What Business Cards and Facebook Have In Common

Although the revolution in technology in the form of the online world has transformed the way things were done, however, besides the online revolution there are some conventional means of doing things, which still exist and have the same importance as they used to have before technology evolved. One such conventional means integral to business is a business card.

I believe that whatever we see in the online world is an evolved form of the conventional world. In the online market, we see a glimpse of the conventional market in the form of online competition, customer attraction, customer support and so on. To me, a business card and Facebook also share some similar attributes. Let me share with you what I feel business cards and Facebook have in common.


They Tell The Name:

Business cards are used as a means of telling other people about your name. Thus, whoever the marketers or business professionals aren’t able to meet in person are provided with their business card that conveys the name and designation of the card bearer. Facebook is similar in this regard as well, when you like the posts of other people and leave a comment on their profile, you are actually leaving your name behind which can then be traced if the other person wishes to connect with you. Thus, the first thing common with Facebook and business cards is that they tell your name to others when you are not physically present.

Get Noticed:

Another great thing that is common in business cards and Facebook is the fact that both help in getting noticed. The business cards are designed and created in such a way that no matter how simple and ordinary they look, they still catch the attention of the other person thus they help in getting noticed. On the other hand, Facebook performs the same function as well. If you have done good work on building your Facebook profile in the form of sharing quality content and liking and commenting on the profiles of others, then every appearance you make on Facebook and every post you share will get noticed and the people within your fan base will definitely give importance and attention to what comes from you compared to every other post that other brands are sharing. Therefore, both Facebook and business cards are excellent means of getting known by your respective target audience, whether it is other businesses or potential customers.

Rapport Building:

The third factor common among both Facebook and business cards is rapport building. Since decades business cards have been known to be representatives of the rapport of business professionals, and those professionals who had business cards have a better rapport compared to those who verbally introduce themselves. Similarly, having a good and regularly updated profile with quality content is also a way of building rapport. Therefore, regardless of whether you are a business or a business professional, a good Facebook profile must always be considered as a viable option pertaining to building rapport.


Means of Contact:

One of the major reasons behind the use of business cards is to provide another person with the information and details by following which he or she can contact the person mentioned on the card. Thus, in this way, the business card serves as a means of providing information about getting gin contact. The Facebook profile of a person or business also works in the same way where the person can easily and clearly state the contact information thus allowing people who wish to contact the person a chance of contacting in a variety of ways.

Now it’s Your Turn!

Do you agree that Facebook and business cards are similar in some regards? What other similarities or differences can you think of between Facebook and business cards? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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20 responses to “What Business Cards and Facebook Have In Common”

  1. Frank Joseph says:

    The importance of business card cannot be overemphasis. And I love the first picture design with facebook on it!

    If you want to make your business to go far and you want to appear professional and then you need to get an attractive business card.

  2. I am still amaze on how new technology spread your business in the world in just a few clicks. Business cards and facebook are the mediator on why my business grow. thank you for your wonderful post!

  3. Nick says:

    Good tips!

  4. Bek Mugridge says:

    What a great article and a timely reminder that I need to get more business cards printed too!

  5. I’d never thought of using facebook on a business card. But you’re right. The connection makes the business easily accessible. I linked with my PC service this way and get helpful hints from them all the time.

  6. Amy says:

    Great post, Nate! Many of these points hadn’t ever occurred to me, but now you’ve got me thinking about them. You’re right that FB and business cards do a lot of the same jobs for us. I still like having a card to hold in my grubby hand, though. 🙂

  7. Interesting analogy… and useful. There’s a lot you can do on Facebook where business cards are one dimensional…Facebook is like one huge party with lots of little parties going on, you just have to find the right one… and to really make it work for you, reach out and make it happen!

  8. Great insight, Nate. People always assume Linkedin when you say business card and social media in the same breath. But perhaps not in the “traditional” way, but Facebook provides the same information. Thanks for sharing

  9. Wow Nate excellent blog great comparison I had not thought of it in this way very interesting and I agreed.

  10. I like this idea of Facebook being a digital business card….good thing to remember when conducting ones self online. I also think that with Facebook at least we can the chance to catch someone attention with new graphics, design and content more often. I just did order business cards last week which match my Facebook header, I am excited to receive them.

  11. Shari Yantes says:

    This is an excellent point! I had never really thought of it like that before. Thank you for sharing this information!

  12. Sophie Bowns says:

    Ah yes, I suppose they do have a fair few things in common!

  13. Krystle says:

    I think fb and business cards are the same. The only difference is FB has a more prominent presence than business cards in a sense that you can have a more quicker response and more of a repora with your customer/client online. And the follow up is more easier.

  14. Jeanne Melanson says:

    This is interesting, Nate. I hadn’t thought of the similarities, but you’re right on all counts. One big difference, though, is that Facebook is more “in your face” than a business card. You’re harder to ignore on Facebook, and it’s easier to make or break a business pact or to create a first impression. Just my thoughts. Cheers!

  15. Excellent post Nate. Using Facebook as a sort of ‘digital business cards’ This is a great way to get in contact with potential clients quickly and easily.


  16. Nate,
    My business card contains a lot of information. But whenever I have thought I shortening it, someone will be drawn to one of the web sites I had been thinking about eliminating. For example, Healthy Baby Boomers, Sexual Reawakening, Marriage Counseling. Each piece is different, but having it all makes my business card like a small brochure. And I believe a good online profile should be a small brochure explaining who you are and what your work is about.

  17. Hi Nate,

    Great post. I have heard of Facebook being referred to as a digital business card in the past. I may be mistaking, but it seems to be that Facebook used to offer a way to make an online business card.

    Have a great evening. Monna

  18. Kevin Davis says:

    Nice comparison. It seems like too many companies neglect one form or the other. Both the offline and online tactics can help each other tremendously.

  19. Great list! I would add that both Facebook and business cards connect to your other social media profiles. I have a link to my Linkedin on my Facebook page, and it’s a good idea for your business card to contain that information too.

  20. Trevor Hall says:

    It’s pretty interesting how similar Facebook and business cards are. My son is entering the business world and needs to get some cards that he can hand out. I think it’s always nice to let people have something physical that can remind them of you.

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