The Many Uses Of Kangen Water (Updated 2024)

Introducing Yourself To Kangen Water

It is recommended that one starts to consume Kangen® water with 8.5 pH water. After drinking the suggested amount of 8.5 pH water for 1-2 weeks without any adverse & uncomfortable symptoms, increase the water pH level up to the 9.0 pH setting.

Continue drinking the suggested amount of water at this setting each day for at least two more weeks. After drinking the suggested amount of 9.0 pH water for 1-2 weeks, increase the water pH level up to the 9.5 pH setting.

Possible Cleansing Symptoms

Occasionally people will experience cleansing symptoms which are typically caused by the body releasing stored toxins and acidic wastes.

If you experience any cleansing types of symptoms including headaches, skin irritations, loose bowels, etc when you start on the 8.5 pH water, it is recommended to increase the amount of water you are drinking to help neutralize and flush the toxins from your system.

If you experience these symptoms after increasing the pH of the water you are consuming, then go back to the previous pH setting that you were able to drink without experiencing adverse symptoms and increase the amount of water that you consume until these symptoms stop.

If you experience severe reactions, lower the pH (down to 9.0 or 8.5) and INCREASE the volume of water ingested at this pH.

Specific conditions

  • Acne:
    • 1. Rinse with pH 11.5 to remove excess oils from the skin.
    • 2. Cleanse with non-soap cleanser and Beauty Water.
    • 3. Dab pH 2.5 on any active blemishes or broken skin.
    • 4. Tone face by spraying the affected area with Beauty Water.
    • 5. Repeat morning & evening.
  • Eczema & Psoriasis:
    • 1. Rinse with pH 11.5 Strong Kangen Water to remove excess oils from the skin.
    • 2. Cleanse with non-soap cleanser & Beauty Water.
    • 3. Dab pH 2.5 Strong Acid Water on any broken skin.
    • 4. Tone face by spraying the affected area with Beauty Water.
    • 5. Repeat morning & evening.
  • Sunburns:
    • 1. Spray sunburn with pH 11.5 Strong Kangen Water or soak a cloth in water & hold on sunburn.
    • 2. Allow to dry and spray pH 2.5 on sunburn and allow to air dry.
  • Sore Throat:
    • 1. Gargle with pH 2.5 strong acidic water 3-4 times per day.
    • 2. Follow gargling with rinsing with pH 7.0 neutral water to ensure your mouth is not left acidic.
  • Body Odor:
    • Sweat is one of your body’s natural methods for ridding itself of toxins, masking this natural function with antiperspirants can create a serious backlash in your lymphatic system. Body odors are simply bacteria thriving in a dark, damp area. Stop the odor by simply misting with pH 2.5 Strong Acid Water. If you tend to sweat a lot keep a small spray bottle with you for occasional touch-ups throughout the day.

2.5 pH / Strong acidic water / highly acidic

  • Sanitizes cutting boards, countertops, knives, dish towels, sponges, bathroom surfaces.
  • Washing hands in pH 2.5 is a powerful disinfectant. Replaces the need for antibacterial hand spray or gel.
  • Disinfects toothbrush & tongue scrapers. Soak your toothbrush/tongue scraper overnight 1x/week to help disinfect.
  • Replaces mouthwash. Gargle with pH 2.5 to kill gingivitis and disinfect mouth & throat from bacteria that cause dental infections, cavities & bad breath. Rinse with pH 7.0 after to ensure no acidic water remains on teeth.
  • Strong anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal for use on skin, countertops, plants, pets, and foods.
  • Soak or wrap nail fungus, athlete’s foot, and similar conditions in pH 2.5 to speed the resolution of external microbial infections.
  • Spray minor cuts and scrapes with strong acidic water to minimize bleeding immediately & disinfect the open wound.
  • Helps eliminate cold sores, canker sores, and eye sties.
  • Helps heal pink eye and other eye infections.
  • Kills mosquitoes, fleas, fruit flies, and ants.
  • Spray pH 2.5 on your pet’s fur to kill off fleas.
  • Use pH 2.5 on meat and produce to kill microbial bacteria.
  • Has been noted to eliminate E. Coli, Salmonella, Tuberculosis, Staph, MRSA, and many other bacteria, fungus and viruses.
  • Soak dish towels & sponges to disinfect.

4.5-6.0 pH / Beauty Water / slightly acidic & astringent

  • Replaces facial toner – helps soften, tighten & moisturize your skin.
  • Has been known to help build stronger hair & skin.
  • Can help reduce redness & facial blemishes.
  • Replace all glass cleaners – clean eyeglasses, mirrors, and other glass objects, streak & residue-free.
  • Groom pets for shiny & soft coats.
  • Can help in the treatment of eczema, psoriasis, acne, athletes foot, nail fungus, insect bites/stings, rashes, relief from chickenpox and the measles, sunburn, cold sores/canker sores, dry skin, diaper rash, burns, minor cuts & scrapes.
  • Spray fruits & veggies before freezing to help retain color.
  • Boil eggs in Beauty Water – they will not leak if they crack and will peel more easily.
  • Use Beauty Water in the batter for frying foods as they will be crispier, remain crispier longer & be less oily.
  • Soak teacups & pots for 24 hours to eliminate tea stains.
  • Use during the rinse cycle to eliminate the use of fabric softener – naturally softens clothes.
  • Clean & polish hardwood and ceramic surfaces.
  • Add to bathwater to reduce rings on the tub.
  • Spray hair after showering in place of conditioner.

7.0 pH / Clean Water / neutral

  • Take pharmaceutical medicines. It is NOT recommended to take any prescription medicines with any pH other than 7.0, as this is not micro-clustered. Any water higher (pH 8.5-9.5) is micro-clustered and will accelerate the rate of release, bringing it rapidly to the cellular level, thus making it hyper-effective.
  • Prepare baby formulas.
  • Drink with meals.

8.5-9.5 pH / Alkaline kangen water / Ideal alkaline drinking water

  • Drinking 15-20 minutes prior to consuming meals helps in the release of hydrochloric acid in your stomach & improves the digestion of foods.
  • Consume 1 liter of 9.5 per alcoholic, soft drink, or a carbonated beverage to neutralize the highly acidic nature of these beverages.
  • Drink 1 Liter first thing in the AM to help flush your body of accumulated toxins from overnight.
  • Cooking in pH 8.5-9.5 water reduces cooking time by 25-30%.
  • Prepare stocks & soups with pH 8.5.-9.5 for enhanced flavor and nutritional density. The micro-clustering property of Kangen® Water pulls out more nutrients from the bones.

11.5 pH / Strong Kangen water / highly alkaline & strongly micro-clustered

  • Soak vegetables & fruit for 5-15 minutes prior to consumption to remove agricultural pesticides, insecticides, and any other oil-based spray.
  • Enhances the flavor of vegetables when used to steam or blanch.
  • Revitalize fruits & veggies by soaking for upwards of 20 minutes prior to consumption or preparation.
  • Cleans cutting boards & dishcloths.
  • Removes grease & oil from vents and general cleaning for kitchen appliances.
  • Removes oil and grease from tools.
  • Removes heavily stained items such as coffee, oil, soy sauce, and/or other tough stains.
  • Helps remove tough toilet stains.
  • Helps reduce the need for detergents while washing dishes and clothing. Add 1-2 Liters to each load of laundry to replace the detergent.
  • Has a strong oxidation/reduction-oxidation potential of -700mv — -850mv. This stops free radicals immediately and reduces inflammation quickly.
  • Wrapping or soaking arthritic joints and/or other areas of inflammation.
  • Add 1 tbsp to salad dressings to keep emulsified.
  • Soak your feet for 20 minutes a day to help your body detoxification process.
  • Soak nuts, seeds, or grains for up to 1 hour to speed up the germination process.
  • Soak dried beans and peas for up to 1 hour to accelerate cooking.
  • Use pH 11.5 for mixing dyes and coloring clothes, eggs, art, or mixing paints – the colors are more vibrant and set better.
  • Mix with essential oils to spray on body, fabrics, or as a room freshener.
  • Spray on eyes to reduce puffiness.

*Please note that I am not a medical practitioner and none of these statements are medical claims.

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