What Exactly is Incentivized Sharing?

The world of online and internet marketing is constantly changing and evolving.  What works today may not work a few weeks or a few months from now, while some strategies have been in place for over a decade and are still producing solid results.  Incentivized sharing is a new marketing strategy currently being developed and implemented by a variety of different websites and businesses on the internet.  Incentivized sharing is promising to be a new and fabulous way to share content and promote various products and brands without spending thousands of dollars on expensive and usually ineffective advertising and at the same time get paid to do so.

What is Incentivized Sharing?

Incentivized Sharing Defined: The entire concept of incentivized sharing revolves around a website or company offering free items, discounted items or free products and services to their customers.  The website or company will also offer promotions and contents in conjunction with the free products in an effort to get as many people as possible to share the brand with their friends and colleagues.  The goal of doing this is to expose the brand or products to as many people as possible in an effort to increase brand awareness which leads to more sales and profits for the company or website.

What Exactly is Incentivized Sharing

There are numerous companies and websites jumping on board the incentivized sharing bandwagon.  Rippln is an upcoming website that is slated to be released something within the next few weeks or months.  Rippln is a mobile app development and sharing website that allows marketers to promote their brand, image, and company through the incentivized sharing of mobile apps such as games, educational, business and lifestyle apps.

How Incentivized Sharing is going to be a game-changer in Mobile Apps and Social Media

If you’re like many internet marketers, you’ve probably tried just about every trick in the book as far as gaining more customers, attracting more leads and selling more products.  If you’ve tried and failed numerous times before you may not have the motivation to try again.  Incentivized sharing is different than any other type of marketing gimmick or scheme you’ve used in the past.  Sharing your content with others and encouraging other people to share their content is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to share your content and get your brand and image on the map.

There are numerous reasons incentivized sharing works so well, as outlined below.

  • People love free stuff – It’s no secret that people enjoy receiving free things, whether they come in the form of gifts, money or services.  Incentivized sharing allows you as the owner of a website or company to share your products or services with other users.  While you may lose a couple of dollars upfront by giving away your product or service to a few people, the returns you get in the end will be worth much more as people share your product and spread your brand and image around the internet, attracting more customers and leads.
  • Internet users enjoy contests – Holding contests to share your content is always a great way to get your brand and message across.  People enjoy participating in contests, especially when there is a monetary reward attached.  Consider holding an incentivized sharing contest to see who can share your brand or products the most times on the various social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.  You should always have some type of prize waiting for the winner, and it should be substantial enough to attract many users.
  • The benefit of Sharing – This is the primary point of incentivized sharing.  You want to share as much as possible and spread around the internet and offline as well so more and more people are aware of the products or services the rippln are offering.  This is the ultimate form of advertising and promotion as it costs less than traditional methods of advertising and is in general much more effective.

All in all incentivized sharing is a great way to promote your business, website, product or service at a low cost.  Many companies and businesses and websites have started to use incentivized sharing as another way to promote their products without breaking into the budget significantly.

What is Exactly is Incentivized Sharing?

Rippln and Incentivized Sharing

There are already numerous websites and businesses on the internet that utilize incentivized sharing to good effect.  Everything you see a contest or other type of event being promoted on the internet you can be sure it’s a type of incentivized sharing program.  Rippln is a new program being slated to launch within the next few months that will put this concept on a new level.

Because so many people already use mobile apps to good effect, Rippln believes people should be paid to promote and talk about their favorite mobile apps they use.  In essence, Rippln is a mobile app that can be downloaded onto a variety of different devices and used to communicate with each other.  While this in itself may sound like just another social media app, Rippln takes it a step further by paying their users to promote the app to their friends and family.  Rippln is a type of multi-level-marketing program where you can earn a commission for recruiting new users to download and use the app.

Rippln doesn’t have a set in stone product or service that is being offered.  Instead, the only thing being promoted and offered is the chance to become an affiliate and recruit other people to the “game.”  Currently, Rippln can only be joined after being offered an invitation by somebody already in the program.  This is because the program is so popular that the creators don’t want to overload the network before it even launches.  The launch date is set for some time in late May of 2013.

Benefits of Joining Rippln

There are numerous benefits associated with joining Rippln.  First, because the program is still in pre-launch mode joining now allows you to get into the program before the big crowd joins after pre-launch is completed.  This gives you numerous benefits including:

  • More time to prepare your landing and capture pages, more time to prepare content for promoting the network and it gives you access to more material regarding the program, allowing you to become completely knowledgeable about the program before it actually launches.
  • Because you will be in the pre-launch you will be able to communicate with others who have also received an invite and joined the game.  This allows you valuable time to communicate and collaborate with your fellow Ripplers and discuss strategies, methods to get more people in your network, and the best ways to attract more followers.
  • The inside information regarding how the program is going to work.  This is invaluable as a marketer because the more information you have, the more you can pass on to your affiliates, meaning more signups and more money.
What is Incentivized Sharing

Another benefit of joining Rippln versus another similar network is that Rippln doesn’t cost a lot of money to join upfront.  In fact, it is totally free to join the program.  You can sign up to become a free affiliate and still promote the mobile app to your friends and family.  The only downside to doing this is the commissions you receive will be much less than if you become a domestic or global affiliate.

Becoming a domestic or global affiliate will give you much more power and leverage when it comes to promoting your network and getting your “business” off on the right foot.  While Rippln hasn’t released the costs associated with upgrading your affiliate status, many industry experts believe the costs will be lower and more competitive than other networks that have tried the same strategy in the past.  After becoming a domestic or global affiliate you then have the opportunity to upgrade your network to domestic or global.  Doing so will bring many more advantages and benefits including greater access to resources, access to a back-office that allows for easy tracking of all vital information, and more access and communication with your network.

Another advantage that is often overlooked is you are promoting an app, versus other programs where you promote physical products or services.  Because the app is free to download and acts as a social media platform it is extremely easy to convince people to sign up under you.  The biggest reason it’s so easy is that there is absolutely no cost to join – it only costs money to upgrade to a higher affiliate status such as domestic or global.  Many people in the pre-launch have stated they were able to gain hundreds of people in their downline without any real work or advertising – only the promotion of invites was enough to get people to join them.

Why Rippln is going to be Different

Now you’re probably reading and if you’ve made it to this point in the text you’re probably still fairly skeptical of the entire program.  I mean why wouldn’t you be?  You don’t often hear of a program that is free to join and offers as many benefits as Rippln, which is why it can seem almost too good to be true.

Rippln is different from other networks of the past because Rippln incorporates incentivized sharing into the whole scheme of things.  As we reviewed earlier incentivized sharing is the process of being incentivized (normally in the form of monetary compensation) to share a particular product or idea.  Common examples of this include companies or websites holding contests to see who can share their product or idea with most people on social media websites.  These contests almost always have some type of monetary reward attached to them, making them much more popular with people in general.

Rippln uses incentivized sharing in the form of paying people to promote the app.  Rippln receives their compensation when people elect to upgrade their affiliate status from regular “Player” to either a domestic affiliate or global affiliate.  There are numerous benefits and reasons to upgrade your status including higher payouts on recruited affiliates, access to helpful tools that make recruiting and managing your network easier, and a whole slew of other material and services that make it easier to be successful during your promotional activities.

Because this program relies on incentivized sharing instead of selling an actual product or service, it means people have to have faith and trust in the program at all times.  To be a strong affiliate means always communicating with your downline in a timely manner and helping them out as much as possible.  Attempt to answer any questions you receive as soon as possible.  This will give better customer service and make your downline more likely to stick with you instead of going with another affiliate.

Rippln Invite

Why you should Join Me

I am giving out invites to anybody that is interested in joining Rippln before the actual launch date.  Because pre-launch comes to a close at the end of May it’s important to get into the program now before all of the invites are used up.

There are numerous reasons for joining Rippln now and securing an invite before the rest of the world catches on.  Judging by the pre-launch statistics at the time of writing – over 40,000 invites sent out in under 48 hours – and the large promotional activity being completed by the staff of Rippln – this is going to be one of the biggest marketing launches of the decade.  By asking for an invite before the pre-launch period is over you can get into the game before the onslaught of other marketers join.

Rippln is promising to become one of the biggest and most successful programs thanks in part to its incentivized sharing program and the fact that joining the network is free.  The great potential to make money on the program is what will get many people to join.

After reading this far all of your questions should be answered.  What more are you waiting for other than the world to end?  Join me today and become part of the largest internet marketing revolution ever.  Contact me here for an invite.

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