How To Write A Persuasive Blog Post

There is no denying the fact that a blog is the mouthpiece of a business where it shares its vision, ideologies, and philosophy with the customers and clients. This importance of the blog aside, a blog can also serve as an exclusive marketing platform and whilst sharing quality information the potential prospects can be persuaded to move forward in the sales funnel.

You will see that everyone would be writing blog posts on their business blogs, however, there are very few who grab your attention and the posts of which you want to read. Moreover, besides general reading, the post successfully persuades you in taking some action. This is what persuasive writing is and this is what I will tell you about a little today.

Make it Logical:

The first and perhaps the most important and common element of a persuasive blog post must be that it should be based on logic. It happens most of the time that businesses or their representative writers take the side of emotion and in this flow of emotion, they leave the logical grounds. Thus, once the break away from the rules of logic, it is when the post starts becoming vague and it remains attractive no more. Therefore, the first thing that should be remembered pertaining to persuasive blog post writing is logic.

Supported By Data:

I can go on making as many claims, as I want, however, until and unless I don’t support it with data, it all would the same lame to you and only talk. Therefore, in order to persuade someone to do something, you will have to give them some data so that they believe whatever you are saying and they see it in the form of the data that shows the experience of other people. Hence, instead of just bragging about what you believe to be true, support it with evidence and data to make it persuasive and attention-grabbing.


You can have all the logical bases for your argument, you can have all the supporting data available at your disposal, however, if all of it is not presented in the right way, it all is of no use and the readers of the post will be disturbed while reading all this incoherent and illogical data. Hence, the other thing that needs to be present in every persuasive post is coherence. There should be a logical flow to all the ideas and supporting arguments. If you disturb the flow and make it abrupt, it will seldom catch the attention of the concerned audience.

Be Concise and Precise:

Al though blog post has its importance, but it is also a fact that very few people find the time to read the whole post. Therefore, instead of showing your dexterity with words and ideas, you need to be very precise and concise in writing a blog post so that the readers read what they want to read without giving it too much time. Therefore, instead of giving too many arguments just make your point in a precise manner with one or two arguments and then move on to the next point.

Facts over Opinion:

This point requires no stressing that the facts in your blog post will be more attention-grabbing compared to the opinion you share with your audience. Hence, in order to make sure that the audience pays attention to what you have shared, you need to have facts in it and keep it away from personal opinions and subjective thoughts.

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Now it’s Your Turn!

How frequently do you post on your blog? What kind of attraction do you get in response to your post? What elements do you incorporate in your post to make it attractive? Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

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21 responses to “How To Write A Persuasive Blog Post”

  1. Thank you for sharing with us how to to write a persuasive blog post! I tend to write a lot of post based on my opinion only! Will have to work on that..

  2. I agree with you in all your points. The most important thing to remember is that people lack time to read too much. That’s one thing many bloggers get wrong. I blog daily and receive roughly 300 hits. Last year’s blog is separate under the heading 2013. Surprisingly, the old blog still receives roughly 100 daily visits. My blogs are views on news. Maybe that’s why.

  3. Roslyn says:

    I particularly like your point ‘be logical and stay coherent’. Sometimes my own thoughts lead me to stray into a related topic and only after letting a draft sit, and then putting myself in the readers shoes, can I see it. I use images, especially of my product, jewelry and I know from comments, that my readers love seeing new products. However, I also make sure to include content because my blog is not a gallery display. That’s my actual website.

  4. Robert says:

    Great post! It’s definitely important to use facts and/or statistics when trying to write a persuasive blog. It’s also important that it is logical, like you said. Thanks for the advice! 🙂

  5. Definitely good blogging advice, especially to have support for the data that may be in the blog. I usually blog 1-2 times per week. Articles can be on health, wealth and/or opportunities. I enjoy sharing things that can help improve our lives. 🙂

  6. Sharon O'Day says:

    I’ve been writing my articles weekly … for 180+ weeks. I consider my blog to be my prime “conversation” with clients and potential clients, a place to engage and provide assistance and information. I take comments very seriously, and feel they are wonderful relationship builders.

  7. Veronica says:

    These are all very good tips and recommendations. Writing a blog is not as easy as just writing without thinking. Regarding the tip on facts vs opinions, I think that depends on your niche and the nature of your blog. Some audiences look to the blogger for their opinions I think.

  8. Tina says:

    I blog once a week. Wednesday is Blog Day. Today is the last day I’ll be blogging on the “old” format because my new website, is up and running and has a blog in it! I’m excited to learn how to use it in time for next Wednesday!

  9. Liz McGee says:

    Hey Nate,

    I generally post about once a week now and one of the things I’m finding worka the best is to know my audience well. To effectively persuade I think you need that first.

    I love this car salesman example:

    A car salesman will persuade a buyer depending on who the buyer is and what their needs are.

    For example selling a car to a 30 old single male will require emphasizing different points than if you’re selling to a father buying a care for his 17 year old daughter. You wouldn’t try to persuade a father with how fast the car can go or how sexy his daughter will look driving it.

    A buyer can only be persuaded to buy as long as you’re appealing to the things that interest the buyer.

    In other words be sure you know your audience first 🙂

    Good post Nate.

  10. Samir says:


    Very informative points! Well I’m not a native english speaker so I’m gonna have to learn and read more and more about it.


  11. Thanks for the tips! I always try to write persuasive blog posts!

  12. Cindy says:

    Great post (as always). We post 4-5 times a week. But there are 2 of us so that makes it a bit easier. 🙂 We try to focus on education and making sure our posts help our readers either with knowledge to help them understand something better or with implementable ideas to help them do something better or easier.

  13. Yvonne Brown says:

    Thanks for rejuvenating me to be more active on my blog!

  14. Kelli says:

    Hi Nate
    This was a really great post. You are right, a blog can be a powerhouse in any marketing strategy. It is a really great way to establish authority, trust and credibility. You outlined some really important elements…anyone looking to improve their blog would find this very helpful for sure!

  15. Excellent information thanks for sharing I shared too.

  16. I don’t take blogging lightly. It takes me about 4-6 hours from research, to writing, to graphics. It’s my responsibility to bring useful, valuable & correct information to my audience and I highly respect that. Great article Nate!

  17. Ashley says:

    Great advice that I will definitely be thinking about. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Great article Nate and great advice. A well written blog can capture people’s attention and attract followers.

  19. Katrina says:

    Being precise and adding value it crucial if you want people to read your blog and you are using it for business purpose.

    I prefer to read a short on topic blog than a lengthy one where it feels like I am taking all day to read it.

    I like to incorporate both video and text and let my reader choose.

  20. Kimsea Sok says:

    Thanks for sharing..! Writing the article that grab readers’ attention is what we have to do and learn to write our blog.

    Honestly, I have read many blogs’ posts about writing and attracting readers attention but I love what you said here.

    Well, to add person emotion in our article is really really great way to attract readers’ attention, if we don’t it right.

    You know..? The people love discussion thus if we added some opinion and personal discussion, it will attract them talk about what wrote.

    Nice article

  21. Esmatullah says:

    Hi Sir,
    Thanks for sharing this useful information on how to write a persuasive blog post. it was really a great article. Plz, could you let me know are you holding any private training to take a special class helping me out on how to write a persuasive blog post? I want to enhance my persuasive skills. I got interested, liking the style of your writing, because I found it vivid and really clear.

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