Why You Need an Attitude Of Gratitude

In life, people usually value and weigh other people on the basis of their attitude with others. Thus, those who have a good attitude towards others that shows civility and courtesy is considered a good attitude and people tend to follow and listen to a person with such an attitude. On the other hand, those who are uncivil towards others and lack the courtesy required for healthy interaction and relationships are never in the good books of people.

On a general level, when it comes to human interaction and relationships, I prefer and recommend an attitude of gratitude. Those who have such an attitude are much better in life when it comes to connecting people and has people understand and follow them. The lines below discuss why you need an attitude of gratitude in your life.

Why You Need an Attitude Of Gratitude

Boosts Self-esteem of Others

When you have an attitude of gratitude, then the one thing that you would do most commonly is appreciated by others. Whether its your wife at home, your kids in school, your subordinates at work, or a random waiter who serve you at the table, if you are appreciative of their efforts they will feel a boost in self-esteem, and when the self-esteem of a person goes high they in return appreciate the source that has caused the increase and take care of it. Therefore, if you are the source, then you will get more love, more cooperation, better service and so on. Therefore, the primary way attitude of gratitude works pertaining to interaction with people is by boosting their self-esteem.

People Feel Valuable

The second important benefit of the attitude of gratitude is that it makes people that have been offered gratitude valuable. When you appreciate someone, praise them for their dress, for their suggestion, for their little or great achievement, for their noble causes, for their achievement in life, for the hardships they have faced or any little thing they have done in life, they start feeling valuable. Like the source of self-esteem booster, the source that makes people feel valuable is valued by people and they listen to such a source whenever it says something and they follow the source of value where it takes them. Therefore, the second benefit of the attitude of gratitude is that it makes people feel valuable who in return value the person with such an attitude.

Why You Need an Attitude Of Gratitude

People Feel Happy

The other outcome of when you exhibit the attitude of gratitude when dealing with others is that other people tend to feel happier after receiving such an attitude. When you admire someone of the dress they have worn, the kind of music they play, the kind of hair they do, the kind of possessions they have and so on, people become confident about their selection and this confidence of theirs leads to happiness. Therefore, if you wish that people around you were happier, then you need to practice an attitude of gratitude so that they remain happy and value you as a source of their happiness.

People Feel They Exist:

I am sure it happens to a lot of you that you don’t notice the people around you. There would be people that live in your building, people that work at your office that you don’t know, but some of them would be the ones who open the door for you or stop the lift so that you could get in. To you, these people don’t exist, but if you show gratitude these people will feel their existence known and the next time you are at front of a door or running for the escalator, they will be there to notice your presence and would give you a hand. Therefore, the attitude of gratitude takes people out of oblivion and has their existence known.

Now it’s Your Turn!

What kind of approach do you follow when it comes to interacting with others? Which approach do you think is the best? What are the difficulties in practicing an attitude of gratitude? How has it worked for you? Share your insightful experiences with us in the comments section below!

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50 responses to “Why You Need an Attitude Of Gratitude”

  1. I choose an attitude of gratitude as well. I have been blessed and I know that part of it is putting yourself first. You have to go to college and other hard things. You can’t be a quitter.
    Also it’s putting others first. I have built a house in a weekend for a family in Mexico. That one trip will last forever with me. I have done a lot of other things for other people and it has the same feeling of gratitude!

  2. Adam Payne says:

    Another value packed post Nate. There is a lot to be said of writing down daily what it is you are grateful for.



  3. Lisa Trudell says:

    We should all realize how great we are before the rest of the world can.

  4. suzanna says:

    Great post and reminder to practise some gratitude. Thanks, Nate πŸ™‚

  5. Kirsten says:

    It is so important to have an attitude of gratitude as the saying goes what goes around comes around. We often get caught up in what is going on in our lives that our approach can be affected. You never know what people are going through so I thinks its best to always let your best shine through now matter what issues you are having

  6. Hi Nate,
    It is so very important to have an attitude of gratitude daily πŸ™‚ Makes even the littlest of tasks well worth it. Thank you for sharing this valuable post!! Awesome stuff!

  7. Maggie Owens says:

    An attitude of gratitude is essential. Thank you for the reminder. I am working on it on a daily basis with my “blessings” jar I started the beginning of the year.

  8. I keep a gratitude journal which I write in every night before I go to bed. I have to write 5 things but more often I find 7-10 flow easily and when I work with my clients this is where I encourage them to start. I also just tend to say thank you to the ether, the Universe or whatever when something happens or I realise how grateful I am for something. Being grateful brings forth more to be grateful for I find.

    • Nate Leung says:

      Being grateful can be big or small. As long as you recognize it! Thank you for the comments!

  9. Andrea says:

    Hi Nate. I love the gratitude attitude! I began consciously practising gratitude as an attitude a couple of years ago now and can honestly say my life has changed almost beyond recognition. I look for things to be grateful for every day, and when you do that, you can’t help but find them. I also give gratitude to myself. Might sound a little weird, but in my morning meditation I just give thanks for all the things I’m grateful for about myself, thanking myself really. It works brilliantly for me anyway. If we’re radiating gratitude and happiness, we’re sending that vibe out to the world, and it can’t help but lift the spirits of everyone. Or maybe it’s mildly irritating…you’ll have to ask my friends! πŸ˜‰ Regards, Andrea

  10. It makes people feel loved. I just added this before i continue. Hi Nate, guess i’ve really missed a lot all this while, but i’m happy to be back. Having an attitude of gratitude is just the best way to live one’s life. When you are grateful for little things, then big things will come running at you.

    Honestly, i’ve never regretted knowing as a friend and reading your post. Thanks for the good work… keep it up

  11. Gena Livings says:

    Nate, I am so glad to see that we are on the same page today with our message. Having an attitude of gratitude is so very important in life, friendship, family, faith and business.
    Thank you always for the messages and good work you bring to us!
    Healthy blessings,
    Gena Livings

  12. David Haines says:

    Another great article Nate! My philosophy when it comes to an attitude of gratitude is that every day I strive to uplift people, never put them down. Never make them feel bad. I want to be known as a person who inspired others. I feel grateful for the life I have, and love to help others feel as grateful.

    Take care Nate.

  13. I’ve always made an effort to give value to people and to let them know that I am grateful for what they do. So many people value themselves so little, that I think it’s very important to help lift them up. Interesting article, Nate. Thanks for sharing.

    • Nate Leung says:

      You’re welcome Jeanne! Appreciate you coming on here and sharing your comments!

  14. Hi,

    I only came across the principle of gratitude and the law of attraction in late 2012 and slowly every day I am getting better. Gratitude is so important. Although the word for me this year is Belief, I sometimes lack belief.

    You know, in my native Argentina and Spanish we do not tend to say thank you as much as other countries, I think most Spanish speakers are used to saying thank you (gracias) with the tone of voice more than with the words.

    I lived in England for 35 years so I got used to Please and Thank you, although sometimes just use the tone of my voice.

    Thank you for a great post.

  15. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Nate,

    I learned something funny recently. You cannot have a bad day when you express gratitude thru the day. Impossible! Awesome post man, because really, your attitude of gratitude influences you to see the good, and blessing, and grateful gift, in any situation.

    Thank YOU for sharing!

  16. The more grateful you are the happier you are. When I’m feeling down I count my blessings! Thank you for the very insightful blog post!

  17. Gratitude is the foundation for developing our greatness and is key to living a life filled with passion, peace and joy. It opens the door to endless abundance in all areas of life; attracting only that which serves our highest good. ~ Tandy Elisala

    Gratitude is at the center of everything I am, do, say, think and believe! I could talk about gratitude all.day.long Nate! When something ‘seemingly’ bad happens, I immediately turn it around and express gratitude for the blessing in the situation.

  18. frank joseph says:

    Yes, the first step is to have a safe esteem. And it surprising how some folks don’t show gratitude!
    A ‘thank you’ can go a long way.
    Thanks for sharing your thought.

  19. Esha says:

    I agree with you Nate, having an attitude of gratitude is extremely important. I do not forget to thank people and it makes me really happy when I see that smile on their faces because of me.

  20. Greg Mock says:

    Yep. The attitude of gratitude has been key. I started doing exercises with this and whoa, you can believe the success that follows. I learned this from the book The Science of Getting Rich.

  21. Nice Post Nate I believe if more people took this advice the world would be a much better place.

  22. Hi Nate

    Great concept of gratitude. I like the part, if people were happier around you…you would be happier to be around them. At least that is my take of it.

    But the difficulty I see, when I worked for miserable souls it was hard to have an upbeat attitude. I now try to avoid negative people if I can’t get them over to being grateful. We have so many things to be grateful for and if they don’t understand that it becomes very challenging to be around them. You can always find someone far worse of than yourself, no matter how bad life may seem.


    • Nate Leung says:

      Hi Mary,

      It’s great that you mentioned your surroundings and that you were aware of it. Most people surround themselves with negative programming without realizing it. That could be watching the news, associating with negative people. Many of the negative things that you hear will get implanted into your subconscious. Always count your blessings instead of the things you don’t have. Thanks Mary!

  23. Adrienne says:

    I have an attitude of gratitude Nate and I can definitely tell you that it makes a world of difference in who you are as a person.

    People definitely want to be around those that have a positive attitude and are thankful and grateful for life in general.

    People who complain a lot are only bringing more of the same into their lives. If they only realized how much harm that is doing to themselves and their thoughts.

    It’s not hard to adapt into your life if you can just start your day being darn thankful you’re alive. Think about all those people who have lost their lives way before their time and trust me, you can’t help but be grateful.

    Remember that all that other stuff is just little stuff and in the grand scheme of things it’s just not all that important. Keep those kinds of thought in the forefront and you’ll soon have that attitude of gratitude as well.

    Thank you for sharing this very important message and I hope you have the best year so far.


    • Nate Leung says:

      Hi Adrienne,

      Absolutely. You as well Adrienne! Thank you for the comments!

  24. Phillip Dews says:

    Before becoming a Blogger and Web Developer I worked Behind Bars all over the UK and I ran one or two of them.

    Working in Bars has Taught me a lot and Also conditioned me to have this attitude.

    Whenever I visit a bar now and I meet a happy and smiling person waiting to serve me I will always tip them as I know how much effort it takes to have that attitude especially when working behind bars!

    I am a great believer of what goes around comes around and with that I will always try and help other bloggers with my skills on their blogs like I have done with Ryan’s blog these past few months. I am grateful for him because he has written a few posts about me because of what I have done for his blog and for that i am grateful!

    I really enjoyed reading this post Nate you have some great insights and you have just reaffirmed to me how important it is to have an attitude of gratefulness!

    Happy New Year Buddy!
    – Phillip

  25. Great post Nate! If we come from an attitude of gratitude our whole world and interaction with people is wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  26. Alok says:

    Its a beautiful and well articulated article. Thanks for sharing your thoughts .
    I think there are two things in life that makes us selfish and self Centered and they are β€œme” & β€œmine” . As soon as we rise above them we would be in more harmony with the world and our attitude would change .

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