Vida Divina MLM Review – Another Supplement Scam?

You are doing research on Vida Divina because someone approached you about it and you want to know if this company is legit or a scam. That’s what we’re about to find out.

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One of the common questions I get asked often is if Vida Divina a scam or not.

We’re going to take the next few minutes to take a look and get some answers.

The main concern I have for people who are researching this opportunity is that I don’t want them to get burned. In the profession of network marketing, anything could happen.

A company ends up shutting down in a few months due to bad business decisions for being non-compliant, compensation plan change, or the company not paying it’s distributors.

Even worst, your direct sponsor or upline leaves the company. Leaving you hanging to dry.

I understand that many of you are new. Sometimes we are not in a position to make a solid business assessment due to inexperience.

Additionally, I am going to offer you a way for you to escape the ‘9 to 5’ if you decide that this company is not for you.

More information about this program will be at the end of this post.

You landed on this blog because you are thinking about joining Vida Divina because someone approached you about it or you just want to try out their products.

Unlike all the other Vida Divina reviews on the internet, this is completely third party unbiased. I have no relationship with this company what so ever so when you read this blog post all the way through and pay attention, I can assure you that I am not going to ask you to join or buy.

By the time you have read this unbiased review, you will be able to decide if Vida Divina is a fit or not. I do not promote, nor I am affiliated with Vida Divina. I stand neutral in the current development of the Vida Divina business.

With that said, let’s dive in!

What is Vida Divina?

Vida Divina is an MLM company that specializes in health and wellness products. Some ingredients include caffeine, green tea, Garcinia cambogia, glucomannan, and guarana. These products claim to help with weight-loss, performance, and total health and wellness.

The company was founded in 2016, by Founder and CEO Armand Puyolt. He was one of the top distributors for a similar MLM company called Total Life Changes. After his success with TLC and some other MLM ventures, Armand decided to branch out and create his very own MLM company in the health niche.

This company sells TeDivina original, Atom, Cheat, Life, Spark, Chaga, Liquid Gold, Mars, Ripped, and Venus capsules on the official website. We like the attention placed on total health and the use of a few natural ingredients. The company is similar to Organo Gold, Isagenix, Herbalife, Valentus, and DXN Global.

Vida Divina was created with the intent to offer its customers, as well as its distributors, a wide range of products to improve their health and nutritional habits, as well as provide them with financial independence.

Vida Divina’s headquarters is located in Ontario, California. They have manufacturing warehouses and ordering processing centers worldwide.

They launched back in the summer of  2016 opening in 10 countries across all Latin, Central and South America.  They also expanded to Africa.

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What does Vida Divina sell?

Vida Divina claims that its products are of the highest quality and that consumers will be satisfied. My opinion is that you have to try the products for yourself and decide if you like them or not.

Vida Divina products are divided into four different categories, each with products you can choose from:

Detox Tea

  • Tedivina Original

Weight Control System

  • Atom
  • Cheat
  • Life
  • Spark
  • Tedivina Original


  • Atom
  • Brain
  • Chaga
  • Cheat
  • Cordyceps
  • Gano
  • Life
  • Sight
  • Spark
  • Time Capsules


  • Mars
  • Ripped
  • Venus

Skin Care

  • Liquid Gol

The Vida Divina compensation plan

Residual income is paid through their binary plan and matching commissions are paid through a 7 level unilevel structure.

Vida Divina Ranks

Overall, there are 15 ranks within the Vida Divina compensation plan.

This is what that looks like:

  • No Rank: Generate and maintain 120 PV a month
  • No Rank2: Maintain 120 PV a month and have a downline generated 300 GV a month
  • No Rank3: Maintain 120 PV a month and have a downline generated 600 GV a month
  • Apprentice: Maintain 120 PV a month and have a downline generated 1200 GV a month
  • Bronze: Maintain 120 PV a month and have a downline generated 2500 GV a month
  • Silver: Maintain 120 PV a month and have a downline generated 5000 GV a month
  • Gold: Maintain 120 PV a month and have a downline generated 10,000 GV a month
  • Platinum: Maintain 120 PV a month and have a downline generated 20,000 GV a month
  • Sapphire: Maintain 120 PV a month and have a downline generated 40,000 GV a month
  • Ruby: Maintain 120 PV a month and have a downline generated 60,000 GV a month
  • Emerald: Maintain 120 PV a month and have a downline generated 80,000 GV a month
  • Diamond: Maintain 120 PV a month and have a downline generated 100,000 GV a month
  • Blue Diamond: Maintain 120 PV a month and have a downline generated 250,000 GV a month
  • Black Diamond: Maintain 120 PV a month and have a downline generated 500,000 GV a month
  • Crown Diamond: Maintain 120 PV a month and have a downline generated 1,000,000 GV a month

If you don’t know some of this terminology:

  • PV stands for Personal Volume.
  • GV stands for group volume.

Retail Commission Payout

When you sell the actual products to customers, you make the difference between wholesale and retail.

Referral Commissions

When you sponsor a Vida Divina distributor that buys a “Starter Pack”, you can earn commissions on the volume.

The number of commissions earned will depend on your rank.

There isn’t exact pricing on Vida Divina’s website, but it will cost anywhere between $150 to $1200 according to some marketing material on the internet.

This is what the commission structure looks like according to rank:

  • Gold or lower: 50%
  • Platinum: 55%
  • Sapphire: 60%
  • Ruby: 62%
  • Emerald: 64%
  • Diamond to Black Diamond: 68%
  • Crown Diamond: 70%

70% is the max a distributor can earn here…

If you are a lower rank like let’s say Gold, you earn 50% and 20% which adds up to 70% total goes to your upline.

Residual Income Commissions

Residual income is paid through a binary compensation plan in Vida Divina.

Binary plans are all very similar, you just have a left team and a right team and each person can put a maximum of 2 people below them.

When you sponsor more than 2 people, they go down to the third level…

Once all the volume is calculated on both legs, you get paid on the lesser leg.

Any extra volume will be rolled over for the next pay.

How much commissions you get in the binary will depend on your rank below:

  • No Rank: 5%
  • No Rank2: 6%
  • No Rank3: 8%
  • Apprentice: 10%
  • Bronze: 11%
  • Silver: 12%
  • Gold: 13%
  • Platinum: 14%
  • Sapphire: 15%
  • Ruby: 16%
  • Emerald: 17%
  • Diamond: 18%
  • Blue Diamond: 19%
  • Black  and Crown Diamond: 20%

The maximum amount you can earn in the binary compensation plan is $80,000 per month.

Matching Bonus

Matching bonuses are paid in their unilevel structure that pays 7 levels deep.

The amount you get paid depends on your rank and looks like this:

  • Silver: 50% on level 1 (personally recruited affiliates), 3% on level 2, 2% on level 3, 1% on level 4, 0.5% on level 5 and 0.25% on levels 6 and 7
  • Gold: 50% on level 1, 4% on level 2, 3% on level 3 ,2% on level 4, 1% on level 5, 0.5% on level 6 and 0.25% on level 7
  • Platinum: 50% on level 1, 5% on level 2, 4% on level 3, 3% on level 4, 2% on level 5, 1% on level 6 and 0.5% on level 7
  • Sapphire: 50% on level 1, 10% on level 2, 5% on level 3, 4% on level 4, 3% on level 5, 2% on level 6 and 1% on level 7
  • Ruby: 50% on level 1, 10% on levels 2 and 3, 5% on level 4, 4% on level 5, 3% on level 6 and 2% on level 7
  • Emerald: 50% on level 1, 10% on levels 2 to 4, 5% on level 5, 4% on level 6 and 3% on level 7
  • Diamond: 50% on level 1, 10% on levels 2 to 5, 5% on level 6 and 4% on level 7
  • Blue and Black Diamond: 50% on level 1, 10% on level 2 to 5 and 5% on levels 6 and 6
  • Crown Diamond: 50% on level 1 and 10% on levels 2 to 7

Mortgage Bonus Payout

You can get a monthly mortgage allowance once you hit Ruby or higher which looks like this:

  • Ruby: $500
  • Emerald: $1000
  • Diamond: $1500
  • Blue Diamond: $2000
  • Black Diamond: $2500
  • Crown Diamond: $3000

There is also a TRIP bonus which starts at sapphire.

How to join Vida Divina

When you sign up with Vida Divina, you’ll need to buy one of four starter packages. The Standard package is $120. The Popular package is $300. The Premium package is $600. The Supreme package is $1,200.

My Final Thoughts

Before you decide to join Vida Divina. I would recommend that you try out the products first. See if it’s a fit for what you’re looking for.

If you don’t believe in the products that you are selling, chances are others wouldn’t. Makes sense, right?

If you’ve decided that you want to join Vida Divina, you must have the following if you want to succeed:

  • A support team and system that will help build your business.
  • A mentor that will take you by the hand and help you reach your dreams and goals.
  • A constant flow of new leads and prospects that want to join your business.

It is not easy to be successful in the Vida Divina business and which is why more than 95% fail.

If you feel the person you are going to sign up with is not going to be able to give you the necessary tools to help you succeed…

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Vida Divina Is Not A Fit For You?

Now, if you feel that Vida Divina isn’t for you. But determined to find a home-based business so that you can create a legacy for you and your family.

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Last but not least (drum roll please)…

I would love to hear from you if you are looking to join Vida Divina or if you were an affiliate.

Please share your experiences by leaving your feedback below.

The feedback will help out those who are doing research on the company.

Did you get value from this blog post?

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