MLM Tips: How To Avoid The MLM NFL Club

Joining a business opportunity in the MLM Network Marketing space can be a great way to supplement your income or build a full-time income while building new relationships and friends along the way.

The MLM network marketing business model relies upon the marketer’s ability to share and market an opportunity to their personal network.

Being successful as an MLM Network Marketer is dependent upon the marketer’s ability to be a solution to a problem that a prospect is having.

Few mistakes are tolerated in the world of MLM Network Marketing, and if too many mistakes are made, the MLM Network Marketer could find themselves in the category of “NFL”, or “No friends left.”

Surely this is a precarious situation to be in because in MLM Network Marketing – no friends equal no profits, but it’s not always the case.

The MLM NFL club is an expression that describes people in network marketing who have alienated their following and are unable to come up with more leads, and prospects thus virtually exhausting their entire warm market list.

If there is one thing to know in network marketing, it’s that without prospects and leads, it is extremely difficult to be successful.  You need people to build your business

Avoid the MLM NFL Club

Avoiding the MLM NFL club is easy enough if you follow these simple MLM Network Marketing tips:

Don’t bombard your warm market – The fastest way to join the no friends left club is by continually bombarding and hounding the people that you know to join your business opportunities.  Constantly calling and bugging them and being desperate for them to join.

For many people that are on the other end receiving this treatment find this extremely annoying because simply the timing may not be right or just flat out not interested at the time.

If they are constantly bombarded with phone calls, and texts and promoting your latest opportunity, they are very likely to ignore all of your phone calls and texts, which means you just lost a potential lead, even worse a friendship.

If you have been involved with MLM Network Marketing in the past, you know that it’s better to share your opportunity and let them know, that you are building this thing big and if you want part of it great, if not, that’s great too.  I just want you to be aware of what I’m apart of is something big.

This way you pass this information along letting them know, that there is no pressure to join you but at the same time, you will not be alienating them.

A good way to build a sustainable business not indirectly join the NFL club is to create an online presence.

While it’s easy for some to have a following of people to connect with them and if they know what they’re doing, keeping these people loyal to you can be the challenge.

A major reason why many people indirectly join the NFL club is that they are promoting their opportunity the wrong way and with that said, they do not have the right mindset to build a business outside of their warm market.

Keep in mind that simply sending out email or facebook status updates once a week isn’t enough – you need to create more avenues to communicate with the people you are connected with and also your following.

Great platforms for accomplishing this are social media pages, online MLM blogs, webinars, as well as Google hangouts.

Nobody wants to find themselves in the MLM NFL club, and avoiding the club is simple if you stay interactive with your following, offer exciting and products and services, and refrain from bombarding your warm market with your MLM opportunity.

Now it’s your turn!

Are you apart of the NFL club? What did you do to go out of the club?  Please leave your feedback in the comments section and I look forward to reading them!

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2 responses to “MLM Tips: How To Avoid The MLM NFL Club”

  1. Jackie Ojha says:

    Great article! I was once part of this club many moons ago, Lol. Having put that past me now. No one wants to be part of the NFL club. Create new relationship, help people instead of trying to sell people and your business will go a long way. Thanks Nate!

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