How To Not Be That Annoying MLM Network Marketer

We’ve all had it happen to us at one point or another – one of your friends joins an MLM program and they are taken up by allure of earning big money and becoming the envy of all their friends.  You can probably see where this is going already – your friend starts calling you unrelentingly telling you to join the program, tell you how much money you can make, how it can change your life…  you’re probably heard all of the sales pitches by now.  Being an MLM network marketer involves treading the fine line between sharing the opportunity with your friends to get them to see the benefit and value or becoming a nuisance and an annoyance by constantly bugging them about the program.  Read on to discover to the best ways to avoid becoming “that annoying MLM marketer.”

How Not To Be That Annoying MLM Network Marketer

Contact Once, Twice, but not a Third Time about your MLM business.

While the number of times you should contact your friends or potential leads differs depending upon who you ask and what expert advice you follow, I have found that contacting your friends up to two times is enough, and the third time will just turn you into another annoying MLM network marketer.

If you approach your friend with your opportunity and they seem interested but decline, take it with a grain of salt and move on.  But, don’t forget about that person as you will want to contact them some time into the future or better yet, just inspire them by leading by example when you have had the success.  I usually do not bring it up with them.  If you plan on contacting them again and you feel they would be perfect for it, here’s what I would recommend.

This time try using a different approach and make sure to ask them exactly what it is that is stopping them from getting started.  From there, you’ll be able to determine if this is a fit for them or not.  With all this being said, you do want to spend your time wisely with those who are serious about the business.  If they still refuse and sound adamant in their refusal, it will be pointless and fruitless to contact them a third, fourth or even fifth time, as they will become annoyed and they may even start spreading rumors and gossip about you, your program and your marketing techniques.

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Always State your Intentions

When contacting a potential lead or prospect, be sure, to be honest with them and state your intentions clearly.  Many marketers attempt to put a façade or blanket over their opportunity by calling it something it’s not.  When you are calling your prospects, let them know you are here to collect a decision and see what you can do to help them.  However, if you are deceitful in your marketing practices, such as calling it a “way to get rich quick” or “get rich with minimal effort” you will find people will be less trusting of you and your opportunity.

Don’t Exhaust your MLM Warm Market

Your warm market is your group of friends or relatives who you have decent contact with and you know they are likely to be receptive to your opportunity or company.  Going through your warm market by constantly calling them and bugging them will quickly land you in the “no friends left” club, and you do not want to go there.  Have you experienced something like this before where you were approached by an annoying MLM Network Marketer who won’t leave you alone?  They feel that they are helping you but they really are not?

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15 responses to “How To Not Be That Annoying MLM Network Marketer”

  1. Last week Nate I received a call from a guy with a famous name; no, not in marketing, but one of the signers of our Declaration of Independence, lol.

    I believed his name was legit, but after seeing 4 voicemails from he, I decided to call him.

    He wanted information about my cash gifting club; so he said. Well it was a pitch call. I told him this line was for questions not pitching and hung up.

    Now, if I see this founding father again, I will block him, and also also lost the chance to develop a friendship which could be mutually beneficial.

    Thanks for sharing Nate, yep, 2 times/asks is the charm 😉

    • Nate Leung says:

      You know this reminds me of the tactic that some marketers pull where they are trying to tell you that a company you’re either in or researching is a scam, and then trick you that it’s a pitch for their business opportunity.

      Thanks for your input Ryan! 🙂

  2. Great post Nate! It is always so important to state your honest intentions and just be “real” with none of the b.s!!!!

    Shared for you my friend:)

    Thank you for sharing your awesome value!

    Take care,

  3. Hey Nate, I had to look at myself from 5 years ago and saw how annoying I was. For any newbies coming into the industry, I would advise them to focus on attraction marketing and learn how to be an attractive leader and not an annoying follower. Thanks my brutha!

    • Nate Leung says:

      Right on! We learn from our mistakes and move forward. Thanks Sherman!

  4. Raj says:

    The usual pitch we use, on the phone or otherwise, is to ask, “I have this great business opportunity I have been working on for the last year and half, and since you just said you are looking for one (so obviously this statement comes in at a point in the prospecting conversation when the prospect has said such a thing), I can show you the business plan, and if you like it, and my senior business partner feels that we can work with you, then who knows, we may get started on a new relationship!” Now this is more-or-less a script we use, with some embellishments or deletions, but many prospects immediately ask, “Hold on, hold on! Is this MLM?” Now I am generally very ignorant, and very well known to be so, hence I do get away with saying, innocent-like, “What is an MLM?” because we know that our opportunity is not a run-of-the-mill MLM, and we want to sit across the table and talk and not do any objection-handling on the phone; but most of these people are thinking, “Okay, so this is one of those business opportunities where you’ve got to keep annoying your friends with phone calls till they stop taking your calls and you end up with no friends at all!” The point I am making is that people have been marketing for MLM companies in such unprofessional ways that this the general opinion, and now people don’t even want to talk about it beyond the first prospecting call. MLM opportunities are not about pestering your friends – that is why your article is at least a 100 years too late, but absolutely bang on! If someone doesn’t answer my call once, I ask them outright if they didn’t answer because they didn’t want to or whether they had a genuine reason – gives them a chance to come clean. I tell them No is an answer and that I don’t get heart attacks. I tell them our relationship is more important. I tell them to convince me why I should partner with them. I tell them its not their money I am after, but their time, which is far more valuable, so only say yes if you can give me something which is more valuable to you than money (or something to the effect). I show them the rosy picture – but then show the ugly underbelly – before showing them how their lives suck. But in the end, only people who are honest with themselves, and who have the strength within themselves to take a decision and then to stand by it will do so, and this is not about convincing anybody – which is the answer to anybody who says they are not good at convincing people. I feel that though I sign up less people, I get people who are committed only because I use these principles; and I end up contributing less to the pile of garbage out there who talk negatively about MLM.

    • Nate Leung says:

      Hi Dr. Raj,

      I agree with you, people want honest people to tell them that what are currently doing is not working. Sometimes as entrepreneurs we need to expose that because some people may not be happy with their lives and at the same time may not realize that there is a better way. Some will see it, some won’t. It has to be a turning point in their lives in order for them to be open minded to an opportunity.

      Giving value and developing honest relationship is the key to this. That’s the problem that most Networkers struggle to understand.

      Great feedback!

  5. Great advice, Nate!

  6. Adam Payne says:

    I think most of us were annoying at first. The important thing is you learn and grow form it.

    Persistence is one thing but annoyance is different.

    Another great blog post.


  7. Sigrid McNab says:

    Great article Nate. I like this approach that you mentioned:
    “Ask them exactly what it is that is stopping them from getting started”

    I think that sometimes that is all that would be needed to get all the cards on the table.

    • Nate Leung says:

      Yes, that is really the way to get your prospect to answer their true feelings and intentions. Thanks Sigrid!

  8. Robert Omar says:

    Awesome tips here, Nate. I actually kind of laughed because at one point in time when I joined my first MLM, I was that annoying MLM guy! Lol!

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