Why Clipscribe Videos Captions And Subtitles Are Important For Your Social Media (Updated 2024)

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The question on everyone’s mind regarding Clipscribe and that is if it’s even worth it.

Let’s face it.

Adding subtitles to videos is hard.

The problem is that most video content does not perform well.

This is what most online entrepreneurs struggle with and that is having to try and grab the attention of their target audience.

Compared to other mediums, videos can significantly increase the engagement and reach of our message.

In this modern age, it’s the only way to truly communicate with our audience and share your ideas with the world. No software or company should be able to put a limit to your ideas.

With that said, let’s dive in!

What is ClipScribe?

Clipscribe was created by Craig Lillard, which is an online tool that automatically adds subtitles to any video by transcribing the audio and generating subtitle text.

The service offers multiple subtitle text styles and makes it easy to edit subtitle text on the fly.

Clipscribe auto-detects the spoken word in videos and auto-times captions while providing an interface for review & edits’.

The problem with watching videos on social media

Over 80% of social media videos are watched without audio.

8 out of 10 people on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are watching our videos, seeing our mouths move, but they are not hearing our message.

Here are the 9 reasons why I love Clipscribe ♥️

We now know how frustrating this can be for growing businesses, marketers, startups, and local businesses and that’s why they built a game-changer that solves all of these problems for you and more.

1. Automated Subtitle Creation

You are able to upload your video and the system will automatically create your subtitles and insert them into our editor allowing you to easily edit them.

2. Multiple Preset Layouts

Select one of several preset layouts built around the most commonly used design configurations for your video size and your target platform.

3. Attention Grabbing Headlines

Add headlines and sublines to your design to draw attention to your video using the colors and fonts of your choice.

4. Add Logos, Emojis & Images

Add an unlimited number of images, logos or emojis to your video using our own emoji library or uploading your own.

5. Custom Countdown Creator

With our Countdown Creator create a custom animated countdown in one of three different styles using the colors, fonts and textures of your choice!

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6. Template & Copy Engine

Save your design as a template to use over and over or easily copy your design to a new layout with the click of a button.

7. 17+ Languages

ClipScribe can transcribe and create subtitles for videos in over 17 languages and dialects.

8. Blog Exporter

Maximize the impact of your videos! Export your transcript in paragraph form for import into your blog or website.

9. SRT Import/Export

Import SRT subtitle files from other applications or export them from ClipScribe.

How much does ClipScribe cost?

ClipScribe offers three different plans.

Starter plan

  • The price is $10 per month
  • It supports 30 transaction minutes per month
  • Unlimited video exports and downloads
  • 30 GB video storage

Pro plan (Best value)

  • The price is $12 per month
  • It supports 180 transaction minutes per month
  • Unlimited video exports and downloads
  • 180 GB video storage
  • Bonus: 12 Background Removal Credits each month ($129 Value)

Agency plan

  • The price is $23 per month
  • It supports 500 transaction minutes per month
  • Unlimited video exports and downloads
  • 500 GB video storage
  • Bonus: 20 Background Removal Credits each month ($216 Value)

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My Final Thoughts

ClipScribe conveniently transforms a single video right into several attention-commanding pressures that will certainly help you scale sights, interest and brand name commitment on several systems with ease.

The game changer and what many people are calling “The Future of Video Marketing” and the reasons are obvious.

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