My Lead Gen Secret (MLGS) Review – A Simple Method To Getting 100 Fresh Leads Per Day (Updated for 2021)

If you have 15 minutes a day to work on your online business but you don’t know the number one thing you should do during that time to make real money online, then this is for you.

This is a step by step system to get 100 to 200 leads per day without creating a website, social media following, paid traffic or any other methods you have been told online marketing required.

You know you deserve a better lifestyle but the usual ways of online marketing methods aren’t working for you, you have come to the right place.

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If you are looking to make money online or build your current business, the good news is that it can be done. The bad news is that you will need to put in some degree of effort and hard work to be successful.

Let’s face it, there are countless programs out there that promise untold fortunes by doing nothing except handing over your hard-earned money to learn the secret of how to make it happen.

Those secrets tend to be tips that are simply not going to work.

Online marketing is still a great way to make money on the internet, but without leads, you will be spending a lot more than you take in.

You will not be in business very long using that strategy, but there is a new tool called My Lead Gen Secret (MLGS).

What is My Lead Gen Secret?

My Lead Gen Secret is a business opportunity lead provider that helps you build your business by providing you with leads on a daily basis as well as all the tools you need to contact the leads and convert them to buyers. Jim Harmon and his team help you reach your goals without breaking the bank.

It is an advertising service that specializes in sending its members the contact information of hungry home business opportunity seekers (acquired at a very high price but shared to keep costs down)

My Lead Gen Secret is making a trending topic online. Considering the company is still going through its first year available to the public at large.

Jim Harmon, the man behind this advertising company also serves as the CEO and President of My Lead Gen Secret. He is the same guy that has been instrumental in running large advertising campaigns for top marketers such as Frank Kern, Tai Lopez, and Tim Ferris, just to name a few.

What will get you get inside of My Secret Lead Gen?

  • The system provides 100 leads (200 if you upgrade) per day on complete autopilot for only $1 (3000 leads for $30 a month).
  • No expensive advertising like Facebook Ads, or any paid advertising. The focus is on mailing your growing leads daily to get results.
  • You have the option of promoting My Lead Gen Secret. You can also promote offers from Clickbank, Warriorplus and JV Zoo. Sign up for these free networks and start driving traffic to their exclusive offers.

Compensation plan

The MLGS compensation plan gives you unlimited earning potential. Earn commission by selling MLGS memberships and master swipes to customers. It allows Affiliates to achieve the highest levels of payment.

Need To Generate Leads ASAP?! Click here to join My Lead Gen Secret!

How to earn money as an affiliate:

  • You receive $5/month on personal membership sales to customers who purchase directly from your affiliate link (Level 1)
  • You receive $4/month on your personally sponsored Affiliate’s membership sales (Level 2)
  • You receive $3/month on the membership sales of the people they personally sponsor (Level 3)
  • You receive $2/month on levels 4 and $1/month on level 5. 
    • Level 1: $5/month
    • Level 2: $4/month
    • Level 3: $3/month
    • Level 4: $2/month
    • Level 5: $1/month
  • One time commissions are paid out on master swipe purchases at $5, $4, $3, $2, $1 (5 levels deep) on $29.95 pricing and $10, $8, $6, $4 & $2 (5 levels deep) on $59.95 pricing.

The commission will be accumulated until they reach a gross amount of $30, at which time they will be paid on upon request. Commissions will be paid out via PayPal, Check or Bitcoin. 

Weekly superstars bonus contest

MLGS will also give away $100 bonuses each week by referring five confirmed membership sales during a 7 day contest period. For every 5 paid new customers you refer to in a one week period, you’ll earn a $100 cash bonus. When you refer 25 new paid customers in one week and you’ll earn $500! 

How to earn bonus leads

Double your leads from 100 per day to 200 per day for life by simply referring one confirmed member. As soon as you get your first referral, you will get 100 bonus leads every day. You will continue to receive a total of 200 leads per day as long as at least 1 of your referrals remains active.

MLGS vs solo ads

Before I joined My Lead Gen Secret, I did a quick calculation in comparison with Solo Ads. I think solo ads are similar to My Lead Gen Secret leads because they are also cold leads that are not warm hot buyers.

I was in the assumption that I could at least get one referral, so that meant that I would get about 6000 leads per month. This means that I would be paying half a penny for one single lead.

Now, let’s compare this with solo ads. Let’s say with solo ads you have a 50% opt-in rate on your squeeze page. On average you’ll be paying about $0.40 per click. This means that in the end, you’ll be paying $0.80 per lead. This is 160 times more expensive than My Lead Gen Secret Leads.

Need To Generate Leads ASAP?! Click here to join My Lead Gen Secret!

What does it cost to join My Lead Gen Secret?

It is only $60 to join My Lead Gen Secret (first month) followed by a monthly fee of $30

Also, an OTO for a 30 email series personally written by Jim Harmon. These series cost a one time fee of $30 and I have personally read every single email, and can 100% vouch for the quality and value of this upgrade. I highly recommend all members to include this.

Is My Lead Gen Secret is a scam?

First off, this statement is not true.

Many of you will find My Lead Gen Secret to be just another network marketing or advertising opportunity and from what I’ve seen a lot of people including me are doing very well with it.

It is much different from anything else out there and is yet to see one like it.

See My Lead Gen Secret in action

2 stages of starting My Lead Gen Secret, the proper way

  • Having your own sales funnel or website

So as I have said this many times in the past, you need to have your own website or blogging platform!

While it might sound like a big deal and a lot of work, trust me, it’s not!

Setting up a blog, for example, is super easy nowadays and there are hosting like WPEngine and ClickFunnels.

Once you have a blog or a website to promote, you now have a platform that you can get started with marketing!

  • Sending value-based e-mails

You simply need to start writing and delivering good content to your followers.

If your content is really good, informative and insightful, people will start getting attracted to you and they will start looking at you as an authority to follow in your field.

The Email Series email swipe OTO which gives you 30 high converting and beautifully written call to action emails, that each one of your subscribing opt-ins will read daily.

These are not generic swipes. These will take your subscriber down a rabbit trail of ever hard to resist compelling stories that hungry biz opp seekers can simply not ignore.

Need To Generate Leads ASAP?! Click here to join My Lead Gen Secret!

How much money can I make with MLGS?

First off, this will require you to put some work in.

If you think that you can simply mail out a two-line message with a URL to your leads every day and have success, you need to think again.

MLGS gives you all the tools that you need to succeed, but you will still be required to put in some effort of your own.

This means researching products and systems that people will actually want to invest in, as well as taking some time to put together emails that are more than just a sales pitch. Put together e-mails that offer value, as well as a reason for buying, and you will be on to a winner with MLGS.

Over $21K earned from My Lead Gen Secret

Over $19K earned from My Lead Gen Secret

Final verdict: Is My Lead Gen Secret worth it?

My Lead Gen Secret is without a doubt the best lead generation programs that I have seen hit the market since I started working online many years ago, as it gives you all that you need to succeed.

If you are prepared to sign up for this program with your work ethic in tow, I am positive that you will experience the success in online marketing that you have always wanted. Click here to get started with My Secret Lead Gen.

Did you get value from this blog post?

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P.S. Struggling to get your business going? This may be what you are looking for!

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14 responses to “My Lead Gen Secret (MLGS) Review – A Simple Method To Getting 100 Fresh Leads Per Day (Updated for 2021)”

  1. Jeff Davis says:

    Hey Nate, I signed up under you in mlgs just over a week ago and happy to report I just made my first ClickBank Sale from the leads. I think I’m going to try promoting some higher priced offers to my leads going forward as I’m kinda curious how high I can get my ROI. Thanks!

    • Nate Leung says:

      That is amazing Jeff!

      As long as you are e-mailing your leads daily and nurturing the list, you certainly can!

  2. jason weiss says:

    hi nate….

    I signed up for mlgs under you last month for my company and signed up two people last week!! I am excited sir!

    • Nate Leung says:

      So excited for you, Jason!

      So awesome to hear that it’s working well for you. 😊

  3. Ana Walton says:

    This pretty exciting stuff. I signed up today and 100 business leads a day is unheard of. Thank you for sharing. Many blessings.


    • Nate Leung says:

      Awesome, Ana! That is great news! So happy for you my friend. Keep crushing it! 🙌

  4. Greg Stevens says:

    Hello, Mlgs has been a really good program for me and I like it. I’ve learned lots from the facebook support group i’m in and my goal now is to earn a $100 bonus for enrolling 5 people into my mlgs downline. My best so far has been 3. Take care and bye for now.

  5. Philip Brooks says:

    My Lead Gen Secret is working for me and I recommend them!

  6. Kimberly Turner says:

    Hey Nate I just got my first paying sale from these leads for a warrior plus offer. I have only been mailing this system for 2 weeks and I think I’m starting to get the hang of it. My open and clicks keep going up nicely which makes sense since they keep sending me more leads to mail lol. I think it comes down to a numbers game with this

    • Nate Leung says:

      That is awesome, Kimberly!

      What you just proved is what I tell folks all the time:

      – Learn the system
      – Have patience
      – Be consistent even if it takes longer than you expected

      So awesome to hear that.

      Congrats on your first sale!

  7. Brad Garrett says:

    Here’s how I’ve been using my MLGS leads. My strategy has been to get them to optin free to my work from home autoresponder newsletter series first and foremost. Next I enroll as many of THOSE optins as I can into the MLGS system itself, and since those people are now prequalified proven buyers, I will give each of them my personal info (Skype and cell phone #) and set up calls with groups of 2 or more people at a time. My goal here is to expand my network and enroll some of them into my primary program. Happy to report its been working pretty darn well. All the best, Brad

    • Nate Leung says:

      Awesome news, Brad!

      Thank you for sharing your results with me.

      Keep crushing it! 🙌

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