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Are You Talking Too Much About Your MLM Network Marketing Company?

While the entire business model of MLM companies and network marketing companies is to recruit, share your products and services and teach your reps to do the same, it can be easy to overstate facts about the company, or exaggerate about the amount of money that can be made.  Saying too much about your MLM company can get you in trouble on two fronts – it can alienate potential prospects when they find out the truth about the company or earnings, and it can anger the people above you in the company for spreading false information or lies.  Follow the tips below to find out if you’re saying too much about your MLM company and how you can correct it.


Are You Talking Too Much About Your MLM Network Marketing CompanyExaggerating about Earnings With People About your MLM Company


One of the most common ways reps find themselves saying too much about their MLM Networking marketing company is by overstating or exaggerating the amount of earnings that can be made to their potential prospects.  While you should tell a prospect what they want to hear in order to convert them into the program, you should take care not to overstate the amount of money that can be made.  If the average amount of money being made by members of your program is $500 per week, you could say something along the lines of “So far, our members are making on average $500 per week, although this can be improved greatly with additional work and effort.”


As you can see you are still stating the facts when it comes to the amount of money that can be earned, and you aren’t lying when you say more money can be earned through additional work and effort.  Now if you blatantly lie and say “Our members are earning over $20,000 monthly on average”, this would immediately make many prospects skeptical and would cause many of them to turn away from the program.


Are You Talking Too Much About Your MLM Network Marketing CompanyDivulging too much Information about your MLM Company


Another thing that can get you in hot water with the upper levels of the company is divulging too much information to prospects about the company’s history, how the company operates, and how the compensation plan works.  While it’s perfectly acceptable to tell your prospects any information that is already public knowledge, such as a brief company history, or a brief explanation as to how the compensation plan works, divulging more secretive information such as where the company gets the products from, how the products are made, going in-depth about the compensation plan, and ESPECIALLY divulging information about what the top earners make can get you into trouble.


A good idea is to stick with basic information when hosting events and generating prospects.  Before hosting an event it would be a good idea to contact somebody in your upline and ask them exactly what information can be shared without getting into trouble.  Doing this will give you peace of mind and will allow you know exactly what can and cannot be said to a crowd of prospects – this will keep you out of trouble and in good standings with management.



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Nate Leung

Nate Leung

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8 Responses to “Are You Talking Too Much About Your MLM Network Marketing Company?”

  1. Tari Edwards

    Yes, it’s so important to be very transparent, which is why we have an interactive average earnings that’s updated every 24 hours. I love that we’ve gone over and beyond and even provide the numbers for both active AND inactive reps. #Transparency is the Key!

  2. Jay N Udeh

    Nate great fuel you are providing for your subscribers my brother!!! The key is not to over sell. Say very very little. One of the tips I pick up from Mike Dillard’s Black Belt Recruiting :-). You say “Hey are you open to new opportunities”. Then “I will give you access to some information I will contact you after you watch it”.

  3. Ryan Biddulph

    LOL Nate, a tough lesson for us to learn….at least most of us….because we are so darn excited to prosper that we naturally do silly stuff, like lying about our results etc.

    Realize that keeping your word is critical to be honest, transparent and to attract leaders to you. Thanks for sharing!