One week, the storyline may have been unbelievably whacky and the next, undeniably mundane.

Russell Brunson who coined the method, “Daily Seinfeld Sequence” uses the same approach when writing for subscribers who have already gone through his Soap Opera sequence. Each email is like a self-contained Seinfeld episode.

He candidly tells stories of prospect interactions, random life events, and personal observations. And, at the end of each email, he finds a way to tie the story into his products and services.

In the video below, he breaks down what the e-mails look like. I think you’ll find very valuable.

Inside of an episode style Seinfeld email sequence you have the following example emails:

  • Controversial email
  • What happened today?
  • Story-based training

Secondly, Inside of an educational style Seinfeld email sequence you have:

  • Checklists
  • How To
  • Q&A
  • FAQ’s

Lastly, inside of an epiphany style Seinfeld email sequence you have:

  • Ideas
  • Inspirational
  • Enlightening/thought-provoking
  • Challenge existing dogma/beliefs

All of these represent different categories of emails you can write to entertain and engage your email subscribers.

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How to implement the Seinfeld Sequence into your business

  • Begin thinking about your daily life in terms of story.
  • Keep a log (mental or tangible) of the interactions you have each day.
  • Pay particular attention to those aspects that surprise, delight, or challenge you.
  • Choose one such event and write a marketing email as if you were talking to a friend.
  • Ask yourself: How can I tie this story back to a particular product or service that we offer?
  • Create a Call to Action that links to a related blog article, sales offering or piece of gated content.

Final thoughts

Email often gets sold as a magic bullet in the world of online marketing when it’s actually just one of many actions to convert leads into customers.

Before focusing on email, ask yourself: Is email really our biggest opportunity for improvement right now? And if not, what is?

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