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People like to buy things. That’s why our culture is so consumer-oriented: We’re so darn bent on consuming that we can’t really survive if we’re forced not to. Interestingly, though, people don’t like to be sold things. They like to feel in control of their decisions, and any attempt to sell to them feels like an encroachment on their personal autonomy. This is why so many people who give Internet marketing schemes a spin fail – they push their products and opportunities in the faces of their prospects, trying desperately to sell, ignorant of the fact that . . . Well, no one’s going to buy it if you try to sell it to them. This probably seems like a bit of a paradox. And it is. But it has a solution.


The Law of Attraction

A lot of people have been floating the idea of the so-called “law of attraction” recently. This “law” holds that, if you direct positive thoughts to things, you’ll attract positivity; and if you entertain thoughts of certain achievements frequently, they’ll “come to you”.

It’s important to realize that many people think this way, and act this way, as well. That means they’re stuck in their current MLM program, making no money – or, worse, losing it – just kind of . . . Hoping that they’ll make it one day.

Well, they won’t, if they just sit around doing the same old thing. You’ll notice that very few who get into traditional MLM become successful on their first attempt.  Most will struggle in one form or another. This is a known fact.  Unless you’ve got a silver tongue in your mouth and a whole lot of charm just oozing from your pores, it ain’t happening.

Now, think for a minute. When you buy, what do you do? First, you realize you need or want something. Then, you go buy it. The important thing, here, is that you go buy it. That means you decide you need or want something, you decide where to go, and you decide to swipe your card. You’re not told of a problem, or of what you want, or of what you need. You’re attracted to a particular, well-marketed solution. And there’s the secret to making the paradox less troublesome.

You have to get your customers to come to you.  MLM attraction marketing, as it’s called, is having people seek you out and want what you have.  You are being hunted, instead of you hunting.  These are potential customers and partners who are open to joining you in your opportunity.

The great aspect of MLM Attraction marketing is that you can create long-lasting relationships with genuine people. On top of that, the chances you’ll find people who are not interested in what you have will below.

But – and here’s a huge pro – if you can find marketers doing things the traditional way, or who are having trouble with the MLM company they’re with . . . Convert them. Show them how, if they join you, they’ll find the success they’ve been chasing. And then, help them get it. That is attraction marketing at its finest.

So what are you waiting for? The money won’t make itself. Even if you think about it. Start attracting that cash by attracting customers: Get to building your brand, and get to it now.

Let’s turn it over to you!

Are you currently using an MLM attraction marketing in your strategy?  If you do or do not, be sure to leave your feedback in the comments section.  I look forward to reading them!

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8 responses to “MLM Attraction Marketing – Attract Targeted Prospects”

  1. Fantastic post, Nate!!!! Shared for you all over my friend 🙂

  2. The LOA is always at play Nate, super reminder here 😉 Be a magnet. Create. Connect. Build a powerful image of self to attract the exact people you want to attract; leaders.

    Patience rules here. Sow the seeds. As noted you might trip up a time or 2 when learning basic LOA principles but when you do, look out! LOL….

    Thanks Nate!


  3. Andrea says:

    The LOA requires inspired action for it to work, you can’t just think happy thoughts.

    • Nate Leung says:

      If more people thought the way you did, more people would get that LOA doesn’t work out of the box by itself. Thank you for the comments!

  4. So true Nate! One just can’t “think” and magic happens. People have to “think” AND get to work. That’s when the magic happens.

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