MLM Tips On How To Deal With No MLM Upline Support

While it is one of the most powerful tools modern businesses have in their marketing toolboxes, and one of the most attractive ways for people to make passive and real income even in our current economy, the fact of the matter is that without proper support and training you’re going to have a hard time unlocking everything that MLM marketing has to offer.

It’s critically important to understand that in the world of MLM and Network Marketing, you are not alone.

One of the biggest problems when you first get into MLM network marketing is that it’s all too easy to feel isolated and alone – especially if you’re not getting any kind of real MLM upline support. While your sponsor or recruiter probably seemed like the nicest person in the history of the universe and that they would give you all of the insider information and tips you ever needed to become an MLM leader just like them the cold reality is that many of them are just trying to beef up their downline as much as possible to increase their odds of getting more and more residual income.

You are not alone in feeling like your MLM upline support has abandoned you, and should know that even if you’re not getting the kind of MLM tips upline people have promised you, you can still unlock the secrets to real financial success with this powerful income producer. In fact, there are so many different people out there who are struggling with this lack of real MLM upline support that they have banded together to find other generic Network marketing communities to help each other through these struggles. You’ll want to find and join as many of these mastermind groups as you can and try to take as active of a position in the community as you can – both helping and getting help to the best of your ability.

Look for true MLM leaders

MLM Tips On How To Deal With No MLM Upline Support

You’ll find that the absolute best MLM superstars in the industry are those who understand how mission-critical their downline really is. These people will go above and beyond to give you value and tons of MLM golden nuggets they’ve ever been able to discover, literally handing you the keys to the castle when it comes to making real money in this industry. These rock stars are the kind of dream MLM upline support you’ve been looking for, and even if you’re not in their downline they will still try to assist you in every way that they can.

These people almost always started exactly where you are right now, and had to struggle against getting the least amount of MLM tips upline members were willing to share. They know what it’s like to feel lost and confused – especially when you’re brand-new or been in the industry for a while and still struggling– and they will always look to assist you in any way that they can. Make sure that you know exactly where these people are, seek them out as often as possible, and be respectful of the time that they share and the insights they give you.

If you’re reading this today and I know exactly how you feel.  If you feel abandoned or need help or seek mentorship.  Feel free to contact me here.  I’ll do what I can to help you to get you on the right path to success.

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4 responses to “MLM Tips On How To Deal With No MLM Upline Support”

  1. Joe Stewart says:

    Hey Nate great post. I feel a lot of people get suckered into an MLM due to a sweet talking up line, but as soon as they are in the company they never hear from the up line again… really sad but some networkers are only focused on the up front “fast start” money and nothing long term!! Keep up the great work buddy.

    • Nate Leung says:

      Hi Joe,

      Most people who get suckered into a MLM is due to the fact that most expectations were not properly laid out. That is part of the reason why MLM gets a bad rap. If more people treated this more like a business, instead of a hobby than there would not be any type of deceptions. Appreciate the comments!

  2. Javier says:

    HI Nate, thanks for the blog. It very helpful for someone like me, who is fairly new to MLM. In my situation we have been in an MLM for a year now. Over the course of the year we have an organization of 10 distributors, evenly placed on our bi-lateral tree. We have made sure to “place” folks in our organization in a way that those who joined the earliest and have continued working are able to benefit from the volume that those that joined later. However, in our own personal case we have never had anyone from our upline place someone in our organization. Have you ever experienced this, and if so, how do you recommend I address it with our upline? Thanks for the help!

    • Nate Leung says:

      Hi Javier,

      What I am about to say isn’t going to be the popular answer. Since you joined this business as an independent distributor/rep, most uplines are not required to place people under you.

      In some cases, it could happen but not always. With that said, at the end of the day you are ultimately responsible for your business. I would suggest asking your upline for guidance and mentorship. If your direct sponsor is no longer doing the business or you feel they cannot help you, it doesn’t hurt to work your way up to see if there is someone in your upline that is open to helping you build your business. Let them know your challenges and struggles. What benefits you, benefits them. Hope that helps!

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