Todd Falcone’s Insider’s Secrets to Recruiting Professionals 2.0 Review

One of the most challenging components of building a successful MLM network is finding qualified people to add to your team. While it might be easy to get people to join, getting good people to join is an entirely different thing. I found myself wasting a lot of time with prospects that really had no interest in joining my MLM network. That is why I turned to Todd Falcone’s “Insider’s Secrets to Recruiting Professionals 2.0,” which had a lot of useful advice on how to recruit solid professionals for my network marketing business.

What is “Insider’s Secrets to Recruiting Professionals 2.0” all about?

What made me curious about this program was that it was made by Todd Falcone, who has more than twenty-five years in the direct marketing and MLM industry. You don’t get that kind of longevity without being good at what you do, so I figured there would be much to learn from someone with this much experience. I was right, as this program has valuable tips and strategies for how to recruit qualified people into your network.

He starts by letting you in on one of the biggest secrets, which is that you should be trying to recruit professionals. Instead of going after people that want to work from home all day or who aren’t successful in their current job, he recommends only going after successful professionals. He shares his discovery and gives great tips for how to go after real estate agents, financial planners and successful sales people. Not only are these people generally hard working and motivated, but they can also recognize a good opportunity when they see it.

This was a revelation to me, as I had never considered that I needed to go after higher quality recruits. I though getting anyone was fine, but what I learned from this program is that quality is much better than quantity.

Todd Falcones Insiders Secrets to Recruiting Professionals 2.0 Review

The Benefits of using “Insider’s Secrets to Recruiting Professionals 2.0”

In addition to learning about why successful professionals make better prospects, you will also get the following benefits:

-You will learn where these types of professionals can be found

-You will learn strategies for how to recruit them into your network

-How to get past your warm market into more fruitful territory

-How to team with professionals to grow your network even more

-The course will work on any type of device, including iPads and Android

-There is a 30-day money back guarantee with no questions asked

-You can go at your own pace and work around your schedule

How to Get Started

As a Network Marketing professional I am always looking for valuable tips and strategies for how to be better at what I love to do. The strategies in this program were invaluable and helped me to grow a network of successful professionals and in turn go out and do the same.

Now that you know a little more about this product you probably want to know how to get started. It is easy, just click on this link by clicking here.  If you have purchased this product or have worked with Todd Falcone in the past, I would love to hear your feedback!

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7 responses to “Todd Falcone’s Insider’s Secrets to Recruiting Professionals 2.0 Review”

  1. Todd is a pro’s pro so his work gets the stamp of approval, especially if you back it Nate.

    This gig feels challenging at first, until you know where to look and how to connect with leaders.

    Follow the pros. These guys and gals know how to recruit large, responsive, quick-to-duplicate teams.

    Thanks for sharing Nate!


  2. Love Todd Falcone!!! Awesome post and thank you for sharing Todd’s “Insider Secrets to Recruiting Professionals 2.0″….Great benefits as well!

    Take care,

  3. I got Todd’s ISR 2.0 and it blew my mind away! It really gives you a ton of information and application techniques you can apply to your MLM business.

    It is definitely worth the price you will be paying it for. Listen to it as many times as possible as you can because you get nuggets each time round. 🙂

    Great review Nate! 🙂

    Darren Spruyt

    • Nate Leung says:

      Hey Darren!

      Exactly. It’s almost as if, you listen to it again and again that you swear up and down that you didn’t hear it before but it had always been there. Thanks for the comments bud!

  4. Amelia Sanchez says:

    I love Todd Falcone! His course is perfect for someone who has ever had a fear of reaching out to their warm market or a cold market because they didn’t know what to say, thought they would sound foolish, or felt uncomfortable in their approach. His black book of scripts is also another good course. Highly recommend.

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