Personal Development Tip: How ‘Think and Grow Rich’ Changed My Life

One of the seminal self-help books that has been around for literally 100 years and more, Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich is one of the most transformative books that you could ever hope to read. Literally distilling down everything and anything that has to do with leading a successful life and creating the kind of lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of, Think and Grow Rich has changed my life forever.

The first thing that I really got and took away from Think and Grow Rich would have to be the fact that what you think about is what dominates and eventually manifests in your life. This is not something airy-fairy like The Secret or any of that New Age drivel that is peddled by so-called self-help gurus looking to make a buck off of your pain, but something that is a fundamental truth about the way the human brain works in controlling every little detail of your life.

Personal Development Tips: How Think and Grow Rich Changed My Life

If you think that your life is absolutely terrible and that you’ll never amount to anything at all, you’re very likely to experience exactly that across the board. It doesn’t take much but a single thought to completely and totally derail your life in ways that you could never fully grasp, just because of the power of your subconscious mind. You have to be incredibly careful about what you think about as well as what you say to yourself – your mind is constantly looking for ways to ensure that whatever you are thinking about most comes true in your life.

The second thing that totally and completely changed my life forever is the Think and Grow Rich concept of the mastermind. Essentially saying that while a human being can do amazing and incredible things all on their own, they are able to produce miracles when they combine their efforts and knowledge with a group of other like-minded people and try to rise to a whole new level. While Napoleon Hill definitely describes this and spiritual and ethereal ways, the mastermind concept is tremendously powerful and used by almost every successful person you could ever hope to meet.

Personal Development Tips: How Think and Grow Rich Changed My Life

There is literally nothing more important that you could do to boost your success then join or create your very own Think and Grow Rich mastermind with some of the people you would like to be like. While this certainly cannot and will not likely happen overnight, your mastermind will propel you to new heights in ways that you cannot imagine right now.

If you haven’t read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, then you don’t even know what you’ve been missing out on. With some of the most timeless advice on success in leading the kind of full and rewarding life that you deserve, every single major businessman has said to have attributed a major portion of their success to this single book. If you don’t have the $10-12 or so to go out and buy it, maybe skip a few dinners out or eat mac & cheese for a couple of weeks just to get your hands on this amazing book.  You can purchase the book by clicking here.

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8 responses to “Personal Development Tip: How ‘Think and Grow Rich’ Changed My Life”

  1. Michael Burke says:

    I was introduced to Think and Grow Rich over 7 years ago. WOW! What an awesome book. This book contains money making secrets that have changed my life. I’ll never view success and money the same way again.

    This book will teach you that secret. And the secrets of other great men like him. It will show you not only what to do but how to do it.

    I’ve learned the simple basic techniques revealed here, and hope one day that I will have mastered the secret of true and lasting success.

    • Nate Leung says:

      Hi Michael,

      Sure is a life changer. Thanks for sharing your feedback!

  2. Erin Villa says:

    I found your article while searching on google and came across your article, Nate. The stuff you learn in Think and Grow Rich should be taught in schools. If the school system integrated this into their curriculum, more people would be better off financially. Very well written and loved the article!

  3. Lucas Kay says:

    If you want to learn a subject who is better qualified to teach it, someone with no knowledge or someone who has the knowledge and has done it. Think and Grow Rich was written by a millionaire (Napolean Hill) who interviewed many millionaires of his time. These are the strategies that made the world’s first billionaire and many millionaires from the 30’s to the present. Follow the advice and you will become wealthy.

  4. Halley Montalov says:

    A biblical phrase says; “Faith without deeds is death.” Think and Grow Rich will teach you how to use your brain to create wealth, but you also have to take action to make it work.
    Great book. Transformed my life. Highly recommended. Thanks for the great article, Nate!

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