MLM Tips: Do You Really Need To Prospect To Be Successful in Network Marketing?

Do you really need to prospect to be successful?

The answer is YES…you absolutely need to prospect in this business. It isn’t even debatable.

I’ve been involved with network marketing since 2001, while things have changed…things really haven’t changed.  The basic key principles have still remained intact the same way they did 20 years ago, the same way they will today.

What I mean is this. With all the new “stuff” we see (and make use of) in networking marketing today, i.e. websites, lead capture pages, SEO tactics, PPC, Social websites, auto-responders, and so on…we still MUST talk to people.  We still need to develop relationships with people.  After all, this is called, ‘Network Marketing’.

Network Marketing is a people business. People drive it. So…what hasn’t changed is the very FOUNDATION of what the business is about.  The good news for many people (including myself)…is that prospecting is really a learnable skill. 

Here are FIVE KEY Elements that has led me to prospecting mastery:

1. Preparation

The prep phase of the learning process involves getting your mind right, your head screwed on straight. If you’re a doubter and don’t believe that you can do it. You won’t take action.

2. Practice

This is a pro ball here if you expect to generate income. Amateurs work for free. Pros get paid…and what happens? Pros practice. You practice your script, your approach, as well as your presentation. You practice anything associated with increasing your revenue. It’s how you get better with your craft.

3. Game Time.

You don’t just wallow in it. You can’t be on the bench and learn much. You play. Your prospect. You do. You live it. Experiential play may be the quickest way to improve. The more you’re in, the more you’re able to know what it’s really like to be a professional marketer who’s in play, taking the game seriously, and enjoying the “fruits” of those simple labors.

4. Coaching and Mentoring.

Winners have mentors. Winners are humble and realize the significance of utilizing outside expertise to refine them. Coaching and mentoring provides you the opportunity to be a fine-tuned entrepreneur, one whois “dialed in” and in a position to maximize.

5. Self Checks.

Professionals are accountable. This type of business is all about understanding how to become “self” employed. Ask yourself this question: “Would I hire me?” What’s your answer? Constantly looking in the mirror, evaluating and asking yourself if you’re on track is a superb way to remain on the direction to greatness. Being honest with yourself, and honest about the action you take toward propelling your business forward is a great step toward higher productivity. End each day with this question: “What did I produce today?” Journal it.

These are that lead to improving your prospecting. In fact, they are critical elements that lead to peak performance in just about anything. Top athletes, top performers…top people, ALL have these elements in place.

Don’t forget this: prospecting is the most important factor in your MLM Network Marketing business. If you need to make big money in this profession, it might be a smart idea to focus on getting really good at what matters the most to your bottom line.  You can do this. You CAN improve. If you decide to focus and devote time to getting good at this, the rewards will be great for you. Do it!

Now it’s your turn!

How are your prospecting skills?  Are there certain areas you need to work on more than others?  Please leave your feedback in the comments section below and I look forward to reading them!

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