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Should You Pitch Your MLM Opportunity?

Probably the biggest reason that people don’t pitch their MLM marketing opportunity on a regular basis is because they don’t understand what they’re doing, are not 100% comfortable with the pitch process, or just don’t have the confidence in their MLM marketing opportunity.


And while each and every one of these hurdles are essential to get over as often and as early as you possibly can, the truth of the matter is that there are three simple questions you can ask yourself each and every time you start to feel doubt creep in as to whether or not you should spend time pitching your MLM opportunity. These are the same three questions that the MLM Network Marketing gurus have been using for years and years to generate ridiculous it comes at a tremendous amount of profit, and ones that you can put into play right now.


Should You Pitch Your MLM OpportunityAm I pitching to the right market?


Unless you are absolutely 100% confident in the fact that your MLM pitch is going to be received positively (or at least spark a considerable amount of interest in the people that you are going to be pitching it to), there is a very little real reason to move forward.


You have to know – stone cold know – that the information and excitement (not to mention the energy) that you are pushing out into this group of people is going to be well received, giving you a high chance to convert some of them from interested parties into active MLM members.


Is this the right place?


Of course, if you find that you’re in front of a tremendous amount of business executives, and entrepreneurs, or people who are hungry for the right work at home opportunity – but are at a funeral – you probably won’t want to move forward with your pitch. While this seems like a little bit of an absurd example, you would be absolutely shocked (and probably appalled as well) about the kinds of MLM pitches I that have gone on in the past. Understand that the market is amazingly important – but there is a time and place for everything.


Should You Pitch Your MLM OpportunityIs your MLM opportunity the right offer?


Probably the most valuable question of the entire bunch, whether or not you have the right offer is going to play a major part in whether or not your MLM opportunity pitch is going to be effective. You need to really try and craft the most you resistible, exciting, and interesting offer that you can – and open your pitch with it. You want people literally sitting on the edge of their seat wondering what you’re going to say next, finding themselves almost compelled to listen to each and every word that you say and getting more and more excited at the prospect of working with you at every opportunity.


Without the right offer, you’re going to find that even the most powerful and persuasive influential abilities are going to fall flat on deaf ears – very little can be done with a dud offer.


To your Success,

Nate Leung

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Nate Leung

Nate Leung

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Nate Leung
Nate Leung

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8 Responses to “Should You Pitch Your MLM Opportunity?”

  1. EricMcLaughlin

    you have to target your market…. so many people don’t understand this… thanks for your insight!

  2. SigridMcNab

    Build curiosity and have people literally sitting on the edge of their seat wondering what you are going to say next, instead of puking all over them, or pitching at the wrong time and place. Great advice Nate

  3. RyanKBiddulph

    Pitching to the right group is critical Nate.
    If you can feel a good vibe emanating from the individual and they seem like a leader, move forward.
    If not it is better to release the opportunity so that you can connect with someone who might be a better match.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • nateleung

      RyanKBiddulph Your message has to be to the right group.  You can’t sell meat to Vegetarians.  It’s important to know who your audience is.  Thanks Ryan!

  4. wrcosentino

    Piquing interest is one of the most important skills in Network Marketing. When done correctly, it doesn’t come off as a pitch or sale at all; the thing is to let it come naturally.  This is something that new people on your team need to be taught ASAP before they run out and tell friends and family and puke all over them.  Crucial. 
    Thanks for this Nate!

    • nateleung

      wrcosentino Exactly.  Important words to live by and you said exactly that.  Thanks William!