Why You Should Not Go Into MLM Management Mode

When it comes to joining an MLM and network marketing program or company there are numerous aspects and terminologies to keep in mind.  Joining a program and working on it full time can generally take 50-60 hours per week, effectively replacing a full-time job.  Many people make the mistake of transitioning from a successful member or leader into management mode too early.  Shifting into management mode can be a big mistake, especially if you aren’t cut out for management material, don’t have good leadership qualities, or haven’t built up your team enough.

Continue what you’re doing for MLM Sustained Success

The biggest mistake many network marketers make is abandoning their current strategies that are working and producing profits in the vain hope of chasing down or finding another strategy that may bring even bigger profits.  While it can be difficult to refrain from following this “the grass must be greener on the other side” philosophy, you must keep in mind that many people would be envious of the position, power, and team you have now, so why throw it away by chasing the management side of things?

Many people feel they can open new doors and opportunities, and ultimately increase their profits by entering management mode.  Unfortunately, most are in for a cruel surprise as they found out being an MLM manager is not as glamorous and spectacular as it’s often made out to be.  Becoming a manager for any type of MLM company involves a lot of work and dedication.  You are responsible for training new team members, proving them personal mentoring sessions, writing up scripts that people can use in their sales calls, and so much more.  All of this additional work can put a strain on even the most determined and dedicated network marketers.

Lack of MLM Recruiting

Another major pitfall people run into upon entering management mode is they find they have no time for active recruiting anymore.  Without active recruiting your team and network will slowly decay and degrade, as there will no longer be new faces and new energy joining the team.  This can cause stagnation through the ranks, lowering enthusiasm and decreasing motivational efforts.

MLM 6 Figure Formula - Network Marketing Get Leads

Being a manager gives you little time to focus on maintaining and building your team.  You will find yourself having very little time to host events, meet new prospects and convert them into paying members of your team.

Identify Key Leaders Instead

If you are very successful at recruiting people into your team and program, you are much better off identifying people in your team who you believe would make good management material, and encourage them to become managers instead.  Some people have a natural gift to management while they may have difficulty approaching people and generating leads for the team.  A successful leader should be able to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each individual member of their team and work with each individual to capitalize upon their strengths.  Somebody who is punctual, strict and orderly will have the qualities to become a manager.

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9 responses to “Why You Should Not Go Into MLM Management Mode”

  1. SigridMcNab says:

    Good point Nate! We need to keep actively recruiting  for our MLM business to survive and thrive.

  2. sks_success75 says:

    Hey Nate, this is something I found out the hard way when I first got into network marketing. If you want your business to survive you definitely want to focus on those who already have leadership qualities. With this mentality, your team will definitely grow and you’ll have better retention. Thanks Nate!

  3. nagoyauk75 says:

    Good post Nate…Never stop recruiting!

  4. A HEARTY lol on this one Nate 😉 Took me years to learn this lesson.
    I now: respond to emails once weekly. I swear, this works well, because it forces you to call you, if they have a really big time problem, and they rarely do…and if they do, it forces them to develop initiative, and be creative, and to become a leader themselves.
    My system is in place. They need to work it!
    Thanks for sharing!

    • nateleung says:

      RyanKBiddulph I completely agree with you.  Often times, Networkers make the mistake of getting on the throne and tell others to go out there and recruit while they just sit back and either just train or just do nothing at all.  It will be a very fast way to kill your business.  Thanks Ryan!

    • nateleung says:

      RyanKBiddulph Thanks Ryan!

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