What Do MLM’ers Do Wrong When They Go from Offline to Online

Multi-level marketing is increasingly moving from face to face meetings offline to more of an online environment. MLM’ers that are making the leap from offline to online have probably found that things are much different than they may have expected. This leads them to make some common mistakes that could ground their marketing campaign before it even takes off. Here are some common mistakes that multi-level marketers make when they enter the online world.

What Do MLM'ers Do Wrong When They Go from Offline to Online

MLM Mistake #1:  They enter from a position of weakness

Many MLM’ers enter the world of online marketing because they have had difficulty in the offline world. Maybe they are not good at making first impressions, aren’t strong speakers or just don’t have the courage to speak face to face with people they don’t know.

These people enter the online world of multi-level marketing thinking that it will be much easier to reach people and that relationship building is no longer important. This is not true at all, as building relationships online is just as important for multi-level marketing as it is for MLM in the offline world.

The best way to avoid this mistake is by understanding what you are getting into when you enter the online environment. You will still need to focus on building relationships if you want to build a successful MLM team. It is also important to not view online MLM as a last resort. You should enter it with good ideas, confidence and be prepared to work just as hard building relationships as you did offline.

What Do MLM'ers Do Wrong When They Go from Offline to Online

MLM Mistake #2 – They view the Internet as a lottery

When it comes to MLM the Internet can be a very powerful tool. It allows you to quickly and easily get your information out to a group of people that could number in the millions. However, this doesn’t mean you can just put a link to your opportunity out there and expect people running. You must take a more active approach.

This could be as simple as using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to pass around your information, but you can also do things like writing a blog, starting a forum and engaging competitors. However, to truly generate leads you will need to take a more targeted approach.

This includes using MLM strategies like attraction marketing. This technique is used not only to get people to like you, but also to let them know you are a real person. A great way to do this is by shooting videos. With videos, you can prepare people for what is to come on your page and let them see you are a real human. You can add links that will generate leads.

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Another good strategy is to engage other network marketers. If you can draw them into your network then it will not only help to build your brand but will also add another stream of revenue to your business.

These are just a few of the most common mistakes MLM’ers make when they move their network online. These tips will help you get the most from your online marketing network.

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7 responses to “What Do MLM’ers Do Wrong When They Go from Offline to Online”

  1. Hi Nate,
    Super smart advice here because I held a similar viewpoint a few years back. I was desperate. I had no posture. I chased people. Once I worked on my mindset everything changed for me.

    • nateleung says:

      RyanKBiddulph Exactly.  We still see the mistakes today where Networkers are doing it wrong where they need to do exactly opposite of everything you just layed out.  Thanks Ryan!

  2. EricMcLaughlin says:

    I love how you said there is more than just liking you but to know you are a real person as well when it comes to attraction marketing!

  3. donnylem says:

    This is an awesome post, Nate. You’re right. A lot of networkers view the Internet as a lottery and expect that if they throw their link all over the place that people will flock to their website and join their business. The truth is that you have to come with value so that people see that you have something to offer and will join you because of that. 
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Matt Insardi says:

    What’s up Nate! … That lottery mindset gets them in trouble. They try to skip the grind and land at the finish line before they even get started!

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