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Should You Lead with your MLM Opportunity or MLM Product?

Business is an art. And there’s no arguing it: This is the stance taken by all of today’s business moguls, from Warren Buffet to Bill Gates. There are obviously some things you’ll want to do and some things you won’t, no matter what. These things are rules, and they exist even in art. But, there are often subtler decisions to make than logic can dictate answers to. In the world of MLM, the choice between leading with your MLM opportunity or product is one such difficult decision.


Should You Lead with your MLM Opportunity or MLM ProductThe Dilemma


At first, this doesn’t sound like such a problem. I mean, leading with either should work, right?


Well, yes and no. The opportunity is attractive to some people, just as the product is attractive to others. Of course, it’s not clear who will prefer what, but the problem is that some will prefer one, and some, the other. If you try to lead with the opportunity when the person you’re talking to really would prefer the product or vice versa, you’ve lost the sale already. So what gives? How do you circumvent this problem?


A Pinch of Logic and a Little Common Sense


. . . Go a long way. The answer to the problem, in one word, is: Targeting. What that means, is that you need to target your leads. Don’t just use the opportunity, and don’t just use the product. Use both. And use each well. How do you do that?


Just think for a moment. If you could identify who is most likely to buy the product and who’s most likely to be interested in the opportunity, you’d know right off the bat which to use with which people. So, how can we generate that knowledge?


Unfortunately, there’s no 100% method for determining which a potential buyer or partner would prefer. But, it’s entirely possible to guess correctly with high frequency. This requires a little bit of demographic knowledge. Look at statistics for how frequently people purchase the product you’re selling, and pay attention to all the demographic information you can get: Socioeconomic status, geographic location, the whole shebang. This way, you can target your demographic with high precision, offering the product to those who are most statistically likely to be preferentially interested in it over the opportunity, and vice versa. This will get you more distributors, which makes for more income; and it will get you more sales, which will lead to the same.


MLM 6 Figure Formula - Network Marketing Get Leads


In the end, the choice of leading with opportunity or product is one that can be hit or miss. In order to hit more frequently, however, it’s important that you sit and think about who you’re dealing with, who you’re selling to, and what they want. And we mean what they really want – not what they’d say they want on a survey or Internet poll. As a marketer, you need to be able to effectively communicate with your prospect.  Get to know them better, and understand their desires.


Now it's your turn!


Which do you prefer? The product or the opportunity?  Do you focus on one more than the other?  This is a concept that confuses many distributors in terms of which one to lead with.  Please share your feedback in the comments section, and I look forward to reading them!


To your Success,

Nate Leung

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Nate Leung

Nate Leung

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Nate Leung
Nate Leung

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12 Responses to “Should You Lead with your MLM Opportunity or MLM Product?”

  1. pam schmidt

    I’m an opportunity person, But then again, I love a great product. so…… I see what you mean. Your post makes me think about the fine balance a marketer faces.

    • Nate Leung

      Hi Pam,

      Exactly, you just have to figure out which one is more appropriate. Appreciate the comments!

  2. Andrea

    You always have such great information. I usually incorporate the 2 to increase the overall appeal.

  3. Joan Harrington

    Great post, Nate!!!! It really doesn’t matter which one you lead with as long as you are passionate about either one…..you need to believe that what you have, will help others in the long run…People are looking for solutions to their problems…As network marketers, we need to be the ones to bring them that solution…with integrity, and honesty…..and stand out from the crowd and the noise.

  4. Glenn Watson

    HI Nate. Your post hit it right on the nail.

    People forget that it is called Network ‘Marketing’ because you have to learn how to ‘market’ either your business or product. And it won’t matter which one you lead with if you do not target your market. It always comes down to numbers but if you start with people who are looking for a biz opp or a product and you can offer them a solution to their needs, the odds get much better.

    For most people it would also depend on how comfortable they are with talking about the product or the business. Most companies want their new distributors to talk about the product because they can share their story with people they know, so it is much easier for newbies.

    The chances of building your business and making any real money by sharing it with a couple of people is so remote though that people should learn how to share the business as fast as they can. That way they can connect and help people who want to start a business. This is the best way to build a team and make money. The reason we are all in this business!

    I happen to lead both ways depending on what business I am promoting, but I tend to focus on the business side because that is were I can really help people make the most money!

    • Nate Leung

      Hi Glenn,

      Yes, both are points are valid. It really does depends on the situation.

      On one end, you lead with the products, your customers will try it out. They will get some results and if they see an opportunity for themselves, they will naturally want to join without you having to show them the opportunity. They have seen first hand that the products work. This is great for long-term growth but it’s not as fast as recruiting and leading with the opportunity.

      Most lead with the opportunity because it leads with momentum and you can grow your organization faster. Both ways definitely do have their pros and cons. You just have to decide which you feel comfortable leading with.

      I appreciate your feedback, Glenn!

  5. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Nate,

    I agree with your advice. The consumer holds the key to whether or not you should lead with an MLM product or opportunity. The key? Research. Dig deep to find why people are buying and of course, what they are really buying in to.

    Doing this provides clues into if people are buying into an opportunity, or concept, or whether they are purchasing a product they vibe with.

    Thanks for sharing Nate!


    • Nate Leung

      You’re exactly right. It’s the consumer that ultimately decides. Marketing is all about providing solutions and we as networkers we facilitate the solution. Once we figure out what their wants, needs and desires, then we can then lead with one or the other. Thanks for the feedback Ryan!