The Difference Between Being An Entrepreneur Vs Being An Employee

It would be impossible for two different methods of creating a real lifestyle to be any more different than the entrepreneur and the employee.  Literally opposite ends of the spectrum, most people drive themselves harder than ever before – literally sacrificing everything they can – to create the real financial freedom of being an entrepreneur and would do almost anything to never have to be an employee effort again.

Very few people are ever lighting up at the prospect of becoming an employee, working for someone else, and allowing them to tap into our leverage to better their lives while we deal with the uncertainty of whether or not we are going to have a job at the end of the week.

Entrepreneurs and employees a look at responsibility completely different

Employees a look at responsibility as to everything that they have been tasked with, keeping to their own small little corner of that business or organization and trying to avoid taking on too terribly much responsibility in case they and up dropping the ball.

Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, embrace all of the aspects of responsibility – and try to take on just as much as they possibly can. Understanding that at their entire business (and their entire lives, really) are a reflection of the level of responsibility that they’ve taken, you’ll find that they actually seek out ways to take responsibility for anything and everything that they can in an effort to control and shape it.

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Entrepreneurs embrace profits, employees embrace wages

Both of these lifestyles have to do with making money and getting paid, but again an air approach is dramatically different.

Employees are almost always trying to calculate how much time they need to spend to make whatever money as they are going to pull home from their paychecks – shooting for higher and higher hourly wages as often as they possibly can. This traps them in the cycle of tying money to time when the reality is that they have absolutely nothing to do with one another whatsoever.

employees vs entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs understand that time and money are two completely separate entities, and time is always – ALWAYS – more valuable than money. They work to create real value that people will pay for time and time again, setting up systems that allow them to make money without having to do any work whatsoever. This lets them create dedicated value systems that produce profits for them even when their sleeping, freeing them to use their time however they want.

Entrepreneurs enjoy complete freedom, employees dream of complete freedom


This is the biggest difference between the two – the level of freedom that someone enjoys.

Employees are saddled with maybe two weeks of vacation time each and every year, and almost always have to fight with their bosses or managers just to get that time off. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, understand that creating systems and value that separates time and money allows them complete and total freedom to do whatever they want whenever they want – letting them live the kind of life that employees will never ever be able to.

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Everything on this blog sounds great.  How do I become an Entrepreneur?

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13 responses to “The Difference Between Being An Entrepreneur Vs Being An Employee”

  1. Hi Nate,

    You nailed it buddy! By thinking like entrepreneurs you can be….well….free 😉

    Embrace the idea that you can call the shots and you will never want to be an employee again.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Employees are told what to do and entrepreneurs figure out what to do and create opportunities where there is a void in the marketplace.

    Great post and so many key points… thanks Nate!


  3. wrcosentino says:

    First time here Nate, great site.  On the topic, it starts in the home and at schools. Unless you come from an environment of entrepreneurs in your family, you’ll most likely be taught to be an employee. Schools also do not teach entrepreneurship either, although colleges are doing a little better at it these days.  
    It’s also a scary thought for alot of people to “own” their business.  That’s why Network Marketing is so cool because it’s not a Million dollar franchise.  So if we can get the message out there, people will be more apt to grab onto the concept of being an entrepreneur and lead more prosperous lives.

  4. Roderico M. Nardo says:

    Hello Mr. Nate Leung, this was a very awesome presentation, I’m from Manila, the culture here is that being a employee is an in thing, and being an entrepreneur particulary someone involved in network marketing immediately the public perceived it something bad, can I please share and sight you’re blog in an article I am writing we can further illuminate more people sir. Have a great day 🙂

    • Nate Leung says:

      Hi Roderico,

      As an entrepreneur it is part of our duty to tell people the differences and enlighten them during the process. By default, people are negative towards the profession but once you learn how to explain and help them understand the model, the process gets easier. It’s always nice to see a new visitor and feel free to stop by anytime. 🙂

  5. Dandell Lane says:

    Hey what’s up Nate! Im Dan. This blog just blew my mind because i can really relate to it! I would love to communicate more with you on this topic! I am currently working on my goals now and that’s selling shoes. If i could grab some of yor time and discuss it with you then that would be great!

  6. Crystal says:

    Hello can I share your photo employee vs entrepreneur on my instagram page?

  7. Chandan Sanwal says:

    AWESOME tips.. One can only be a successful entrepreneur if he/she has a passion towards the journey. Just for the sake of tag and title many people left their jobs. Entrepreneurship is not glamorous.
    You can’t take a day off, you have to available 24×7 for your business.

  8. Rama says:

    Actually I think there is another type of employee that you have disregarded. The one who loves doing a specific task but doesn’t want to do all the other things if building a system and would rather work for an employer who takes care of those things and allows him to just do his task. For example the person who loves creating software but doesn’t like the marketing, promoting, and administrative aspects of running a software company. He may be better off being hired by a company that will let him focus solely on the creation aspect instead of trying to start his own company. This type of person is excited about work like you have listed on the entrepreneur side and isn’t looking to only put in serious effort for a short amount of time because he loves the task. I don’t think it’s a clear neat line between employee and entrepreneur.

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