What is Enagic – Why It’s The Perfect Business Opportunity In 2024

Water one of the most vital natural resources on the planet, without it we would not survive a week and with over 70% of the Earth’s surface covered with it, I would say we have enough to last quite a while. While the oceans cover a large portion of the Earth that water, as they say, is undrinkable, thanks to the salt content in the water, but have you ever really thought about what the water coming from your faucet has in it that you cannot see? There is a whole list of other things that your local filtered tap water could contain, allow me to show you just a few.

What’s In Your Water?

What is In Your Water - Flint Michigan Water Enagic Kangen Water

When you tip your glass and that clear cold water begins to flow toward your lips are you thinking of all the harmful things that could be lurking in that glass of water? There are many different contaminants that can be found in our traditional faucet water, thanks to the “clarification” processes used to filter and make the water fit for drinking things like Chlorine, Lead, Fluoride, Arsenic, Chloramines, and Perchlorates are just a few of the contaminants that could be lurking your glass of water. Oh sure, you have heard things that state these contaminants are safe in small quantities but if you really think about it, those things are dangerous no matter the quantity, they are not meant to be consumed at all.

That’s great and all but what can you really do about it? Well, most people purchase bottled water but this can become expensive and it doesn’t change the fact that you are still cooking with the same contaminated tap water, so what’re the other options? Water purification pitchers? Maybe a filter you put on your faucet?

What Are You Going To Do About Your Drinking Water?

Like we said there are many things you can do instead of consuming the tap water at your home. Things like purchasing bottled water, however, this can be very expensive over time, you figure the typical “case” sells anywhere between $4 and $10 and contains 12-24 bottles of water. If you drink one bottle a day that might last you 12-24 days but how many of us drink more than one bottle of water each day?

According to medical professionals, we should be consuming a minimum of 64 fluid ounces of water each and every day. Broken down that is about 5 bottles of water each day, so you can see where purchasing bottled water can add up quickly, but what is the alternative? If you want great tasting water, clean water, and freshwater how on Earth are you going to get that without purchasing bottled water?

Sure, there are so many options such as carafe filters, faucet-mounted filters, whole house filters, and my favorite the countertop filtration system like the Enagic Kangen Water Filtration System. This system is fantastic and that is one of the main reasons for getting on board the Enagic train is such a wise business investment idea.

What Makes Enagic Kangen Water Machines Different?:

The Kangen water machine uses Enagic’s innovative technology to turn your regular tap water into something fabulous! Thanks to electrolysis the machine can take your plain old tap water filled with chemicals, toxins, and just nothing good and use it to produce ionized alkaline and acidic waters. The Kangen water machine can produce five different types of water, and the water produced by the machine can be used for drinking, cooking, beauty, and even cleaning.

Yes, you heard that right I said cleaning. Now, who on earth can clean a house with just water? Thanks to the machine being able to make highly acidic water you are able to clean and sanitize your home with just water, no chemicals needed!

Enagic’s Kangen Water Is a Celebrity:

Celebrities Kangen Water Enagic

Well, ok so maybe it’s not really the celebrity here, but there are many celebrities and famous faces that consume Enagic Kangen water and swear by its health benefits. We as consumers care about what other people are doing or purchasing, it’s human nature, to be honest, so when we see celebrities or athlete’s on a new diet and losing weight or purchasing different things we tend to follow their examples and Kangen water is one of those things we should definitely copy.

Celebrities and athletes have been consuming Kangen water for years and most will openly talk about their experiences with the water if you are lucky enough to be able to sit down with them that is. Besides the celebrities and athletes that trust Kangen water there are many doctors and hospitals in the medical field that also trust Kangen water not only for themselves but for their patients as well. So, Kangen water sounds great and all but I am not here to sell you the Kangen water system, no I am here to show you why joining Enagic is the wisest business decision you will ever make.

Direct Sales/MLM Companies Are All The Same:

Are they really though? Sure, there are a ton of “work from home” and “Build Your Business” type of companies out there, I am sure we have all tried at least one of those companies hoping to be able to turn it into a career that we can do on our own schedules. Sadly, over half of those who sign up for direct sales companies will experience failure. So, are direct sales companies all the same?

While it is the true majority of direct sales or multi-level marketing companies are the same, they all have one goal and that is to make the most money for those at the highest levels, but Enagic is different besides the fact they have a product that can basically sell itself?

The company is a Japanese based company and has been in business for over three decades, not only has the company been in business but the company continues to grow each and every year. Enagic also has a panel of medical advisors right on the front lines ready to give their professional medical advice to the company’s top executives.

The company offers an 8 point commission structure and each point of this structure is based on the value of $285. Based on the 8 point system you could potentially earn up to $1,710 by selling one Kangen water machine and that is only the beginning, there have been distributors that make over $2,400 on each of their sales, it all depends on how hard you work and how much time you put into the business you are trying to build. This compensation plan is a generous amount considering most other companies only pay up to 35% commission on their products and that is only if you are at a certain level and those levels are hard to attain or stay at once you have reached them.

This 8 point scale for Enagic can be a little longer to try to explain so we won’t get into that here, but Enagic does offer a very generous compensation plan.


It’s always nice to see companies being recognized for their quality products and good business qualities and Enagic is no different, in fact, did you know that the Kangen water machine from Enagic is the only machine that is recognized as a medical device? That’s right, this same machine that can be purchased and put in your home is the same machine trusted by doctors and hospitals for their patients and employees as well. It was 1965 when the Japanese Health and Welfare Agency approved electrolysis water devices as medical equipment. The company has received many other awards and recognition through over the years.

Let’s take a look, shall we?…

• 1987 Enagic was awarded the medical equipment recognition

• 2002 recognized by the Japanese Association of Preventative Medicine for Adult Diseases

• 2007 acquired ISO 13485 (medical equipment), ISO9001 (quality control) and ISO14001 (environmental management) license recognition

• 2004 IEEU Environment Award

• 2010 Water Quality Association Member

• 2011 WQA Gold Seal Certificate of Compliance

• 2011 Direct Selling News Global – #60

These are just a few of the awards, certificates, and recognitions Enagic as a company has had over the years, and there are numerous others out there as well. A company with this many recognitions is a company you can put your trust into they are no fly by night type of company nor are they more concerned with making the all mighty buck, they are in the market to bring health and wellness to everyone they can.


Why Is Enagic The Perfect Business Opportunity?

So, why should you decide to get on board with Enagic over other companies? The answer is simple…

• Generous compensation plan – remember the 8 point compensation system

• A product that sells itself – people want healthy options, they want to be healthier and this machine can help with that.

• Bring health and wellness to people – people, in general, are striving to find healthy lifestyles, you can show them one way to bring a healthy lifestyle into their lives.

• Stable Company – with a company that has been in business for three-plus decades you can be sure this company will continue to prosper and grow in the future.

• Recognition – the company has received many awards and certificates through the years.

Those are simply a few of the many reasons why joining the Enagic family is a wise business choice for anyone, whether you are looking to quit your full-time job or just provide a little extra income on the side the choice is yours and with this company, you have those options.

I Have Tried MLM/Direct Sales Companies Before & Failed:

Don’t count your failures before you fail, just because you have not been successful in the past with direct sales companies doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to fail at every attempt you make. The key is finding a product you believe in because when you believe in something it makes it easy to share and sell to those around you.

Even if you begin slowly, with only selling one or two units a year you will still make some money on the side, if you are the type who believes all these get rich schemes you see I hate to break the news to you but those are few and far between and most times when you purchase the “eBook on how to do it” you are sending money directly into the pocket of the con man or woman and you will never be successful.

It’s sad that so many people and shady companies can do things like that but they do, Enagic, on the other hand, is a solid company with a long list of certificates, and good reviews from not only those who purchase the units but those who have joined the team. Sit down and speak to someone who is on the team and selling the units, they will be more than happy to show you their earnings papers and tell you all about the company get the information first hand if you can.

If you do not like the company or do not succeed you still have a wonderful health-boosting alkaline water unit that you can use for your own personal benefit. Let the Enagic company show you firsthand how they are different from the other multi-level marketing and direct sales companies out there.

No, matter what you decide the choice is indeed yours, I suggest taking the time and sitting down and researching the Enagic company yourself, get all the information you can, try the products, talk to distributors and customers and get the low down on what this company is all about before you make the leap if you want, but do yourself that much…research and educate yourself on the Kangen water machine from Enagic.

You will never really understand the difference or know what you are capable of until you try, even if you have failed at other companies, you have a better chance of succeeding with Enagic thanks to the health benefits and recognition the company has throughout the world, not just in the United States.

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  1. Anthony Flores says:

    Dear Nate, I’m a 17 year old entrepreneur from California and I’ve decided to dedicate my life to selling Enagics Kangen water filters. The way it affects people’s health astounds me everyday. My father died when I was ten from brain cancer, so for me to be able to even slightly prevent something similar from happening to anyone else would be worth it all. Im seeking your mentorship, I want to be the best Kangen water salesman that ever did it using every tool at my disposal to do so such as social media, and personal communication skills. I want to be the best I can be and I have the drive and mentality to do so. I just need the right mentors to guide me into further success. Please help me reach my potential, I’m hungry for accomplishment. Thank you very much!

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