How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing With Social Media For Newbies

Let’s face it. People don’t go on social media to buy things. Nobody you know does it. We use social media to brag about our accomplishments, post vacation photos, see what our friends and family (and maybe a few celebrities) are doing and talking about.

People go on social media to consume content, and people love content. Funny photos, entertaining videos, and each platform is different.

Social media has changed the way we live our lives. From the way we get our news to the way, we interact with our loved ones. Social media is everywhere. It’s unavoidable, it’s powerful, and it’s here to stay.

We hear all the time that if you’re not on social media, you’re not making money. But then when we try to sell on social media it doesn’t work.

With popular social media platforms growing in terms of size, each platform has a unique audience. If you cater your content toward the audience of the social media platform, you’ll be successful.

So how is this done?

Focus on building a tribe not selling

I often see marketers approaching the growth of their community from one of two ways:

  • They want to build a community to serve, not to get anything in return. (i.e. They’re over-giving, never selling, and feeling confused on how to get clients and build their biz.)
  • They want to build a community to get clients. (i.e. They over-sell, under-serve, and it becomes a spam zone, not a true community.)

The problem with this?

Being in it only for service or only for selling. Again, these aren’t mutually exclusive. Our businesses and our tribes thrive when we’re willing to have and do both.

That means, we get to create tribes with an even energy exchange.

We get to build our tribes knowing that we’re going to pour into our community…and that in return our community will pour back into us + our business.

You can sell, but give 90% value first. Remember, this is the long game. Give, give, give, then sell.

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How to build value?

Gary Vaynerchuk, author of “Jab Jab Jab Right Hook”, says it best, “You gotta throw some jabs before you throw your right hook”.

What he means by that is jabs are the value you provide your perfect avatars with the content you put out, the goodwill you do for them. The right hook is the ask: it’s when you go in for the sale, ask for a subscribe, ask for a donation, some type of ‘call to action’.

A marketer who can provide her tribe with results before they shell out any money will always stand out louder and longer than the marketer with the fancy promises that never deliver.

As you start to create this even energy exchange, one where you’re giving tremendous value and open to receiving value in return.

  • Always remember to sell
  • Ask for the sale
  • Ask for what you want

This even exchange of giving value and selling needs to become part of your long-term game plan. Because that’s when your tribe and your bank account will grow.

Know the type of people you want to attract

This is also known as the perfect avatar. If you have been on my blog before, you know how much I speak about this and how important it is to know who your perfect avatar is.

The #1 mistake I see when people are putting their message out there is that they are trying to reach everyone. These are the people who want to cast their nets as wide as humanly possible so that they can reach the greatest number of people, solve their problems and turn them into loyal readers, customers and evangelists.

The moment you speak to the world, you speak to no one

If you’ve never heard of a perfect avatar before, they are semi-fictional representations of your ideal customer.

Think of them as your customers. In your mind, you know their basic info like income, gender, job title, and age. But you get even more granular and outline their fears, challenges, obstacles, and goals.

Using perfect avatars helps so much because once you’re done, you have a core message that speaks to their needs and connects with them on an emotional level. And this core message is what you’ll use for all your future marketing.

Take people on a journey

You need to get vulnerable and let people in your world. You connect with people on an emotional level. They may not relate to your story, but they can relate to the emotions you felt and went through.

Share things you’re doing to improve your life and how you’re making positive changes (even your secrets). Post about pets, family or kids always do well to show you’re a normal person

When you create content, always find a way to make the post about them. The reason for this is because you want to be able to solve a problem that your perfect avatar is having. The best way to do this is to tap into their pain, then rub salt in the wound.

Position yourself as an expert

It’s very easy to get overwhelmed with all of the different things you could be doing to market yourself such as blogging, lead magnets, email marketing, sales appointments, etc. 

Yes, I believe they all have their place as you grow. But, it’s important to generate as many qualified leads as possible especially when you’re first starting out. 

There’s a term in business called “pre-framing” which essentially refers to how people see you and your business before they actually know anything about you.

If you can position yourself as someone who is knowledgeable on a certain topic in your field, you pre-frame yourself as an expert and as someone to be trusted (and we all know that trust is one of the most important factors in attracting leads and customers).

Creating belief

This is about creating certain beliefs in the minds of your followers.

You must persuade people to believe in what you are doing, and you do that by mastering the art of storytelling.

Great storytelling revolves around finding the one key thing that will have your audience believing your narrative – and subsequently knocking down all their other objections.  Don’t complicate it with too many perks. Keep it simple, and it will be much more compelling.

Bridging the gap

You shouldn’t have to sell your idea.  The idea will sell itself when you can trigger the emotions of your followers – leading them to an ‘aha’ moment.  

You have to create an emotional connection that excites your audience to the point where they feel they can’t live without your product.  You can’t tell them ‘how, what, why?’ – They have to arrive at this place themselves. And the way to do this is determined by the pull of your story.

People don’t buy logically; they buy based on emotion.

Be a good story teller

What makes some people better storytellers than others?

Through life experience, that includes the highs and the lows. It only takes a couple of things to make a captivating story.

  • Simplify – Speak at a third-grade level.  It’s easier for people to take your words in and digest them.  Overcomplicate it, and they will start to lose interest. Think about how you can take a complex concept and relate it to your audience in a way they will understand.
  • Add feelings and emotions – The more detailed and descriptive you can get about how your customer might be feeling, the better.  You then have the power to transport them into your world and create instant empathy and trust.

Final thoughts

There is tons of money to be made on social media right now. People are making a living without selling a single product.

Even if you don’t have lots of followers right now, you can increase your following and engagement metrics to make yourself more appealing to your perfect avatar.

Social media has been designed to be user friendly and not too complex, and this rings true whether you’re just posting your vacation photos for your friends and family, or if you’re posting the affiliate link for a product you believe in and want to share with your followers.

Using these tried and tested methods can ensure that you’re using social media for affiliate marketing to the best of its capabilities, and therefore also gain all the benefits that go along with it.

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