Vasayo Review – Is It Just Another Supplement Company?

When you’re seeking the best online MLM business opportunities you want to do your research first. While some opportunities offer minimal investment beyond purchasing the product to try yourself, your time and credibility are at stake. Most corporate business owners wouldn’t jump in before doing a bit of research first, and that’s why you need to do it too.

One company of interest is Vasayo. They sell a popular line of supplements and seem to have created a great buzz with their new business launch. Perhaps you’ve already had a friend, colleague, or family member approach you about buying their line of supplements, or even in signing up to become an affiliate with the company. Or perhaps the name is new to you now.

At first glance, they appear trustworthy, but are they right for you? They do offer a modest investment, which can seem like a lot if you’re signing up for several different income streams, or no longer have a consistent income from an office job. Let’s examine the business a bit more closely.

Vasayo MLM Review - Is It Just Another MLM Network Marketing Supplement Company

What is Vasayo?

Vasayo has its headquarters located in Lehi, Utah. The company was started by a couple, Dallin and his wife, Karree Larsen. The couple has experience in launching and running businesses before. They know what it’s like to struggle through life, to attempt to make it in the business world, all due to some early business failures.

Basically, if you want to learn from a business person’s experience, this is the couple to learn from. But they have also had some successes too. Dallin has been instrumental in the growth of two big companies with multi-billions of dollars in sales. It’s this success we want to note, rather than a small company with under one million dollars in sales.

Dallin started out in business and worked his way up to Usana’s President of Sales during the 1990s. He went on to work for another company called Dynamic Essentials, becoming their Vice President of Sales in 2001. After some issues with the FDA, he left the company in 2003.

In 2005, he and Karee launched a company called MonaVie. He experienced great success there. The company sold a blended acai berry juice drink that was quite popular with consumers. He stayed there until business fell, and left in 2014. He had to sign an agreement that he’d avoid any dealings in that industry for two years.

Now that time is up, and the couple launched Vasayo at the start of January 2017. Obviously, Dallin knows how to sell, what sells in the market, and has the experience to push this company forward.

A few months later, the company has created a great buzz in the marketplace, at the three-month point when many businesses have their failure. But not Vasayo.

The couple has asserted that this will be the last company they ever run and that it won’t ever be up for sale. Their goal is to build it up and leave a legacy. They have also announced that they will always hold over 50% of their investments in order to have a say in how the business is run.

The company is similar to Pruvit, Le-Vel, Bode Pro and Zrii.

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What Kinds of Supplements Does Vasayo Sell?

Vasayo MLM Review - Is It Just Another MLM Network Marketing Supplement Company 2

In order to try a new business opportunity, you’re going to need to love the products that you sell. The Vasayo product line falls under five main product categories. All of these products are marketed under one brand called “Microlife Nutritionals”.

This line has the Core Essentials, which are vitamins and minerals supplement inside a vegetable-based capsule. There is also Neuro, which they call a meal for your brain. Energy works through an herb-based energy spray. There is Renew which is contained within a liquid-gel and is an antioxidant for your immune support. There is also Sleep, which is a mist that you spray over your face to help you to sleep at night.

Overall, this is a good range of products and includes something for each of our common ailments in life. It’s good to note that there are no “weight loss” supplements here, which are often questionable at best.

Their supplements line may not differ from much from other products that you find online, or in a store, however, note how many millions of similar brands are out there. That’s not the point. This is a great line of supplements, and they need to be marketing to consumers. If you can make them stand out in the market, the consumers will buy them, like them, and remain loyal. This is true of any type of product in the marketplace. Why do we buy one brand over another, even when they’re the same?

There is detailed information about the supplements on their website, including information about ingredients, and how to take them. This information was quick and easy to find, which is sure to be appreciated by people who question everything about the products that they put into their bodies.

Vasayo does make the distinction that their Vasayo vitamins and nutritional supplements have a 90% higher absorption rate in the body. Apparently the average absorption rate of most supplements is quite low. So, this is a good selling point, as it means better nutrition for your dollar.

What is Vasayo’s Message?

Often many large companies like to impart a message to their customers and their sales teams. Vasayo message is “Vision Action Steadiness Assures Your Outcome”. Their core values focus on integrity, leadership, generosity, partnership, lifestyle, innovation, action, and loyalty.

What Types of Investment Opportunities Are Available?

Besides signing up for an affiliate-based program, there are a variety of compensation packages available. At first glance, it’s a bit complicated, but we’ll do our best to list the basics.

Basically, the Vasayo compensation plan pays affiliates when they sell products to consumers. There is also a secondary plan where you can help to recruit new affiliates, and then, in turn, earn cash off of what they sell too. But that only lasts for a thirty-day window.

You can earn different ranks in the Vasayo compensation plan program. As far as we know, there are currently eighteen different ranks, each with their own list of compensation and bonus packages.

Brand Partner
Qualified Brand Partner
Executive Brand Partner
… and up to Triple Crown Blue Diamond.

The basic brand partner simply earns commissions, while the top-level brings you in some big cash from constantly recruiting new affiliates, selling to new customers, and maintaining a team.

What’s good about this company is that if you merely wish to sell the supplements, that’s fine. But if you are truly interested in being a leader, you can recruit people to your team too.

For every product that you sell, you will get a 20% retail commission. That sounds a bit low if you compare it with say, Mary Kay, but keep in mind that the supplements range from affordable to premium. They want to keep costs down so consumers compare with other comparable brands and choose Vasayo instead. Plus, you can earn higher commissions if you sell more product, or if you recruit more people, or manage a team. So, the 20% initial commission is only a start.

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How the Bonus Structure Works

There is also a bonus structure, so if affiliates generate a certain number of sales, they get a bonus $50, or $150 if certain levels are reached. There are also recruitment and residual commissions too, based on your level. They even have matching bonuses, rank achievement, and leadership bonuses. It’s a bit boring to read about unless you’re actually bringing in those bonuses, but you can find further information online if it is of interest to you.

How Can I Join Vasayo?

Remember that you should try the products first. There are only five in the line at the moment, so it won’t take too long to get them all. If you love them, you can sell them.

To join, you’ll have to fork over a fee to buy a membership. These can cost from $239 and up to $889. The higher the price, the more products you get in your kit. There is also a Founder’s Package priced at $1495.

In order to maintain your affiliate level, you must also sell a minimum amount of products each month.

Benefits of Joining Vasayo

Vasayo acknowledges that the products they sell must be of high premium quality, in order for consumers to love them. This will create a loyal customer base. The company believes in a strong focus on products, rather than focusing on recruiting new affiliates or turning a big profit.

It should be noted that MLM companies are held to strict regulations in the industry, so a focus on product and customer support is good.

The company also acknowledges that selling to a customer base should be your primary focus, rather than trying to get new recruits. Recruiting simply isn’t that sustainable in the Vasayo model. Many MLM business people will be thrilled to learn this, particularly if selling a product is your strong point. But if you are interested in recruitment, there is something for you too, if you want to work hard for it.

Is Vasayo Right for Me?

Keep in mind that this is a brand new company, only around for a few months. They have some great products, but no different than what you can find anywhere. This company may be a challenge to the new Vasayo affiliate. Some affiliates may find it’s easier to sell the lower-priced products, such as Sleep.

If you can afford the lowest entry-level fee of $239, then go for it. Right now there is no non-product based level, but that could change in the future.

This company also has a strong focus on regulatory compliance, so you can be assured of putting your time and effort into it, without worries that it may be shut down.

You may also find competitors at a minimum, as this is a new opportunity, whereas other MLM product-based companies may be flooded on the market. If you have consumers who are searching around looking for a distributor, chances are they’ll easily find your website or Facebook page, and you’ll get the sale.

Vasayo is also looking for people with leadership qualifications.

Do You Meet the Vasayo Leadership Qualifications?

Vasayo has some leadership guidelines to help you figure out if you’ll fit into their ideal leader affiliate. They want someone who is modest, rather than full of ego, and who wants to be a part of a team. They want a leader who is searching for significance, has wisdom, and management abilities.

They want a leader that their team can rely on and who is trustworthy. You can be a leader in transition, as there is always a lot to learn. If you are a leader who has experience in developing companies in the past, then you’d be ideally suited for success.

Final Thoughts on Joining Vasayo

Vasayo is a legitimate company that aims to stick to the regulations. They also have an attractive set of core values and a strong message that can be appealing to someone who is looking for an honest and trustworthy company to work with. They have everything out in the open so that there are no secrets being kept from you. The owners want this to be the last company they ever work on.

However, are they right for you? We can’t answer that for you. Remember that health, wellness, and nutrition are highly competitive fields.

Remember that you may need to develop multiple streams of income. The days are gone when a business person could focus on one thing. But with the advent of the internet and technology, it’s certainly possible to work on several streams of income.

But no matter your final choice in affiliate opportunities, you’re going to have to work hard to stand out from others in your field.

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