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Why Being The “Best MLM Company” Can Backfire And Cause You To Lose Business

While most people in the MLM world would love nothing more than to be at the helm of the biggest, baddest, and best MLM company on the planet, the fact of the matter is that getting to the top of the industry has some very real and very serious dangers that you need to be aware of. Hopefully, this short and sweet guide will give you the kind of insights you need to protect yourself from failure as you climb the ladder of success.Why Being The “Best MLM Company” Can Backfire And Cause You To Lose Business

Before we go any further, I want to make it 100% clear that this article in no way should dissuade you from wanting to be the absolute best of the best in the MLM or business world. This is only meant to raise your awareness so that you can save yourself from the frustration, anxiety, and confusion that can sometimes happen when you get to the top and become forced to deal with some of the crippling problems that come from your success.

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Becoming too successful breeds complacency

If there is a major problem with becoming overly successful, it has to be that it is all too easy for you to become complacent and let your guard down. Every single business in the history of the world that has reached the pinnacle of its industry has had some sort of major regression after a time spent at the top of the ladder. This is because all of these companies forget exactly what it was that got them to the point that they are at now, and start instituting systems and programs designed specifically to keep their newfound success rather than push farther, harder, and faster in an effort to get better. Do not allow this to happen to you or your MLM company.

Success also breeds contempt


It is incredibly true that while everyone who is down in the pit slugging it out and digging to try and become more successful will be willing to help anyone in the same situation, the moment that someone else become more successful those same people begin rooting for their downfall. People as a whole are and envious bunch, and most folks in the business world are happier when someone successful fails then if they are able to attain their own success. Call this crazy, but it’s human psychology and something you will have to deal with. The best thing you can do is begin now to insulate yourself from others judgments and know that you are your best measure of whether or not you are just, fair, ethical, and successful. You can bet that when you are enjoying your riches from your MLM company there will be someone somewhere who is rooting for you to fail and get sucked under. Don’t allow them to draw you into the mud alongside them.

If you are truly striving to become the best of the best in the MLM marketing world, then I applaud you. This is going to take some serious dedication and very real effort, and hopefully these simple tips above protect you from the dangers that becoming successful can bring along.

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Nate Leung

Nate Leung

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Nate Leung
Nate Leung

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    Often times, in our industry of MLM and Network Marketing, I always see reps from another company fight with reps from another company and battle to let each other know, who has the better comp plan. In the end, no one wins.

    • Nate Leung

      Yes. We all need to be supportive of one another because we’re all in the same industry regardless of company.

  2. JITU

    This article is very helpful. This will help me learn more about the industry. Carry on. Wish you all the best, Nate. 🙂