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The Secrets of the 3 R’s to Building a Network Marketing Empire

The Secrets of the 3 R's to building a MLM empire consists of three principles.  The 3 R's are: RECRUIT, RETAIN, and REPLICATE.  Bring in the best people and invest time in those people to keep them motivated so they will move to the next level and you can develop them into leaders, just like you.  Let your organization know there’s work involved and you need leaders so that you all can be successful.  This is an expectation that needs to be set in place before anyone starts to build a business.  There are many reasons why people fail in Network Marketing.  I'm going to share with the secrets of the 3 R's to building a MLM empire.


1. The first secret of the 3 R's to building a MLM empire is to Recruit


MLM recruiting is an easy skill to mastery that you can develop for any MLM business. Why do you think it’s so important? Simply because the only way you get paid in a MLM company is by recruiting or selling its products. The true power relies in recruiting people simply because MLM companies pay you off of the work your team does and that’s called leverage.  It make no sense if you have a product and it can't move because there is not enough distributors. MLM has built is foundation on “word of mouth” advertising. So, the more you “share” and offer people what you have, the more successful you will be as well as your success team.


2.  The second secret of the 3 R's to building a MLM empire is to Retain


Once you have done the work of recruiting, here comes the challenging part, which is retaining the people on your success team. This is the #1 problem faced by many distributors.  Here is a break down of how to retain the people that enroll into your success team.


A recruit is not a recruit, until they recruit their recruits to become qualified.
  • Make Sure Your New Recruit Has A Completely Replicatable Program
  • Help Them Create An Objective And Date For Reaching It.
  • Write Down Precise Steps Recruits Need To Take To Reach Objective And Get It To Them Immediately.
  • Follow Up with them Regularly.
  • Make Sure All Recruits Understand The Benefits Of Your MLM Opportunity; Quiz Them To Be Sure.
  • Ensure Recruits Have Lead-Generating Means.
  • Help Your Recruits Learn To Close.


recruit3.  The third secret of the 3 R's to building a MLM empire is to Replicate (or Duplicate).


A new distributor that comes on board, needs to generate leads and people to talk to just by following suit of their leader. The distributor has to have a keen understanding on grasping the simple concepts of MLM sponsoring. This is also known as MLM duplication since it involves gathering information about MLM prospecting and moving ahead in the business.


These are the five techniques to successful MLM duplication that can help you.


Technique #1


For making your MLM business easily duplicable, it should have clear and concise instructions for the new distributor. If the system used is a proven one, the downline will not find it ambiguous. You can circulate websites, training calls and local MLM events for your downlines for instructional purposes. This does not cost much nor is it hard to create. This way you can ensure that everybody under you is following the same plan at a given time.


Technique #2


MLM leadership includes giving the downline a space to grow and learn. Motivate the downline to use your proven system plan religiously so that they can follow the steps while doing business. Once they are fixed in his mind, half the job of MLM duplication is done.


Technique #3


You cannot assure that your new distributor under you is going to be a superstar. It is always better to maintain a level of simplicity in the duplication system for a winning in any MLM business. This will help you to gain profits and have a strong support for your downlines.


Technique #4


It has been observed that only about a quarter of the consultants that you recruit are sincerely dedicated towards becoming successful. So be optimistic and practical. Focus your energy on this fraction of people and teach your downlines to do the same. Due to this, you can save on efforts and money and display good MLM leadership skills.


Technique #5


Let the distributor know that you are keen on helping him succeed. This may sometimes involve giving away one of your recruits to his credit. In the end, it is important that you win as a team


It's your turn!


Have you used the 3 R's in your business? I would love to know your results!  Please share your feedback in the comments section and I look forward to reading them!



To your Success,

Nate Leung

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Nate Leung

Nate Leung

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Nate Leung
Nate Leung

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11 Responses to “The Secrets of the 3 R’s to Building a Network Marketing Empire”

  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Sensational Nate! I like being the person. Being inspiring helps me attract people who will follow the 3 R’s. Duplicating feels challenging until you attract winners who want to duplicate.

    Qualify like crazy. Watch the Universe bring you perfect matches as your clarity increases.

    Power post!


  2. Sherman Smith

    Hey Nate,

    This is a nice break down of the 3 R’s…As difficult as it may seem, it is quite simple to do, I like the fact that you broke it down how to retain your recruits. This is probably the biggest issue within the MLM industry. A lot of people have a low retension and I’m glad you mention that in order to succeed you must be practical, optimistic and focus on the fraction of people that’s serious about becoming successful! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Karl E Bennett Jr

    Hey Nate,

    Yes I have done all 3 of the R’s. Also, I changed strategies to prevent my new people from quitting. Prior to me extending an offer to my prospect, I tell them upfront about the partnership responsibilities. What they can expect from me, and what I expect from them. They thing I like the most about it is that the technique can be duplicated. I like what you said about keeping the system simple. I definitely I agree with you, the simpler the better. It gives your new business builder an easy to follow guide. I like the tips you shared here.

    • Nate Leung

      Hi Karl,

      Yes, the 3 R’s are very duplicatable. Upfront expectations is mandatory in my opinion, and letting people know what is expected. Glad you enjoyed the tips!

  4. Greg

    Good stuff Nate. Keeping it simple. The 3 Rs work when you work them. Thanks for a great post.

  5. Carol Steinberg

    This is interesting…I’m not sure everyone knows exactly what MLM is and lots of people have negative ideas…I had an experience in the last couple years where I became a “distributor” but the woman who brought me in had zero interest in letting me in on how to develop it as a biz, so eventually I just phased myself out.

    • Nate Leung

      It happens. When you align yourself with leaders that know how the business works then it makes it easier for you to build. Not all sponsors are created equal. Some are better than others. You just have to find a good mentor and sponsor that will help you build. Appreciate the comments!

  6. Liz Chapman

    I will be using some of these tips when recruiting some advertisers to work for me. Thanks