How To Generate Leads On Facebook Using Click Funnels

We all know the feeling when you don’t get enough quality leads and the frustration starts creeping in.

After that comes the nervousness, when will I get leads?

One of the best ways to make money on Facebook as a beginner is with a “Facebook sales funnel”.

In this sales funnel tutorial, I will show how to create a Facebook sales funnel using Click Funnels. With this setup, you can sell anything.

Anyone selling a product or service can adopt this strategy for their offer…

Allowing them to create a new source of leads from social media.

The Facebook platform offers a limitless number of affordable options to grow your business.

This works well for:

  • Affiliate marketers, online course sellers, bloggers
  • Coaches & high-ticket offers (sell your coaching services)
  • Sales, MLM (recruit new reps)
  • Agencies, service providers (get leads for your products)
  • Social media managers

No business is going to be sustainable without leads.

The best way to ensure you’ll always get quality leads is by utilizing a page-builder like Click Funnels.

In this video, I share the basic idea of a lead generation website. It is not to anyone’s surprise, capturing information from the visitors who you can then sell to, online or offline.

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13 responses to “How To Generate Leads On Facebook Using Click Funnels”

  1. Sam Luy says:

    Oh Nate, you nail it bro! with cool video review and on the walk through on how to get great results generating leads with CF, it is very convincing.
    btw, I used to use Clickfunnel and also loving it… it is a good product

  2. Bella Bucchiotti says:

    Organic traffic as the visitors are directed to your website from a Facebook post that is put in front of a prospect. In this scenario, the focus is on acquiring leads or possible sales that over a period will help you grow your business. Click Funnels pretty much gives you everything you need to market, sell, and deliver your product and services online.

    • Nate Leung says:

      Yes! I agree with you. I use Click Funnels in conjunction with my websites.

  3. Chelsea Sauvé says:

    Every day I am starting to see people coming onto the online space. There are a few things I’ve seen in common… which is made up of four or five different stages, depending on who you ask.

    These stages are …

    Users discover and are first made aware of your brand and product.
    Users now are aware of your product and are interested. They may consider purchasing.
    Users at the purchase stage of the sales funnel are ready to purchase from you.
    Users in this stage of the sales funnel have purchased, but you shouldn’t forget about them; you should continue to nurture these relationships so they become long-time clients instead of one-time customers.
    The stages of a digital sales funnel and Facebook sales funnel are the same. But the way you go about executing them will slightly different, and the specifics vary slightly.

  4. momi berlin says:

    another new learning. thank you for sharing. i agree with you. this is one way to get leads.

  5. Joanna says:

    It’s not just about the clicks to your website, it’s all about the content of your website as well. I used to work extensively with Facebook ad campaigns a few years ago for some financial services and I know how big of a difference was between the ads of each step of the sales funnel, until a lead actually became a valuable lead and not just someone who signed up not knowing for what.

  6. Erin says:

    I’ve been considering using Click Funnels for my business, since it does seem like a fantastic tool for consolidating your marketing activities. Thanks for sharing this informative video.

  7. Garf says:

    They are continually doing EVERYTHING they can to make it the best experience for you (no matter if it’s ClickFunnels or one of their AWESOME training products). Delighted to do business with them.

  8. Nicole says:

    Click funnels are definitely a great way to get more leads to your website. I work mostly with organic traffic and leads, but I’ll definitely be looking more into this. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Sushmita says:

    If you are trying to sell stuff online, I’m sure you will agree that converting your visitors into sales is hard. And getting yourself profitable? That’s even harder. But there’s a simple secret to increasing the value of every customer you sell to: Sales funnels. In my opinion, by creating a well-designed sales funnel, you can dramatically increase your sales and provide more value to your customers.

  10. Amber Hurley says:

    ClickFunnels has made a pretty big name for itself since it started, I suppose it’s no surprise people love ClickFunnels since it’s all about making its users money. More specifically, using it to generate leads on Facebook. It’s the perfect marriage. it’s about giving businesses software that helps them turn their site visitors into customers. It’s no wonder ClickFunnels has grown so much in such a short period of time.

  11. Lani Lyutz says:

    I have to bookmark and get back to this. I’m starting a small business where I want to use Facebook as one of the marketing platform. Thanks for all these info.

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