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Why There is Opportunity in Adversity

All our life if there is one thing which we have been trained the most is to avoid adverse situation. All our training and coaching is done in such a way that we do all the things perfectly and in a calculated manner leaving little or no room for any adverse situation to occur, thus, adversity is the biggest evil to all of us which none of us want to face.


Why there is Opportunity in AdversityI believe in a different notion pertaining to adversity, it believe that it is very necessary for progress in human life and it is the prime reason why the world has progressed and come so far. Therefore, adversity needs not to be feared, rather it needs to be welcomed and all the training and preparation should be with the objective of overcoming the inevitable adversity and turning it into favorable outcome.


The first example of opportunity rising out of adversity is the fire that was made by man to overcome the adversity of dark and cold. Try imagine a world where sun won’t go down, and none of us would have to face dark or cold. Therefore, if it weren’t for the adverse situation of dark and cold, man would have never carried on the fire which has contributed to almost every inch of progress made by man in making the world a better place. Thus, adversity is inevitable and instead of avoiding it, our focus should be on dealing with in a better way to bring about the opportunity it carries.


The point which I want to focus upon is that why is there an opportunity in adversity? Man from day one is a survivor and the prime reason why human race has been able to make this far is because of its adaptability. Moreover, the other human factor that has made it possible for human race to survive thus far is its will. Therefore, whenever, adversity occurs the adaptability and will of humans comes into play and pertaining to the adverse situation humans either change or crush down adversity and rise to the other side in better and stronger form.


When we humans face adverse situation, our adaptability lets us survive the situation and by the end it turns into our favor. The prominent example of it can be seen in the form of all the plagues and diseases that have hit the human race over centuries. It is our persistence and the spirit of adaptation that has led us to fight these diseases and search for a cure with consistency. Thus, as a result, now the human race is healthier and safer.


Why there is Opportunity in AdversitySimilarly, our strong will is what has helped us survive all the natural calamities and all the manmade and man caused catastrophes. Every successful person you see in this world today or who has lived to pass has contributed to the human race because of fighting adversity with strong will, whether it’s the Wright brothers fighting the adversity of wind and human’s inability to fly, or its Edison fighting the adversity of dark and failure by inventing electric bulb after thousand attempts.


The point which I want to make is that all our trainings pertaining to adversity is in the wrong direction. Instead of focusing on ways to avoid adversity, we need to train ourselves and the generation to come to face adversity in a better way. As every cloud has a silver lining, similarly there is always light of opportunity and hope at the end of the tunnel of adversity.


Now it’s Your Turn!


What’s your opinion about adversity? How do you think it has affected business? Do you agree that we need to face adversity instead of avoiding it? Share your comments and experiences with me and I look forward to your comments!


To your Success,

Nate Leung

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Nate Leung

Nate Leung

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Nate Leung
Nate Leung

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15 Responses to “Why There is Opportunity in Adversity”

  1. Denise Pattton

    Adversity points us to the outside of our box or comfort zone and forces us to think there! xxx

  2. Irene Franzese

    Very powerful words Nate. That is the part that I am trying to overcome. Thanks for sharing…..

  3. Esha

    I love the way you write Nate!!! Awesome post!!

  4. toni lauterio

    We all experience adversity. the key is to stay close to the path that we are on. A good attitude is key and adversity shall pass. By staying determined and with a purpose you will stay close to the path you are on.

  5. David Haines

    Love this article Nate! We need adversity in order to grow, and as Sherman stated in his comment, it brings us humans closer together as we try to overcome whatever adversity we are up against.

  6. sherman smith

    Hey Nate,

    Adversity brings opportunity, case closed! Adversity brings us growth and invention. We wouldn’t have the majority of the things we have today without adversity throughout history. As a matter of fact i believe that it also brings us closer together as humans. Thanks for the inspiring post!

  7. Andrea

    Hi Nate. I think you’re right that we need to face adversity rather than try and avoid it. I’m not so sure I’d actively seek it out, but once it’s there in your face, deal with it and it’ll either make you stronger, or there will be some other gain you’ve not forseen from it. Either way, it’s all good! Andrea

  8. Alexandria Ingham

    You bring up some excellent points, Nate. Adversity is were we learn, adapt and create innovative ideas and products. It doesn’t matter how big or small the adversity may seem either. Facing it also helps to overcome it in the future.

  9. Michelle Liew

    There’s always opportunity in adversity…it’s whether or not we choose to look for it!

  10. Jennifer Clay

    I think adversity is important when growing as a human being. If we never faced adversity how would we learn to deal with things that are different? How would we be able to think outside the box?

  11. Nwosu Desmond

    The only time you can really test yourself is in the face of adversities. Adversity brings out the best of any man, it is the time when you can really stretch yourself to your limits to see how far you can go in coming out of whatever situation. The best works i have ever seen are usually those done in the face of adversity. I totally agree with you that where there is adversity there is an opportunity.

  12. Nomusa

    Rather than flee adversity we are to engage our thinking caps and figure out how to overcome it. It is the only way to grow. as the mental and physical capacity of a child develops they face the adversity of desiring to do mere but cannot walk so they must learn to walk and face all the falling down that comes with it. It goes on and on and the challenges change as we advance as individuals and as a race.

    Thanks for sharing your insight Nate.

  13. Ryan Biddulph


    The Wizard of Menlo Park – Edison – did much of his work a few towns over from my home town. Always an inspiration as I learned about the man from such a young age.

    Adversity is opportunity, temporarily disguised.

    Thanks Nate!

  14. marilyn cada

    hello nate. thanks for sharing this insightful post. when i was working as an employee, i face adversity but most of them are not really serious. perhaps my personality is not really for being employed.

    the main reason is I am an independent thinker and working with a “boss” is not always a good idea for me. not to mention co-workers who always gossip and i do not like being surrounded by gossipers…

    alas those adversities force me to work in freelancing instead and i am happy with my status right now as a freelancer but still aiming to look for more higher paying clients

    i am now more ready to face adversities to become more successful in online writing which I really love

  15. Michelle DeBerge

    Adversity is an important part of the growth process. Very well written article full of valuable information. I have learned to face adversity head on. Knowing that it will be challenging at times and that there are learning curves is just part of the process. In the end you are stronger and have more skills!