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What is Team Wukar and Why Should You Join Wukar!


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Wukar: Wake-Up, Kick Ass, Repeat. That is what you will see on some logos for Wukar, and it is a motto that many of the team members enjoy on a daily basis. For Wukar members, are able to simply wake up in the morning, Kick Ass by being able to create your destiny and also play a role in changing lives around the world. But, what is Wukar and why should you join the team?



Matt-Trainer---Founder-of-Wukar---Nate-LeungTeam Wukar is a movement and a group of individuals who participate in the Dubli cashback model.


Wukar members have become leaders inside the Dubli Network.  When it comes to mastering SEO, MLM, affiliate marketing, and traditional business practices. Team Wukar's members have all pooled their resources together to get behind the same common goal: make money and also change lives along the way and be amongst the top leaders in within the Dubli network.


With their talents they have been able to put together systems that require very little effort on the part of newcomers, enabling them to make a lot of money with little effort, and even more when they really participate.




So, what is Dubli?


DubLi is the opposite of a traditional MLM and Network Marketing business. In MLM the basic strategy or organization, is that the distributors are compensated for the sales that they generate and the sales that people they recruit. MLM is also referred to a direct selling. There have been many MLM companies that have been accused of committing schemes and crimes against the people who bought into them and have given MLM a bad reputation. While many “pyramid scheme” companies do exist and are illegal, DubLi is a type of MLM unlike any other, and is completely legal.




How is Dubli and Wukar different than previous MLM companies?


With previous and other MLM companies, you have to shop and make purchases through only their sites or catalogues. With DubLi you use a search engine toolbar to shop with and get cash back from thousands of companies, most of which you likely already shop from. Places like Wal-Mart, Target, JC Penny, and many more are all places where you can make purchases and each cash back on purchases your customers are already buying anyways. Many of which have shipping or in store pick up options, meaning you don't have to shop in person, or stay home to get cash back.



With DubLi sellers get a unique opportunity that is not like any other.


DubLi network offers the chance for their top sales people to be given a 5,000 square foot home in the Cayman Islands. This may sound too preposterous, and it may be hard to take a salesman word about it. In fact though, according to the Cayman Compass, a local news company based in the Cayman Islands, back in 2011, Dubli acquired a substantial plot of land with the proposal of building a golf resort in the North Side district. Even more, in the official report 15 of their 61 lot division, were listed to be reserved for American representatives who were being moved to the Cayman Islands.



How difficult is it to be a business associate or team member?

To really make the most of your Wukar and DubLi experience you do need to have some basic marketing skill, or at least be willing to learn their system. Many of Wukar's members have years of experience in a particular field. What makes Wukar a cut above the rest is their developed program that just about anyone can use. Unlike starting out with DubLi on your own, Wukar can give you the tools from the start to get going faster.  There are two starting packages you can buy into that fall around $600 and $2,500, though either tier grants participants access to their proven effective marketing tools. You can be coached and instructed by some of DubLi's top sellers, making it easy to start for most people.



Can anyone in Wukar get to the top of DubLi network, can you get the house in the Caymans?


Part of team Wukar's inner member reward program is the promise of team sharing. They have a philosophy outside of the DubLi network in regards to those who join team Wukar. Among the many members sharing knowledge is key. Everyone helps each other, and by doing so everyone helps themselves. Aside from DubLi's high tier reward, that not everyone can reach, the Cashback Rewards Club states the common goals and believe in sharing, including the prospect of sharing access to the Grand Cayman home once it has been earned. For many people the idea of being able to spend a week in the Caymans can seem a lot more appealing than the idea of moving there, and it a lost more sensible goal to strive for. As a member of team Wukar, you are encouraged to reach for the top and working together with your team, to see that everyone meets their goals.




It's your Turn!


Getting people to sign up and to see the value and use DubLi's unique toolbar add on is quite simple. You just have to ask the right question, to which 99% of the world would say yes, “Do you want to get money for free?” It is a program that can sell itself on both sides.


The toolbar is free, the cash back is genuine. If someone is going to spend money regardless, being able to earn a bit of it back without strings is something that a lot of people can get behind. It is open to individuals and businesses, meaning the potential for savings is incredible.


For people who want to become partners, your place is to share with people the benefits of Dubli and Team Wukar, give them your unique code for them to sign up to get the toolbar, they start using and making purchases, they earn cash back and you earn money as well.  With something so simple and such a win-win, the better question to ask, is why wouldn't you want to join team Wukar? I encourage you to join forces with me in Team Wukar.


If you are reading this and have any questions, feel free to reach out to me ASAP via by clicking here. You'll be glad you did!


Join Team Wukar Now Nate Leung





To your Success,

Nate Leung

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    But most of the people are not clear on what they should achieve and what they are actually trying hard to achieve.

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    This is interesting and helped me understand the concept. It isn’t something that applies to my business but it is always helpful to know what others are doing.

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