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7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Facebook To Spam Your MLM Opportunity

One of the most powerful tools for building your MLM network marketing business has to be the Internet. What may go down as one of the most powerful tools in the history of man, there is literally no industry in the world that cannot afford to use the web as a marketing machine – and MLM is no different. And while most people spend almost all their time focusing on building their own website, the fact of the matter is that you can jumpstart your success just by leveraging the power of Facebook.


7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Use Facebook To Spam Your MLM Opportunity 1This does not, however, mean that you can do all of your prospecting on Facebook, or that you’ll be able to build MLM on Facebook with any real results if you go ahead and spam the heck out of your Facebook friends and acquaintances. There are seven very real reasons that you need to pay attention to when using Facebook for MLM purposes, and you have to remember that you are not to spam your walls on Facebook at any point in time.


Using Facebook to Spam your MLM Opportunity makes people angry


This is the first and most essential reason that you need to pay attention to, and the biggest block to you being able to successfully build MLM on Facebook. You need to recruit people that are excited for the opportunity, which just won’t be the case if you constantly bombarded them with messages they are looking for.  You could run the risk of having people ‘unfriend’ you.


Spaming your MLM on Facebook can be counterproductive


One of the greatest things about MLM is that it’s such a fantastic business opportunity for people to leverage. The big problem with constantly prospecting on Facebook is that overexposure will lead to people considering this a scam and not a real business opportunity.


Too much repetition will block out your message when it comes to sharing your MLM opportunity.


If you ignore the advice of not to spam your walls on Facebook and consistently overload all of your friends with different marketing messages, you are going to train them to completely and totally ignore all of the important information that might have otherwise converted them.


Facebook is not primarily for business


One of the most important things you can remember is that Facebook, first and foremost, is all about connecting with your friends on a personal level. Some people will resent the marketed to on a platform they just want to talk to their friends on.


There are better tools than to Spam you Facebook wall with your MLM Opportunity.


Even if you are looking to build you MLM on Facebook or do an overwhelming amount of your prospecting on Facebook, there are better methods and tools to use to do just that. Facebook fan pages, Facebook ads and groups are much better platforms for reaching the people you are looking for.


Posting your MLM Opportunity on Facebook to your entire friends list is not very targeted


While it seems like the point of MLM network marketing is to get as many people in your downline as possible, the best way to do this effectively is to closely target the people you are going after.  The majority of your friends on your list may not understand what you are trying to do.  If you want more targeted prospects, I would suggest that you private message them individually.  After all, it would be much better to leverage your efforts and have your team doing the same things that you are doing.


Not enough room to explain your MLM opportunity adequately


One of the major problems of the Facebook platform is that there just isn’t enough room to fully explain what you’re looking to help people with. While it can be an amazing lead generation tool for prospecting on Facebook, you’ll want to do all of the closing on your own either personally or on the phone. Whatever you do remember not to spam your walls on Facebook.



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Nate Leung

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  1. Aubrey Miskell

    I have to agree with what you have said here. I very much believe in what you said about the fact if you spam an event, opportunity, or whatever it may be on your Facebook wall constantly, everyone will just learn to ignore you.

  2. Ralph Poudel

    First of all, thank you very much such a fantastic article. I found the article very much helpful because it has very much clearly taught us why we shouldn’t use Facebook to spam our walls with our MLM opportunity. If we follow the information given in the article, we can get huge benefit in our life. Thanks, Nate!