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MLM Blog: Remembering Where You Came From Once You’ve Hit the Top

It’s funny how success can change someone.


And while most of us are in the camp that we would never change who the core of our personality is simply because we finally hit the big-time – either through MLM marketing or any other business venture – the fact of the matter is that finally breaking through that barrier and accomplishing what so many others cannot turns you into an entirely new person. He’ll be overflowing with confidence, ready to take on bigger and bigger challenges, and just generally pushing forward with a new life while those who didn't have the willpower, drive, or finishing ability will be left behind.


But you cannot forget them.


Remember Where You Came From Once You've Hit the TopRemember that success doesn't happen on an island


It is almost impossible to enjoy any success in our modern world whatsoever without the help and assistance of other people. The fact is that while you might believe you are solely responsible for all of your achievements (and truthfully, you certainly are) the odds are fantastic that you had someone give you a boost and a hand up along the way. The last thing you’re going to want to do it step on top of those hands or fingers while you climb the ladder of success, keeping them down while you go on to bigger and better things.


Always remember the way that the struggle feels


We’ve seen it a million times. Whether it’s in Hollywood movies, the celebrity rag mags, or other areas of our life we have all been in contact with someone who was right next to us in the fight to become great, finally found themselves catapulted to real success, and then set back on their rear end while everyone else seemed to pass them by.


Trying to keep the burning motivation up just as hot as humanly possible can be an amazing struggle, but you have to embrace everything that you did to get to where you are right now or you’re going to find that all of your results don’t mean anything in the long run. Always continue to push, struggle, and drive forward – never forgetting of the help and assistance that you’ve gotten to be where you are today.


Remember Where You Came From Once You've Hit the TopThere is one warning however – don’t let the people below you pull you back down into the mud


Success can sometimes be a lonely thing.


The truth of the matter is that not everyone is cut out to be the very best of the best – in fact, if there weren’t average people in the world there would be no need for a term like average. This is not a bad (or good thing), but rather a neutral thing that you’ll have to fully embrace as you respect the drive, anxiety, frustrations, and obstacles you had to explode through to get to where you are – and you cannot let anyone else pull you back down. And this is the one of the biggest dangers of hanging out with those that you have surpassed, as they will almost always be envious of your success (ignoring how hard you worked to get where you are) and attempt to break you down. Fight it with all you’ve got.



To your Success,

Nate Leung

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Nate Leung

Nate Leung

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Nate Leung
Nate Leung

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12 Responses to “MLM Blog: Remembering Where You Came From Once You’ve Hit the Top”

  1. workfmhomeDiva

    Love the way you write, open honest and to the point.  Some people do change for the better, some have over inflated ego’s but remembering as you said where you came from and your failures is key to keeping yourself centred.

  2. donnylem

    You’re right, Nate. Success can change people sometimes. I’ve found out that whatever you are right now, success will make you more of that. The key is to realize that we’re not trees and can change for the better or for the worse. To be successful in the long-run, we must strive to change for the better. As that happens, we’re able to draw fans into our lives and inspire them to know that if you can do, they can too.
    Thanks for sharing buddy!

    • nateleung

      donnylem Thank you so much and thank you for stopping by!

  3. sks_success75

    Keep yourself centered is the key.. Keep that motivation to move forward and stay humble while you do it. Sometimes you have to work hard in secret so that those you pass won’t try to bring you back down. Great post Bruh!

    • nateleung

      sks_success75 Thanks brother.  Everything you said is right on point!

  4. EricMcLaughlin

    You’re right when you said don’t let people below you drag you down.  People are jealous of success and will do what they can to bring you down to their level.  Great post!

  5. RyanKBiddulph

    Hi Nate,
    I followed the high school and college career of NBA star Kyrie Irving. When he was 16 he always talked about being humble and hungry….now, at ONLY 21 years of age he is one of the best basketball players on earth, already! Why? Humble, and hungry. He works harder and never lets his meteoric success get to his head.
    Love the message here buddy, thanks!

    • nateleung

      RyanKBiddulph I totally agree.  He set expectations for himself early in life before the success happened.  Kyrie set a good example of how to achieve success and stay humble at the same time.