The Truth Behind MLM Duplication – Why Some Do and Some Don’t

It’s amazing to see just how many people have MLM downlines that are filled to the brim with people who have (at one point or another) just about jumped up and down at the prospect of finally enjoying the financial freedom that they’ve been dreaming about – only to discover that the overwhelming majority of those same people in their downline are incapable of producing real results.

But this is the reality of modern MLM – any principle of life that you need to get used to so that you understand exactly where you need to focus your energy one comes to MLM prospecting, who you need to seek out and find as the premier MLM prospect, and how you should spend your resources when you are working with those people in your downline.

The ratio of MLM successes versus floppers will almost always be pegged right around 80/20

There is an amazing principle (a law of the universe, really) known as the Pareto Principle that dictates that 80% of your results are going to come from 20% of your efforts. In this case, the Pareto Principle dictates that 80% of your commissions and results are going to come from 20% of your downline – and that 80% of your downline is going to be nearly ineffectual.

Once you understand that this is a universal truth that cannot and will not ever change you’ll have so much more stress, anxiety, and frustration be lifted out of your body in an instant that you’ll feel like a brand-new human being. Embracing this universal law gives you untold amounts of power and focus to really pay attention to everything that’s important while ignoring the minor details that would only be stumbling blocks.

Always – ALWAYS – screen your MLM prospects to see who will be successful

Before you invest any amount of time whatsoever (or any of your precious resources – including your time) on a MLM prospect you need to know that they have the potential to become part of your 20%.

Working with people that are not superstars yet but have the potential to become superstars is the most lucrative way to increase your results in the MLM world faster than any other technique or tactic out there – but working with people who are not superstars and don’t have the capability or capacity to become superstars is the fastest way to cripple your success instantly.

Building powerful screening processes to weed out the undesirables and tire kickers from those who are going to give you everything they’ve got is an essential component of MLM success, and something that you need to focus on every time you go out to recruit.

This means that the majority of your attention needs to be focused on weeding through prospects that might seem like they are going to contribute directly to your bottom line on the surface, tricky situations that will only be able to be mastered after you’ve built up a bit of expertise in this arena.

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14 responses to “The Truth Behind MLM Duplication – Why Some Do and Some Don’t”

  1. wrcosentino says:

    I agree with the pre-qualification process.  Alot of it comes from your posture as you speak with them. If you give them the expectation up front that there’s no room for excuses and just “dabbling”, then the chances are more likely.  Good stuff Nate.

  2. SigridMcNab says:

    Good points Nate. I can definitely speak from experience as to the fact that we need a powerful screening process to weed out the tire kickers and undesirables. Would love to learn from your screening process.

    • nateleung says:

      SigridMcNab Yes, I agree.  We need to filter out the “tirekickers” and spend time with those who are serious about the business.

  3. Good article, Nate.  There is no doubt that we should screen distributors, but we also have to be careful not to prejudge and label them as “tirekickers” before giving them a chance.  Perhaps certain compensation plans put a halt to allowing people a chance, but the compensation I am part of doesn’t matter.  My point is this: I believe it is a myth that leaders are born leaders… Leaders are DEVELOPED.  
    Thank you for your contributions to our industry.  I look forward to following your posts.  🙂

    • nateleung says:

      meetbradstewart Absolutely, I agree.  Every one deserves a chance, but not everyone is cut out for Network Marketing, unfortunately.   Well said, “Leaders are developed”.  Good to see you here Brad, and I look forward to engaging with you.

  4. EricMcLaughlin says:

    you have to pre-qualify your prospects… that’s why I love this industry because you can choose who you want to work with!

  5. nagoyauk75 says:

    The Pareto principle is bang on the money. And it relates to ALL aspects of business, not just MLM. Follow it and the rewards will come. Great post Nate!

  6. This screening process makes all the difference Nate. Well said!
    I used to accept anybody who came down the pike and wasted hour’s worth of time with people who were not prepared to work our system.
    Then I screened. What a time saver!
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. workfmhomeDiva says:

    Totally agree You need to screen carefully. If someone really has a big dream or a big why they will stick to it if they focused. The main thing is then get hung up on those that don’t take action. As you said only 20% will do to work

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