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It wasn’t so long ago that the American Dream meant a very specific, very attractive idea. More or less, it meant working eight hours, five days a week at a job where you were guaranteed career for life and even ample room to grow. You’d have an adequate house in a safe neighborhood, two cars and, on average, as many kids. Unfortunately, we all know those days are long behind us. The American Dream had long been fading and what was left of it was set aflame by the recent recession.

The New World

Many people have become frustrated with their tattered “American Dream” and antiquated ideas leftover from the Industrial Age. However, they seem to make the mistake of thinking that their “salvation” will come from somewhere outside themselves. They blame their boss, their company, the government, the market, Wall Street, etc. without ever realizing that if the system is broken, it’s their responsibility to get out of it.

Executive Producer Eric Worre is ready to address this notion head-on in his new documentary, Rise of the Entrepreneur. The movie, which debuted November 20th will feature a long list of experts (including Rich Dad, Poor Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki).


Eric Worre and Network Marketing

Of course, Eric Worre is no slouch either. The Minnesota native has become synonymous with the network marketing profession. This business has become extremely attractive to entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to pull in money on the side, often while they hold down a full-time job or look for such a position. Others engage in their network marketing profession full-time, which provides an ample paycheck and a flexible schedule that allows them to work when they like, leaving more time for living life on their terms.

Why the Old Way Doesn’t Work

While the documentary will hit on many points, a lot of them will revolve around while the Industrial Age doesn’t “guarantee” happiness like it once did. A lot of it has to do with the effects of globalization. You’re not longer the best man or woman for the job if someone on the other side of the world can also become an expert in the field and fill your position while demanding less money. This is one of the major reasons people find themselves getting laid off.

The other factor is simply technology. Many people are learning that what they used to be valued for is now something that can be automated, meaning a computer essentially handles it. Computers don’t need paychecks or insurance, so people get let go.

On top of all this, though, we’re no longer living in a day and age where people feel satisfied that “work is its own reward.” People aren’t proud to simply have a job or even to do it well. Instead, they want to do something they love, something they can feel proud of and something that will actually contribute to society.

The Answer Is Entrepreneurship

By becoming an entrepreneur, today’s workers can experience a wide array of benefits otherwise not available to them. For one, they get to do work we just described—work that will fulfill them.

Oddly enough, this can actually mean pulling in a greater paycheck. For those who participate in network marketing on the side, this money can be on top of the income they make working their normal 9 to 5 job.

More importantly, though, it means less stress and anxiety for those who actually make it into their full-time position. Did you know that come Monday, you are 35% more likely to suffer from a heart attack? That’s a very real indication that most people hate what they do to the point that it is costing them their health.

Along the same lines, entrepreneurship demands personal growth. In your current position, that probably isn’t the case. You’re taught to do a certain job. You’re compartmentalized and you’ll stay that way for years until your employer needs you to be something else.

Entrepreneurs constantly need to evolve and learn to wear more and more hats. Can it be stressful at times? Absolutely! This is especially true when you’re first starting out. However, this is often a good kind of stress (what endocrinologist Hans Selye coined “eustress”) that pushes you to become better.

Rise of the Entrepreneur

With his new documentary, Eric Worre is hoping to help people understand why becoming an entrepreneur isn’t just an option—it’s the only option. Too many workers show up to jobs they hate, five days a week because they feel a false sense of security. Then, one day, that job disappears and they quickly have to swim or sink.

Watch the documentary for yourself and protect yourself from such a dire consequence. Learn to design a life you love, spent doing what makes you happy and getting paid what you deserve.

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  1. Bill Garner says:

    This documentary is a game changer. This tool should help educate those who still have a misperception of network marketing. Honestly, if a person watches this DVD and still doesn’t get it, this is an individual that is not recruitable. Next……

  2. sonko hassan says:

    Thanks for the great idea!

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