7 Obvious Ways to Know if Your MLM Prospect Is Not Right for Your MLM Team

If you want to make the most of your MLM investment, you need to learn how to vet prospective team members. Learning which personalities will complement your team, and which traits may negatively reflect on your business, are the keys to choosing team members wisely. In order to help you develop the team-building skills that you need, I’ve created a helpful quick guide.

7 Obvious Ways to Know if Your MLM Prospect is Not Right for Your MLM Team 2

1. Look for Gregarious Team Members

Within the framework of MLM, great communication is extremely important. Quite often, outgoing, gregarious people who genuinely enjoy being with others are the most appealing prospects. Of course, this isn’t just about communication. Outgoing people also tend to have extensive social networks in place, which they may use to further their own business interests (and their own).

Shy, awkward introverts may have tons of shining qualities; however, they are not always the best choices for MLM teams. Look for people who love other people, and then sell them on your business. You’ll be glad that you did.

2. Search for Honesty and Integrity

You need to know that a prospect is going to represent your MLM concern properly. This means finding team members who have honesty and integrity. These days, social networking platforms, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, offer convenient ways to check out prospective team members very early on. So, why not use them to get a handle on who a new prospect actually is?

3. Look for Commitment

While it takes time to build a commitment to MLM, you should look for people who are capable of giving themselves wholeheartedly. Traits such as passion, drive, and determination will signal those who are capable of giving one hundred percent in order to succeed.

7 Obvious Ways to Know if Your MLM Prospect is Not Right for Your MLM Team 1

4. Look for Dedication to a Goal

Look for those who tend to finish what they start. Examples include college graduates, community volunteers, team athletes, and successful creative types. Anyone who demonstrates exceptional focus and competence will be likely to add value to your business.

5. Search for Great Manners

You need to work with someone who respects other people. Good manners, such as not interrupting others, will signal this sort of respect. By adding a polite and respectful member to your MLM team, you’ll polish your own image. Everyone who works with you will act as an advertisement for your MLM business. Therefore, finding people who exhibit pleasant, polite demeanors will help you to succeed.

6. Look for Technical Skills

Every team needs personality people, and it may need a few techies, too. If you lack technical prowess, finding team members who have the skills that you personally lack may be a great way to get help when you need it. From Web programming ability to accounting acumen to the ability to fix things when they break, this sort of practical knowledge will come in handy in a range of circumstances.

7. Search for Great Chemistry

Last, but not least, you need to look for great chemistry between you and the other person. After all, you’ll be working together extensively. While you don’t need to be best buddies, you should click with anyone on your team.

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