Should You Avoid Talking To Your Warm Market?

Most MLM online support team members will tell you that if you’re going to have any success whatsoever you need to create contacts with everyone and anyone that you can to build your downline as quickly as humanly possible. This almost always results in folks going to their friends, family members, coworkers, and other people close to them in an effort to pitch, pitch, pitch – only to find that this drive backfires in their face on a regular basis.

Should You Avoid Talking To Your Warm Market

Called the “warm market”, the people that are in your immediate social circle seem to be the very best prospects that you can work with, but unless you know exactly what you’re doing – and do not expect a tremendous wave of support or results – you’re going to find that nothing could be further from the truth.

Your warm market already has an ingrained relationship in view of you, and becoming an MLM marketer may not fit of the box that they’ve placed you in

This is absolutely essential to understand if you’re going to have any success whatsoever in the MLM world. The people that you meet – even the ones that you’ve only met for the briefest moment of time – are going to have a very specific view about you, and unless you are 100% congruent in that view they are going to find that you struggle significantly to try and influence them in any way whatsoever.

Your friends and family already have years and years of experience with you, and like it or not (fair or not) have already created a very specific set of “rules” that you have to fit for them to feel 100% comfortable. Becoming an MLM marketer – or pitching them on MLM marketing – almost always forces them outside of their comfort zone, which can have disastrous results.

You may feel a sense of real security pitching to your warm market, but that might be a one-way street

The cold hard truth of the matter is that while you might feel like your warm market is the perfect place to pitch for the first few times – giving you the kind of essential experience that you need to move forward into colder markets – you might be deceiving yourself and not getting the kind of feedback that will be absolutely essential.

The people that you are pitching in your warm market a very likely have a tremendously high opinion of you and will do almost anything to avoid hurting your feelings or letting you down in any way. These are not the kinds of people that you can practice and effective MLM marketing pitch with, simply because you can’t trust the critique or feedback that they’re willing to give.

Again, remember that you are fitting into that box of theirs on a round-the-clock basis. Everything that you do, everything that you say, and everything that you try to influence them to do that is outside of this perception or comfort zone can have a negative and rebound effect that you simply are not anticipating. Be very careful with your warm market.

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