Visalus (Body By Vi) Review – Another MLM Weight Loss Scam

You are doing research on Visalus because someone approached you about it and you want to know if this company is legit or a scam. That’s what we’re about to find out.

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One of the common questions I get asked often is if Visalus a scam or not.

We’re going to take the next few minutes to take a look and get some answers.

The main concern I have for people who are researching this opportunity is that I don’t want them to get burned. In the profession of network marketing, anything could happen.

A company ends up shutting down in a few months due to bad business decisions for being non-compliant, compensation plan change, or the company not paying it’s distributors.

Even worst, your direct sponsor or upline leaves the company. Leaving you hanging to dry.

I understand that many of you are new. Sometimes we are not in a position to make a solid business assessment due to inexperience.

Additionally, I am going to offer you a way for you to escape the ‘9 to 5’ if you decide that this company is not for you.

More information about this program will be at the end of this post.

You landed on this blog because you are thinking about joining Visalus because someone approached you about it or you just want to try out their products.

Unlike all the other Visalus reviews on the internet, this is completely third party unbiased. I have no relationship with this company what so ever so when you read this blog post all the way through and pay attention, I can assure you that I am not going to ask you to join or buy.

By the time you have read this unbiased review, you will be able to decide if Visalus is a fit or not. I do not promote, nor I am affiliated with Visalus. I stand neutral in the current development of the Visalus business.

With that said, let’s dive in!

What is Visalus?

ViSalus Sciences, Body by Vi or Vi is an MLM company that sells health-related products like supplements and energy drinks. The products revolve around making you fit and increasing your overall health. You can find products in the categories of challenge kits, meals, drinks, snacks, and supplements.

The company’s business model is similar to:

The company offers challenge kits for people who are interested in achieving a specific weight loss goal in 90 days. You can also win cash and a variety of prizes if you take part in the challenge.

The company is called ViSalus, but its website calls it Vi. Maybe, they have changed the name, but there is no news about it on the internet. The company had several ups and downs with the company going nearly bankrupt in the year 2008.

The company was founded in 2005 by Nick Sarnicola, Blake Mallen, and Ryan Blair with headquarters in Troy, Michigan.

They are also the founders of another cross-over MLM called Liv Global.

Nick Sarnicola, Ryan Blair, and Blake Mallen

The company almost went bankrupt in 2008 with $6 million in debt.

Visalus was saved by Blyth, Inc., a home decor MLM company founded by Georgen, with a series of investments totaled $16.5 million.

By 2011, Blyth took control of Visalus with 57.5% ownership.

In 2012, Visalus turned profits with sales revenue top at $624.

The success did not last long. In 2013, the company operated in decline and business losses.

By September 2014, Visalus announced that it had purchased back the company from Blyth and stopped reporting sales revenue.

Visalus has declined from an MLM network of over 114,000 independent distributors to less than 31,800 worldwide.

The company 2018 estimated sales revenue was $30 million.

Visalus stopped publishing the income disclosure statement (IDS) should be a red flag. This financial document provides important financial information regarding the profits and losses of a Visalus MLM business.

It is recommended to compare Visalus with other home-based opportunities before investing. If you need a recommendation click here.

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What does Visalus sell?

ViSalus markets several nutraceuticals that are designed to aid in weight loss and overall well being. Some of these products include:

  • Trim Slim Shape
  • ViSalus Neuro
  • Vi-Pack Anti-Aging
  • Energy Supplements

Maybe you are familiar with the company’s flagship product, 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge. Like many weight loss companies and products, they draw attention to their products by showcasing dozens of before-and-after pictures. Not to mention several testimonials from people who have successfully gone through the Body By Vi weight loss challenge.

Visalus also offers various types of products:

  • Weight Loss Products.
  • Meal replacement products.
  • Fitness products.
  • Lifestyle products including nutritional food shake that will help the customer maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Drinks including neon drinks and organic drinks
  • Snacks like nutrabite, nutra cookies.

The Visalus compensation plan

There are 3 ways to become a ViSalus distributor. The Basic Distributor package costs $49 but only gives you access to wholesale pricing.

To be eligible for all of the compensation and bonuses associated with the ViSalus compensation plan, you will want to purchase the Executive Success System at $499.

There is also a $999 package that offers you the $499 package, and in addition includes thirty Sample Packs, which you can provide to potential prospects.

ViSalus is a unilevel pay plan.  A unilevel pay plan provides the reps with a number of different ways to get paid.

  • Immediate upfront income on new sales
  • Advancement bonuses
  • Residual income on reorders
  • BMW car program

Like many MLM companies, Visalus offers a 30 days free subscription to the Vi-Net Pro Marketing System.  The system costs $24 per month after your initial free 30-day trial is over.

Visalus has 6 ranks you can achieve as one moves through the compensation plan. As you rank advance the more money a rep is able to make.

The Visalus compensation plan is the document that outlines all these options to make money with Visalus.

I’ll provide a quick analysis of the Visalus compensation plan. To see it in detail, just download a copy.

Is the BMW program free?

You will hear many of the ViSalus Reps talking about a “FREE BMW”.  Getting a “FREE BMW” is not really true. In fact, it’s your personal credit rating that determines whether or not you get the BMW (in addition to certain volume requirements that the company instills on their reps to meet each month).

As we all know, the attrition rates in MLM can be quite high. People are highly motivated for 30 to 90 days until they realize they actually have to go to work and then low and behold many promoters end up quitting.

In fact, according to some of the top ViSalus reps, the retention rates are only about 20%. So in reality, if you decide that ViSalus is right for you, make sure you have a lot more volume than the required monthly sales quotas before you’re putting your John Henry on that car lease and putting your credit rating on the line.

Keep in mind that if your monthly sales fall below ViSalus’ monthly sales quotas, you will be responsible for paying that  $600 or more towards your lease.  The responsibility will be yours to buck up for the payment that month in order to maintain your credit rating.

Personally, I would recommend opting for the $300 cash bonus instead.  This way it will be a great cash bonus on months you qualify and if your volume ever drops for whatever reason, you’re not stuck with a car payment that month.  Once you really gain some major momentum and you’re really in a position to afford the car, with or without the help of ViSalus, that’s the time to engage their offer.  It’s always the safer way to play it and you won’t have the down sided risk.

How to join Visalus

Once you have submitted an application to become a Visalus Promoter, you must purchase either the Executive Kit for $499 or the Star Kit for $999 to activate your business.

The cost to join Visalus depends on the Starter Kit that you purchased.

The difference is the Star Kit offered more products for you to promote your Visalus business.

Besides purchasing a Starter Kit, there are monthly expenses to operate your Visalus MLM business.

Visalus requires all Promoters to purchase a minimum of $125 Personal Qualification Volume (PQV) or retail sales of $200 PQV per month to remain active.

What are the pros and cons of Visalus?

Here are the pros:

  • Distributors purchase the products at wholesale prices
  • You can choose to build your business online if you know how to
  • They incentivize their distributors (e.g free challenge kit for 3 referrals)

Here are the cons:

  • The products are not unique and they are somewhat expensive
  • The start-up costs are high
  • The company’s claims have not been evaluated by the FDA
  • Curiously, they have not released any income disclosure statements
  • It is very unlikely that you will make profits
  • 95% of Visalus promoters does not make money

My final thoughts

Before you decide to join Visalus. I would recommend that you try out the products first. See if it’s a fit for what you’re looking for.

If you don’t believe in the products that you are selling, chances are others wouldn’t. Makes sense, right?

If you’ve decided that you want to join Visalus, you must have the following if you want to succeed:

  • A support team and system that will help build your business.
  • A mentor that will take you by the hand and help you reach your dreams and goals.
  • A constant flow of new leads and prospects that want to join your business.

It is not easy to be successful in the Visalus business and which is why more than 95% fail.

If you feel the person you are going to sign up with is not going to be able to give you the necessary tools to help you succeed…

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Visalus Is Not A Fit For You?

Now, if you feel that Visalus isn’t for you. But determined to find a home-based business so that you can create a legacy for you and your family.

I would suggest that you check out my number #1 recommended program.

This program is the reason why so many people are having success with a ‘work from home business’.

Last but not least (drum roll please)…

I would love to hear from you if you are looking to join Visalus or if you were an affiliate.

Please share your experiences by leaving your feedback below.

The feedback will help out those who are doing research on the company.

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    Boss… When you enroll someone in your plan and stays in the holding tank, when you place them deep in your organization, does the sponsor for your enrollee earn unilevel commissions? Or just rank volume.. ? Like to know more of this feature of the plan.. thanks!

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