The 4 Step Process To Generating Leads And Traffic On Facebook

Even if you’ve never tried Facebook ads before, this video will help you get up to speed fast.

In this video, I’m going to spend some time sharing with you a proven Facebook formula that has helped my business in the past few years.


I’ll be sharing FOUR CRITICAL components:

1. Sales Flow – based on the evergreen 3-step strategy.

2. Follow up – 7-email autoresponder series

3. Ad Targeting & Structure – creating customer avatars

4. High Responsive Landing pages – capturing lead information

Watch the video as I will be explaining how it all works together.

Please enjoy this video and be sure to leave me a comment, share and leave me a comment if you found value!

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2 responses to “The 4 Step Process To Generating Leads And Traffic On Facebook”

  1. Drikus Botha says:

    Hey Nate. Thank you for the great advice on using Facebook. Sometimes a social strategy can get a bit blurred but your 4 step flow makes sense 🙂

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