Pruvit MLM Review – Another Keto Diet Scam?

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One of the common questions I get asked often is if Pruvit a scam or not.

We’re going to take the next few minutes to take a look and get some answers.

The main concern I have for people who are researching this opportunity is that I don’t want them to get burned. In the profession of network marketing, anything could happen.

A company ends up shutting down in a few months due to bad business decisions for being non-compliant, compensation plan change, or the company not paying it’s distributors.

Even worst, your direct sponsor or upline leaves the company. Leaving you hanging to dry.

I understand that many of you are new. Sometimes we are not in a position to make a solid business assessment due to inexperience.

Additionally, I am going to offer you a way for you to escape the ‘9 to 5’ if you decide that this company is not for you.

More information about this program will be at the end of this post.

You landed on this blog because you are thinking about joining Pruvit because someone approached you about it or you just want to try out their products.

Unlike all the other Pruvit reviews on the internet, this is completely third party unbiased.  I have no relationship with this company what so ever so when you read this blog post all the way through and pay attention, I can assure you that I am not going to ask you to join or buy.

By the time you have read this unbiased review, you will be able to decide if Pruvit is a fit or not. I do not promote, nor I am affiliated with Pruvit.

With that said, let’s dive in!

What is Pruvit?

Pruvit is an MLM business opportunity that is in the weight loss niche and offers the ability to make money from home by selling the products and opportunities that the company offers.

The Owner of the Pruvit company is CEO Brian Underwood.

The company is similar to My Daily Choice, Purium, and Melaleuca.

The company is based out of Underwood, Texas in the United States.

Some of the experience Brian has had was being a founder of the company bHIP Global and another one called Rippln.

Brian was also the CEO of Rippln and another name that popped up in the Rippln team was Michael Rutherford where he was actually the master distributor for the Rippln company.

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What are Pruvit’s products?

When Pruvit first launched they lead with their Keto-OS as the flagship product for their company.

Ketones are an organic compound produced in the liver. Ketones actually help the body use fats as a source of energy, thus becoming a fat metabolizer. The use of Ketones in Pruvit products is designed to help people strip away excess body fat, as well as keep that fat from returning in those unwanted zones.

Let’s quickly take a look at the Pruvit products that contain Ketone.

  • Keto Kreme
  • Keto Max Raspberry Lemonade
  • Keto Max Swiss Cacao
  • Keto Max Maui Punch
  • Keto OS Chocolate Swirl
  • Keto OS Orange Dream
  • Family Pack

These are all Ketone-based energy drinks and diet supplements that come in a variety of flavors. Each and every one is designed to help you efficiently burn fat and enjoy an overall sense of wellbeing and improved health.


Keto-OS is in powdered form that is sold in tubs and packets.

The product can be mixed with water or beverage that is used in combination with a ketogenic diet.

It’s basically a meal supplement that fits in with people that are on the ketogenic diet.

The flavors that you can get it in are Orange dream flavors and Chocolate flavor.

Here is a breakdown of the Pruvit Keto-OS prices:

  • $149 for a tub of powdered premix worth 30 servings.
  • $169 for 30 packets of pre-measured packets.
  • $89 for 15 packets of pre-measured packets.

Keto-OS Max

Another product that Pruvit offers is called Keto-OS Max.

This is another Ketogenic supplement that comes in powdered form and comes with the option to have caffeine or not to have it.

The flavor that is offered for the Keto-OS Max is in Maui Punch and Swiss Cacao.

This product is offered in a 30 serving tub that contains the powdered premix of 30 servings for $135.

Keto Kreme

The Keto Kreme is a flavored creamer that goes hand in hand with coffee.

This comes in powdered form and is sold for $79.

The Keto diet is a fairly new diet that has hit the mainstream market with a lot of steam.

Pruvit Ingredients

Here is a breakdown of the main ingredients that the Pruvit products include:

  • Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (Patent Pending)
  • L-Taurine
  • Fermented L-Leucine
  • Stevia
  • Erythritol

What is a Keto Diet?

As you can tell, the entire line of products revolves around the Ketogenic diet which is a method used to have overall weight loss.

If you are not familiar with the Keto diet, there’s a ton of information on the internet that covers in detail what the keto diet is, various food preps available, and the theory behind it all.

It is a very popular diet that is taking place right now in the world of weight-loss diets.

One of the things that Pruvit has done that were a very smart move when looking back, was actually managing to position themselves right before the keto diet was starting to get majorly popular.

Interestingly enough, originally the Keto diet was used to help children reverse epilepsy which is a diet that is high in fat, low but adequate protein, and low carbs.

I’m not a doctor so I can’t really go into the specifics and wouldn’t be fair or legal to do so, but as I’ve mentioned before, there is a ton of data on these studies and the diet itself that you will have to research for yourself.

The Pruvit Compensation Plan

There are 5 ways that you get to earn money with the Pruvit compensation plan:

1) Kick-Off Rewards

These are bonuses that are paid out in your first 30 days after getting started as a Promoter member for the Pruvit opportunity.

The bonuses include Gopro and MVP Bonuses.

These bonuses are for performance achieved in your first 14 days after hitting certain Team Volume goals for the GoPro, and your first 30 days for hitting certain Team Volume achieved for the MVP bonus commissions.

2) Gameplay Rewards

These bonuses are separated into 3 categories which are:

  • Retailer Bonus
  • Endorsement Bonus
  • Go Fast Bonus

The retailer bonus are commissions that are earned when selling the Pruvit products to customers for the retail cost.

The Endorsement Bonus are commissions that you can earn for promoting a certain amount of personally enrolled promoters in your team.

The Go Fast Bonus is paid weekly and is paid out when you personally refer new Promoters into the Pruvit opportunity.

3) Residual Rewards (residual income)

This is the residual income part of the compensation plan.

This is the income part of the compensation plan structure why most people get involved with Network Marketing is the first place.

The way that Pruvit structures their residual income is by using the MLM unilevel compensation plan structure.

For those that are unfamiliar with how the unilevel pay plan works, here is a quick breakdown:

  • 1st Level – The first level of your unilevel compensation plan will only have your personally referred promoters on it.
  • 2nd Level – The second level of your unilevel compensation plan structure will only have team promoter members that your level 1 members personally sponsored on it.
  • 3rd Level – The third level of your unilevel compensation plan structure will only have team promoter members that your level 2 members personally sponsored on it.

Hopefully, that makes it more clear how the unilevel compensation plan structure pays out for those that are not familiar.

Pruvit offers up to 11 levels of unilevel residual rewards that you can earn from.

Here is a breakdown of what each level of the unilevel compensation plan pays:

  • Level 1 – This level will pay 5% of the sales volume generated for every personally referred Promoter.
  • Level 2 – This level will pay up to 5% of the sales volume generated for every Promoter that lands on this level.
  • Level 3 – This level will pay up to 7% of the sales volume generated for every Promoter that lands on this level.
  • Level 4 – This level will pay up to 7% of the sales volume generated for every Promoter that lands on this level.
  • Level 5 – This level will pay up to 7% of the sales volume generated for every Promoter that lands on this level.
  • Level 6 – This level will pay up to 5% of the sales volume generated for every Promoter that lands on this level.
  • Level 7 – This level will pay up to 5% of the sales volume generated for every Promoter that lands on this level.
  • Level 8 – This level will pay up to 5% of the sales volume generated for every Promoter that lands on this level.
  • Level 9 – This level will pay up to 1% of the sales volume generated for every Promoter that lands on this level.
  • Level 10 – This level will pay up to 1% of the sales volume generated for every Promoter that lands on this level.
  • Level 11 – This level will pay up to 1% of the sales volume generated for every Promoter that lands on this level.

To earn *up to the percentages described you will need to qualify as an R1 ranking Pruvit Promoter up to R10.

Residual Income Chart

The residual rewards section of the compensation plan also includes:

  • Champion Bonus
  • Residual Match

The Champion Bonus is an added bonus that is paid to qualifying affiliate members that pay additional commissions for unlimited depth of the unilevel residual pay levels.

The Residual Match is an additional matching commission bonus that can be earned from personally sponsored members and team members’ earnings down 3 levels of the unilevel compensation plan.

4) Leadership Rewards

The Leadership Rewards are commissions that you can earn when you qualify with certain achievements that are reached in the compensation plan through team building and personally sponsoring.

The leadership rewards are broken down into 3 categories which are:

  • Dream Team Bonus
  • Champion Car Bonus
  • Consistency Bonus

5) Partner Rewards

These are commissions that you can earn from the Pruvit company profit pool by qualifying with certain team volume achievements and through sponsoring new promoter members into the opportunity.

Basically, what it is and what you will earn is a share of a percentage of the company profits that are put aside for this pool by participating with every other promoter that qualifies for these company profits as well.

This will be divided with everyone that qualifies for that level.

The more achievement points you earn a bigger amount of the profits you will earn from the percentage that the company puts aside for this pool due to fewer people qualifying for the higher shares.

These pools are separated into 3 categories that the company set aside which are:

  • MVP Pool
  • Ownership Pools (L7 – L10)
  • Most Valuable Team Pools

How much does it cost to join Pruvit?

The cost to join the Pruvit opportunity as a promoter will be $37 per year plus a minimum product purchase requirement.

To stay active as a Pruvit Promoter you will need to purchase a minimum of 50bv which is equivalent to a 1 box purchase of Keto OS MAX each month.

This monthly purchase will keep you commissions qualified and secure your position in the compensation plan.

As you increase in rank, your personal volume requirement will increase.

My Final Thoughts

Before you decide to join Pruvit. I would recommend that you try out the products first. See if it’s a fit for what you’re looking for.

If you don’t believe in the products that you are selling, chances are others wouldn’t. Makes sense, right?

If you’ve decided that you want to join Pruvit, you must have the following if you want to succeed:

  • A support team and system that will help build your business.
  • A mentor that will take you by the hand and help you reach your dreams and goals.
  • A constant flow of new leads and prospects that want to join your business.

It is not easy to be successful in the Pruvit business and which is why more than 95% fail.

If you feel the person you are going to sign up with is not going to be able to give you the necessary tools to help you succeed…

You might want to check this out by clicking here! 😊

Pruvit Is Not A Fit For You?

Now, if you feel that Pruvit isn’t for you. But determined to find a home-based business so that you can create a legacy for you and your family.

I would suggest that you check out my number #1 recommended program.

This program is the reason why so many people are having success with a ‘work from home business’.

Last but not least (drum roll please)…

I would love to hear from you if you are looking to join Pruvit or if you were an affiliate.

Please share your experiences by leaving your feedback below.

The feedback will help out those who are doing research on the company.

Did you get value from this blog post?

If so, please leave your comments below and share this on social media 😊

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