Releasing the Fear That Keeps Us from Reaching Our Potential

One of the major reasons why people are not able to achieve your potential is the fact that they never get to realize what their potential is, and the lucky ones who do get to realize their potential are never able to achieve it because they have all sorts of fear surrounding them, which prevents them from being what they are supposed to be in life.

Fear is the greatest factor that serves as a hindrance in achieving our potential. Although primarily the fear is seen and viewed from the perspective of failure, however, there are other types of fear as well, the realization of which is utmost necessary if you wish to reach your potential. Let me share with you the three different aspects of fear which you need to release in order to counter them and reach your true potential.

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The Fear of Not Being Perfect:

One of the major fears that hinder greatly in reaching our potential is the fact that all the lives we try to be perfect in whatever we want to do, thus, we only do things or only go for things that we can do perfectly. We never opt for doing things in which we have the doubt of being less than perfect. Thus, when you are not committed to going out of your comfort zone, you never know what you are capable of doing. Therefore, I recommend all to just try going out of the comfort zone once in a while, if anything, it will tell you the things you can’t do, in addition to exposing your true potential to you and helping you become what you are destined to become. So, don’t try to be perfect, just do what you want to do.

Fear of Not Having the Appearance:

Another fear that prevents us from going out and reaching our true potential is the fear of not meeting the appearances. With all the social and cultural pressures, we refrain from doing things that don’t meet the expectations set by society either by our family or friends. Thus, the fear of breaking the acceptable appearance by doing what you want to do is the major hurdle in you realizing your potential. In this regard, I recommend you to not fall prey to the matter of appearances, rather you need not be fooled by appearances and think above and beyond them. When you reach your true potential, then your appearance will be the accepted one, therefore, instead of falling for the respected appearances, break through them and make your own one.

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The Fear of Uncertainty:

Above all, the biggest fear that most of us face pertaining to reaching our true potential is the fact that we don’t to approach things or activities that themselves or the outcome of which seems uncertain to us. We always go for things that are certain and the ones that are uncertain make us fear and we avoid them. However, in order to realize your potential sometimes, you have to go for things that seem uncertain under normal circumstances. When you attempt the uncertain and achieve success in it, you will realize that it was possible and the next time you can attempt it with certainty. Thus, you need to come out of this fear of uncertainty and try approaching and attempting the uncertain which definitely will unlock your true and hidden potential.

Now it’s Your Turn!

How did you come to realize your potential? What kind of major fears hindered in your way? How did you overcome those fears? Please share your rich experiences with us in the comments section below!

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25 responses to “Releasing the Fear That Keeps Us from Reaching Our Potential”

  1. Hi Nate,

    So far I’ve come to realize my potential by doing things over and over if it’s something that I’m fearful of. I’m not 100% fearless but actively work at not allowing fear to stop me from doing what I need to do. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nicole says:

    Great post! Definitely the fear of not being perfect is one of the one’s I struggle with. I think having a blog is a great way to overcome this fear. If you want to post consistently, you simply don’t have time to worry that every post is perfect. The great thing is that the more you post, the better you become as a writer.

  3. “Fooled by Appearances” is a great phrase and is so true! My friend told me a story last week where she had a stain on her shirt so she wore a scarf to cover it. Then, she encountered a lady that complimented her on her fashion sense. She was genuine enough to admit the cause for her appearance. =)

    I like your style of quality over quantity. Did you grow up in the USA? I was born outside of the states, so my written language is lagging behind my verbal which passes the “born in America” test. LOL

  4. Samir says:

    Well fear is something which shall make us loose confidence and in the same time it will make us consistent and work hard on a specific task.


    • This is a great motivational post and something that would have been great for me to read a long time ago when I first became a manager. I wasn’t to sure that I would do a good job or even know what I was doing. I got over that fear by just jumping into it and doing what I could to the best of my ability. Now I have been with the company going on 12 years, managing for 10 of those years and even dabbled in being a District Manager, sat with the big wigs of the company and I know that because of the knowledge I have in my company I am one of the best employees that they have.

  5. Emily says:

    I think my fears holding me back have to do with my shyness!

  6. Robert says:

    I know along the way i will fail, but that will not stop me from doing what i set out to do.. Look the fear in the eye and tell it to move over!

  7. My biggest fear with coaching was that I wouldn’t be a good listener–and I wasn’t at first. I would want to give them so many tips and information but I had to step back and learn how to be a good listener and then follow up with the information.

  8. Diane Bester says:

    I learned to overcome uncertainty by just doing, making myself that that leap, and to still pat myself on the back if it didn’t go well. Sooner or later I got the hang of it. Great article with good tips!

  9. Robert says:

    Fear is not something that should stand in your way, instead it should be pushed out of your way. There is no better accomplishment than overcoming your fears.

  10. Roslyn says:

    Another type of fear similar to uncertainty is not knowing. We may want to take on an action but knowing we don’t have the know how brings on anxiety or procrastination. I’ve learned to take any fear along with me and not to let it stop me.

  11. Pat Moon says:

    My secret has been to ‘just do it’ although I can very definitely relate to all the fears you mentioned in this article. In looking back over my 70 years of life, I have allowed fear to overcome me at times to the point of keeping me from doing things I would really have loved to do. As I matured I gradually learned to overcome my childhood fears to a degree but yet ever so often they will crop up again. Just do it! My solution now.

  12. Yvonne Brown says:

    Entering the unknown can be nerve wrecking or exciting if we allow it.

  13. Pamela says:

    FEAR is the enemy of SUCCESS! I agree and thank you for the inspiration. Understanding and overcoming fear can bring us to places. Let’s start winning over it.

  14. Shruti J says:

    Thanks a ton for inspiring me!!! I was afraid of the results and wasn’t trying out a task only… 🙁 This helps me coming out of my fear…

  15. I’ve head fears and doubts throughout my life. Somehow and somewhere I got the strength to conquer it and move ahead…always with a goal in mind. It is what still works for me.

  16. Jeanne Melanson says:

    You are right on target, Nate. We have so many fears! Stepping out of the box into the unknown can be terrifying and keep people from even trying to succeed. They fail before they even start. This can be in personal, everyday life as well as in business. You have to decide, you have to really want it … whatever it is. Then have belief in yourself and give it everything you’ve got. Thanks, Nate. Nice post.

  17. Kelli says:

    Hi Nate
    Great post. So many issues we face share that same root of ‘fear.’ I have gotten better at accepting it is there, and not expecting it to go completely away. I have gotten more comfortable with being uncomfortable, which allows me to proceed despite not feeling great.

  18. Esha says:

    It is truly said that fear of failure is failure itself. Thanks for such an inspiring read. 🙂

  19. Ashley says:

    Great post! It’s important that we understand the fears that we have in our lives in order to try to deal with them and suppress them.

  20. I didn’t have to comment… but I couldn’t resist. What a great graphic you shared with us on this post. Well said. I think more people should incorporate this into their mental scripts. Some people are silently very negative.

  21. Awesome post Nate! Fear is so powerful. I know I just had to take the first step despite the fear. Just begin to do what I want to do even though I may not know every step. Just start something new even though I am not as proficient as others. Facing fear has made me really appreciate baby steps. Through baby steps I get closer to my goals and although fear may still linger I can handle it and still move ahead.

  22. Katrina says:

    Free of success held me back for a long time. I was afraid that people would no longer like me if and when I became rich. My surroundings at that time were not a positive environment.

    Be told you are just a pawn in a game I control… well, that started me on the path of how do I break out of this work environment.

    The journey of an entrepreneur is hard. I have faced many challenges but what kept me going was that every time I stepped out of my comfort zone some thing amazing always happened.

    And that something amazing is about to happen again on Tuesday with a special announcement to all member of Elite Marketing Pro. You never know until you ask… or the answer is always no.

    Fantastic post and thank you for sharing.

  23. Hey Nate, great post! I’m always afraid to get out of my comfort zone. This is something I’m working on getting rid of because if I want to accomplish my goals, I can’t keep limiting my potential for fear of not succeeding.

  24. Sharon O'Day says:

    At some point in time we realize we really have lots of discretion in how we respond to things. And the word “fear” does not necessarily have a place at that table … 😉

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