BioReigns MLM Review – Another MLM CBD Oil Scam?

Thank you for taking the time to check out my BioReigns review!

One of the common questions I get asked often is if BioReigns a scam or not.

We’re going to take the next few minutes to take a look and get some answers.

The main concern I have for people who are researching this opportunity is that I don’t want them to get burned. In the profession of network marketing, anything could happen.

A company ends up shutting down in a few months due to bad business decisions for being non-compliant, compensation plan change, or the company not paying it’s distributors.

I understand that many of you are new. Sometimes we are not in a position to make a solid business assessment due to inexperience.

Additionally, I am going to offer you a way for you to escape the ‘9 to 5’ if you decide that this company is not for you.

More information about this program will be at the end of this post.

By the time you have read the review, you will be able to decide if BioReigns is a fit or not. I do not promote, nor I am affiliated with BioReigns.

With that said, let’s dive in!

What is BioReigns?

BioReigns is an (MLM) company that markets products that are Cannabidiol-based (CBD-based).​ The company was launched in September 2019, by Bryan Reed and Jojo Dominic Contino. From what we can tell, they do not have any prior MLM experience.

As the popularity of MLM opportunities rises, so are the products with CBD (Cannabidiol).

For those who are not familiar, CBD or cannabidiol is the medicinal part of Hemp or Cannabis (Marijuana) but it does not have the psychoactive properties. As one of the fastest-growing industries, it is making a buzz in the business and people are curious, thus the increase in the demand.

The company is similar to My Daily Choice, Kannaway, and Vasayo.

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The BioReigns Product Line

There are various Bioreigns CBD products sold as separate items, but they can be purchased in packages as well.

The product range is not too overwhelming, I like the simplicity of it.

Another point worth mentioning is that lab test reports are available to the public, on the Bioreigns website. This is something you should always look out for when deciding on which CBD brands to use.

CBD Daily Tincture

This comes in peach or peppermint flavor, with or without curcumin. To be taken under the tongue or added to your favorite beverage for a CBD-infused drink, it is also gluten-free and vegan friendly.

A 30 ml bottle costs $69.99. At extra strength and ultra strength, the prices are $89.99 and $149.99 respectively.

There is a full-spectrum version that contains THC.

CBD Lean

This tincture consists of a weight loss formula, giving you the boost that your body needs to burn fat and lose weight.


This is in capsule form, comprising Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) peptides, which enhances your energy, as well as memory and focus.


This is a serum comprising 4 peptides, helping to rejuvenate your skin, making it more radiant and smooth.


These are fun snacks that provide the benefits of a THC-free CBD complex.

What I do not like about it is the use of artificial flavors and coloring. They are gluten free, though. Oh, and expensive! A bottle of 60 gummies costs $69.99.

Pain Relief

These come in the form of lotion, cream, salve, or roll-on. I checked out the ingredients of the pain relief salve, and am happy to report that they are all-natural.

Who Is BioReign’s Target Market?

BioReigns is designed for two types of people with one being those who are looking for products that can help improve their overall health and wellness. The other type is people who are looking for opportunities to make some money on the side.

For people looking to improve their health and wellness, the company has various products that can help.

One of the main products that the company sells is a deer antler velvet spray called Peak, which is said to improve general health and boost the immune system.

The company also has CBD oil-based products called Hempworx, which provides the benefits of CBD oil.

If you are looking to make money, you can become one of the company’s affiliates. Now, they made use of the term affiliate here but the opportunity is basically MLM and not affiliate marketing.

Let’s talk about the compensation plan

As with any other MLM company, there are two main ways to make money with Bioreigns: through retail commission by selling its products to retail customers, and through residual commission and other bonuses by recruiting people into your team.

Retail commission

Retail commission is 50% of the CV (Commissionable Volume), whenever a retail customer purchases from your Bioreigns replicated website.

Though it seems a lot, do note that it is not 50% of the retail price.

Every product has a CV attached to it, typically half of the retail value, in the case of Bioreigns.

For instance, for the Pain Relief Pack which costs $198.85, the CV is 99. And 50% of this 99 CV works out to be $49.50.

Hence you are effectively getting 25%, thereabouts, of the retail price.

Still, it is quite a good commission rate.

But the caveat comes in.

You have to be an active distributor in order to earn even the retail commission.

For the entry rank of Distributor level, this means you must have personally enrolled a minimum of 1 Distributor in each of your left and right leg of the binary compensation plan, with each leg having a minimum of 150 ETQV (Enrollment Tree Qualifying Volume),

This is a personal thing, but it puts me off that recruitment is a qualifying criteria to even start earning retail commissions.

If you are already able to meet this requirement of being an active distributor, then here is one sure way to scale up your retail sales:

Recruitment commission

Basically the larger you build up your team, the higher up the ranks you rise, and the higher your potential earnings.

There are 11 ranks in the Bioreigns compensation plan:

  • Distributor
  • Manager
  • Elite
  • E5K Distributor
  • E10K Distributor
  • E25K Distributor
  • E50K Distributor
  • E100K Distributor
  • E250K Distributor
  • E500K Distributor
  • Bioreigns Elite

For each rank, there are rank requirements that you have to meet, in order to keep yourself at that level.

For Distributor, you need a personal order of 35 PQV (Personal Qualifying Volume) each month. Otherwise, you will lose your rank.

The qualifying rank requirements increase with each rank.

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How to join BioReigns

If you want to join BioReigns for yourself, you’ll need to purchase an “activation package.” There are a few different ones to choose from, including:

  • Enrollee Activation for $50
  • Distributor Activation for $109.99
  • Sample Activation for $129.99
  • Manager Activation for $249.99
  • Elite Activation for $599.99

What are the pros and cons of IAM Worldwide?

Here are the pros:

  • Has actual products
  • Is focused on health

Here are the cons:

  • Products are pricey
  • Products aren’t FDA certified
  • 95% of BioReigns members do not make money

My Final Thoughts

Before you decide to join BioReigns. I would recommend that you try out the products first. See if it’s a fit for what you’re looking for.

If you don’t believe in the products that you are selling, chances are others wouldn’t. Makes sense, right?

If you’ve decided that you want to join BioReigns, you must have the following if you want to succeed:

  • A support team and system that will help build your business.
  • A mentor that will take you by the hand and help you reach your dreams and goals.
  • A constant flow of new leads and prospects that want to join your business.

It is not easy to be successful in the BioReigns business and which is why more than 95% fail.

If you feel the person you are going to sign up with is not going to be able to give you the necessary tools to help you succeed…

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BioReigns Is Not A Fit For You?

Now, if you feel that BioReigns isn’t for you. But determined to find a home-based business so that you can create a legacy for you and your family.

I would suggest that you check out my number #1 recommended program.

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Last but not least (drum roll please)…

I would love to hear from you if you are looking to join BioReigns or if you were an affiliate.

Please share your experiences by leaving your feedback below.

The feedback will help out those who are doing research on the company.

Did you get value from this blog post?

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