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Is Competition In MLM Network Marketing A Good Thing?

We’re animals. Our entire lives, we spend our time doing nothing but trying to claw our ways to the top. In high school, it’s all about fighting to beat everyone else to the Top 10 spots so you can make it to Harvard. In college, it’s about outperforming everyone else so you can get that high-powered internship. In your internship . . . Well, you get the idea. Eventually, the competition gets old, and by the time you get to running your own MLM business, you’re probably sick of it. But, in the world of MLM Network marketing, competition is a good thing. Don’t believe me? Read on…


Is MLM Competition A Good ThingA Pinch of Commonsense


Competition can be frustrating, and it’s precisely what makes business so challenging, but it’s also absolutely essential for the process. Just think: If there were no competition, one vendor would have control over his or her entire market. If that were the case, there would be no innovation, and prices would be totally independent of the customer’s desires. This is, of course, exactly what happens in a market that features a monopoly.




Common sense tells us all this is true. Common sense also says you wouldn’t buy from a monopoly if you had a choice. Most MLM products are sold through distribution outlets, you find a customer, you fit their needs and desires and they buy from you. This is a process where you have to figure out your target market, and finding out how your prospects think, what is the solution for the problem that they are looking for?  You having a solution that will solve your customer’s problem is important.  Once you have built the know, like and trust factor, your customer will never leave you.  It’s a necessary condition for you to become successful in your MLM business.


Is MLM Competition A Good Thing1Why competition in MLM Network Marketing is a good thing


The advantage you have as an MLM Network marketer is that you have access to what is usually a unique variant of the products people are looking for, which is something you can capitalize on (a business opportunity). Furthermore, you can usually offer very competitive prices, often lower than those they would pay at most of their normal outlets. This gives you two advantages: One in terms of branding, and one in terms of price. And it is precisely your price and branding relative to those of the other vendors that makes you a favorable option to the consumer.


If there were no demand, your customer would have no reason to buy from you in the first place. In fact, they’d have no outstanding reason to buy at all. Most MLM products offer solutions, after all, so if there were no demand, most customers wouldn’t buy the product unless it offered some type of value that they can see will benefit them.  Just remember, that the “marketing” aspect of MLM Network Marketing is not selling, or moving products. It’s offering solutions to help better your customer’s life.


Now, it’s your turn!


Have you experienced competition in your MLM business?  How do you separate yourself from your company’s competition and others who are not part of your downline?  Please leave your feedback in the comments section and I look forward to reading them.


To Your Success,

To your Success,

Nate Leung

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13 Responses to “Is Competition In MLM Network Marketing A Good Thing?”

  1. Katie Fields

    I agree with you here, Nate. Competition is healthy for any type of business. I view it just like you as a good thing, instead of bad. Thank you for confirming my thoughts today.

  2. pam schmidt

    I often learn great strategies from the competition. Competition also exist with a single company, too.

  3. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Nate,

    Nothing wrong with fun competition at all. It keeps us on our toes and pushes us at times. I find that I learn more from my comp than I do from myself in some moments and of course this benefits me, and them. Because as I improve my competition improves, and vice versa.

    Thanks for sharing the inspiration!


    • Nate Leung

      Hi Ryan,

      Competition does keep us on our toes. Keeps us motivated to keep moving. We also need to grow as well in the process. Thanks for the comments Ryan!

  4. Joan Harrington

    Yes, I agree competition can be a very good thing! Makes us better marketers!! Fantastic post, Nate!!! Excellent value here my friend:) Thank you for sharing!!! Keep up the great work!!!

    • Nate Leung

      Exactly, challenges us, and keeps us growing. Appreciate the comments!

  5. Matt Insardi

    Right on… Competition is a great thing. If there were no competition no one would buy yours, there would be no demand. Now is your time to rise up and set yourself apart from your competition. There are buyers out there waiting for what you have, but are you getting infront of them? Thanks Nate.