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The Relation of Sleep with Success

We live in a fast paced world where time is money and everyone is trying to make as much money as possible. Therefore, the common notion of success at present is spending as much time and efforts as possible on things that increase productivity. Thus, if you burn the oil of nights you are either successful or you are deemed to achieve success.


Being on early morning calls, working late at night, hitting gym before going to office these all have become the attributes of the so called successful people. The more you reduce the time you sleep the more successful you are considered. Although I respect hard workers, but I beg to differ when it comes to the issue of depriving yourself from one of the biggest blessings of nature – sleep.


To me success in any walk of life is complete only and only when you are able to enjoy it. Thus in order to be successful in a true sense you need to be able to savor the fruit you have achieved, which you cannot achieve if you are mentally and physically exhausted, both of which are caused by sleep deprivation. Therefore, if you wish to achieve true success, then to me sleeping is one way of getting to it. Let me explain to you the role sleep plays in success with regards to your mind and body.


The Relation of Sleep with SuccessMind:


Without any doubt mind is the central piece to the puzzle of success. Like any puzzle this piece also has to fit in the right place in order to make the puzzle complete. Therefore, if you are doing everything right, but if you are not utilizing your mind to the best potential then rest of the efforts will eventually fall apart. The question that arises here is what is the true potential of the mind? Although it has not yet been explored properly, but to me the true potential of mind is also predicted by the mind itself. When your mind tells you that it can take more workload, more pressure then it means that it is underutilized and requires more stimulus.


On the other hand, when your mind says to you that it can go no further, then it is the maximum to which it can go, pushing it any further would lead to saturation. This is where sleep comes in; proper sleep ensures that the mind is utilized to the true potential. I am totally in favor of doing the best in the time you have, but when it is the time to sleep, it should be the time to sleep, as anything beyond that is crossing the saturation limit, which mars the power of mind and decreases its productivity. Thus, how can you achieve success with a less productive mind? Therefore, in order to utilize your mind to best potential to achieve success, you need to give it proper sleep.


The Relation of Sleep with SuccessBody:


Along with mind, body is the other factor that needs to be utilized optimally in order to achieve success and to savor it. Like mind, every organ of the body has its saturation limit, after that limit the organ can be pushed, but the whole push would make the organ malfunction instead of making it work properly. Therefore, the organs of the body require sleep in order to rejuvenate.


Moreover, it is over sleep in which the mind releases all the hormones that help in keeping the body healthy. The fair question to ask is that whether you’ll prefer being successful in a way that you are able to celebrate your success with people you love or you would want to be successful of such a kind where your health does not allow you to celebrate?  All of us would prefer the former condition, therefore to enjoy such a success you will require to sleep properly and regularly.


Now it’s Your Turn!


Do you agree with my opinion that sleep is necessary for success? What is your sleep pattern? Do you miss regular sleep and how does it affect your performance? Please leave your feedback in the comments section below!


To your Success,

Nate Leung

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Nate Leung

Nate Leung

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Nate is the CEO and Founder of NateLeung.com, a website dedicated to helping regular hard-working people to build wildly successful businesses they can be proud of and pass a legacy to their families. He is also the author of The Rise of the Digital Nomad: How to escape the 9 to 5 and earn a profitable income online. Step by step, Nate will show you how to build a business from scratch with the right strategies and systems in place so you can earn the income you know you deserve and have the kind of life you have always dreamed about.
Nate Leung
Nate Leung

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33 Responses to “The Relation of Sleep with Success”

  1. Brian Meehan

    Great article Nate. I totally agree on the importance of getting sufficient sleep. Easier said than done thought. Especially when trying to juggle a career and family. People can find that staying up late is the only free time that they have.

    Enjoyed the article. Thanks

  2. Sue Bride

    Hi Nate
    Some people can thrive well on less than the 7-8 hours a night but if your body needs more you should listen to it. When I am tired my brain and body slow down, I do not concentrate well and I am not as productive. If I push myself to keep going I am affected the next day too. I know when I have had enough and give in to rest and sleep as my mood and attitude are impacted by being overtired and I then do not sleep well.

  3. Lesly Federici

    For me, meditation calms my mind and body. I get the best ideas when I slow down. I’m also very aware of the amount of sleep I get. I routinely get 7 – 8 hours a night. The better “shape” your mind and body is in, the better the ability to do so much more …

    • Nate Leung

      Hi Lesly,

      Yes, the best ideas usually happen when we’re not working. 7-8 hours of sleep is better than the average person gets. Thank you for the comments!

  4. Charmie

    Well, I am a sleeping beauty, I love to sleep like anything but following the race we often neglect the very importance of how much it is important to have a sound sleep of a definite time.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this thing with us.

  5. marilyn cada

    hi nate. for me an 8-hour sleep would the best so that my mind is fully recharge. in freelance writing, whenever i do not have sufficient sleep, i cannot write effectively. i will just sleep for a few hours then my mind will become fully recharged

  6. Erika Mohssen-Beyk

    Right Nate ,
    I agree as well
    One of the smartest things you can do is to turn off the television and instead do meditation and go to bed to sleep . Sometimes, one hour extra sleep per night can change your life.
    Thank you 🙂

  7. Kosio Angelov

    Fully agree, Nate, sleep is the cornerstone of productivity and performance. I literally cannot function properly unless a get a good 7-8 hour sleep.

    What I’ve found to really help with the quality of sleep is regular exercise. When I do 30 – 60 mins of physical activity, I tend to sleep much better.

  8. Mary Austin

    I agree, Nate. Sleep is vital, especially what we call “sound sleep.” We spend half of our lives asleep and yet people don’t think about investing in a really good mattress every eight years or so. For marketers, good, sound, sleep is essential to remain alert, creative, and happy.

  9. marielle altenor

    I agree with you on that Nate! I find that I’m more productive after a good night sleep…doesn’t happen a lot though with a 5 years old that likes to sneak in our bed at 3 in the morning…

  10. Esha

    That’s an interesting post. I agree that sleep is important, I sleep like a log for 8 hrs everyday!

  11. frank joseph

    Sleep is important and everyone who deny themselves of this powerful gift is losing out!

    I know of people who tried to cheat nature by not sleeping or sleeping very less- they look skinny and hungry.
    If you don’t sleep well, then your mind will always function in a state of confusion.
    Thank you for this tips.

  12. Suresh Khanal

    Truly important post. We are running so fast ans see the time running more faster, we hardly believe that spending time in sleeping can help us towards our success. You’ve raised very genuine points to convince.

  13. Sam Adeyinka

    Hi Nate, it’s been a while and I’m happy to be back here again.

    Working hard is good as it is the only way to attaining suspicious success. I however believe that working smart also plays a major role and I guess it’s where sleeping springs out from, right?

    Sleeping is a sacred gift and it’s one of the things humans can’t do without. I have never seen a being who doesn’t sleep except if they are aliens, even aliens do sleep. Was superman not an alien? 🙂

    It is highly sine qua non for humans to sleep as it really help in rejuvinating the human minds and body.

    I’ve come to realize through personal study when I decided not to sleep for good two weeks, I thought it would help my productivity but it was the opposite, my productivity dradstically dwindled.

    But when I gave space for sleeping and resting well, I was more than productive, achieved amazingly great results.

    I now get to 4-6 hours of sleep every day and I guess that’s fair.

    Glad you shared this, Nate. I’m sure folks looking for ways to productive would actually resonate with it. 🙂


  14. Arun Kallarackal

    Hi Nate,

    Sleep, as you said, is very important. I agree with you that many people deprive themselves of sound sleep, with the aim of being ‘productive’. But it has been proven scientifically that for being productive, our body requires ‘sound sleep’, not just shallow nap! I get 6-7 hours of good sleep each day.

    I’ve also heard of some ‘power nap’ method. Thought I should share it here too. It is about training your body to take power naps of 1-2 hours and getting back to work, and repeating the process.

    Amazingly, power naps can help us save time and fulfill the quota of ‘sound sleep’ that our mind wants. Just sharing what I read, Nate 🙂

    Good info as usual! Thanks for sharing Nate!


  15. Nwosu Desmond

    A good sleep time keeps the mind and body sound and most especially ensures good health, when the body and mind are deprived of sleep they get weak just like any system and fail. Your productivity is improved by the quality of sleep you get that is why some companies allow their workers to take a little nap during breaks as this is very important for sound mind and healthy body and has a direct correlation with productivity.

  16. Andy Lockhart

    Nate, great article and I see where you are coming from, I live on 5-6 hours of sleep and have done for the last 30 years at least. So for me I survive with less sleep than I should, MY doctors tells me that as well!

  17. Luchie C.

    I definitely agree with you Nate. Sleeping is necessary if you want to maximize your potential – mind and body wise. The question however is just how many hours of sleep are right for you?

  18. sherman smith

    Hey Nate,

    I wholeheartedly agree that you need sleep to function properly. Why deprived your mind and body of the potential you have in order to reach your goals? You need to be rejuvenated in order to use your mind and body to its maximum. You said something to think about about either you want to celebrate with the people you love or the vise versa where you’re health doesn’t able you to do this.

  19. Stefani McCune

    Great blog topic, Nate! This is something that we really don’t think about or talk about. But I think it’s so important. We need the right amount of sleep to function properly (along with diet and exercise). So the better your life is balanced, the better you will function and the more you can succeed.

  20. Monna Ellithorpe

    Hey Nate,

    Great post. I absolutely agree with you that sleep play a major role in our success. I have a friend who works many, many hours and I tell him he is not going to be able to enjoy any success if he’s damaged his health in the process.

    Myself, on the other hand, when I’m tired, I’m done and I go to sleep but I feel guilty for not working more.

    Catch-22 situation for a lot of us, I guess.

    Have a great day. Monna

  21. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Nate,

    Good stuff 😉 Move your feet and rest. Balance rules in the Universe. Work, rest. Play. Relax. I get 8 or more hour’s of sleep each night, at least now I do lol…..but I nap when my sleeping patterns change up for a minute.

    Thanks for sharing!

  22. Victor Paul

    You are absolutely right. Sleep patterns play a very important role in our daily rituals. Getting it right and plenty is truly important.

    informational post. Thanks!

  23. Heather Cameron

    Nate – you are 100% on track. Sleep is so important in allowing our minds and bodies to function at our best. As someone who has a sleep disorder I recognize the nights when I get quality sleep and what a difference it makes to my productivity.

    Quality 8 hours of sleep per night is the best thing we can give ourselves and everyone else around us. It is the secret ingredient in success that our society seems to have forgotten.

    Great post.

  24. Susan Evans

    I’ve been researching the topic of sleep for years because of my husband’s sleeping problems. You are completely right. We need our sleep, and when we don’t get enough, we start to not be able to function.

  25. Joan Harrington

    Fantastic post Nate!!! Thank you for sharing!!! Sleep is defintately needed for success 🙂

  26. Callie Carling

    Nate, I couldn’t agree more with you – sleep is oh! so! important! I realised that as soon as I was diagnosed with sleep apnoea – oh how I love my CPAP machine, that helps me to get a decent nights sleep now … I function better, in every single way. Which, in turn, helps me to give my business more energy, more focus!

  27. Lisa

    Hi Nate, oh yes sleep is a must! I’ve had issues the past few years of not sleeping well and it really can affect my afternoons. I’ve started to get back into getting 7 or so hours of sleep and I feel much better. I’ve learned 6 hours or less is no good for me. I’ve also found when I exercise I get better sleep 🙂

  28. Katrina

    I have to agree that sleep is very important to success. I also think that people need to sleep without the TV on. I think this disrupts the sleep pattern because your mind never shuts off.

    Great article as always Nate! Love your insight.

  29. Traci Baker

    I definitely agree that sleep is important for success. I habitually only get 6 hours of sleep a night, if I’m lucky. Actually, it’s usually less than that including how many times the baby is up. Because I don’t get as much sleep as I should, I am often absentminded, unorganized, unfocused and frequently unmotivated. The few nights a month that I DO get a full 8 hours of sleep, I can immediately notice the effects. I am more clear-headed, less irritable, I accomplish more and basically, I am more successful at getting through my day.

  30. Catherine

    I definitely agree that sleep is important and this is something I am working on for 2014! One thing that helps is I haven’t had any Diet Coke since the New Year (kinda a big deal for me). Thanks for the reminder 🙂