How to Share Your Business Story That Separates Yourself From The Competition

There were times when people would gather around a fire in the night and share their daily experiences. Then came the time when people would hang out at inns and bars where they would share their experiences and opinions. Sadly, as charming as it seems these times are no more and the only place where people gather to share and speak out these days is online social media platforms.

There is no better place in the world of today than the online social media platforms to tell your story. However, like any other platform, you need to master the art of storytelling. In addition to improving your storytelling techniques, the other thing that you need to learn about is the kind of audience that is listening to your story and the platform at which you are telling your story. In the lines below, I shall discuss with you some tips that can help you become a better storyteller on online social media platforms.

How to Tell Your Business Story

Facebook Is Smart:

Without any doubt the biggest and most widely used social media platform for sharing and an interaction purpose these days is Facebook. However, Facebook is not someplace where you start dumping your content regardless of whether the content is of low or high quality; rather Facebook is smart where in addition to sharing quality content, you have to create a context for the content as well. Therefore, when telling your story on Facebook you have to be smart and wise. The objective of sharing content on Facebook must not be to generate sales, rather the objective of Facebook content should be to spread the word and have your content shared to as many people as possible. Moreover, if you are worried about whether your content is effective or not, then you need not worry as the community in which you are sharing your content can instantly give feedback about your content. Therefore, don’t just go on blindly spreading content on Facebook with the hope that people will listen to your story, rather, be wise and plan your storytelling on Facebook.

Don’t Sell:

The other important thing that you need to keep in mind pertaining to telling your story to people on social media is not selling. As soon as your content starts giving the hint of a sales pitch, people stop listening to it and all the content goes unheard. Therefore, in order to tell your story focus on entertaining people with humor, listen to what they have to say and wherever there is space tell your story. Just don’t go with a sales pitch.

How to Tell Your Business Story

It’s Not the Platform – It’s you!

No denying the fact that different social media platforms help achieve different objectives, however, this does not mean that the potential of that platform is limited to that very bounty only. Rather, the potential of a platform depends upon what you wish to extract from it. After all, the platforms are all social media platforms therefore, their benefits and bounties overlap, hence, don’t limit your storytelling to a particular platform, tell the same story on different platforms in a different way to gain more audience.

Discussions Are Good:

I understand that when it comes to storytelling, every one of us wants to just keep on telling the story and expect from others to be good and keen listeners. However, on social media platforms in order to develop a long-lasting audience, you need to encourage discussions. Once you have told your story, encourage others to discuss it and share their opinion. This way you build a guild of followers who listen to you more eagerly than some one time listener whom you didn’t give a chance to participate or discuss with you.

Now it’s Your Turn!

How do you use Social Media to tell your story? Which tricks work the best for you? I have read the Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary V, which to me is a great help in improving your social media skills. If you wish to improve your command over social media than do consider buying it and if you have any recommendations or experiences regarding social media than please share them in the comments section below. Thank you!

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17 responses to “How to Share Your Business Story That Separates Yourself From The Competition”

  1. Chantea says:

    I wish more people read this post.

  2. I think the main thing about this article is that we must write a story where people can benefit from in buisness and in life. When we do it just like that people will be voluntarily sharing it with their friends & commenting and telling their friends to do the same things.

    Lawrence Bergfeld

  3. Ryan Biddulph says:


    Love the discussion point. Social becomes easier and stories powerful if you open the forum. Engage, chat, ask, answer to resonate with your audience.


  4. Priya says:

    useful article..thank you for sharing!

  5. Sophie Bowns says:

    I love discussions on social media, I always find them very helpful!

  6. Andrea says:

    Hi Nate. Good points! Personally I have found trying to market my business on social media to be a very frustrating business, but as you say, it probably says more about me than the platform. I enjoy blogging, but perhaps I need to hone my message rather than just write about what I feel like. In fact, we’re now on the verge of giving up completely…my partner starts a waged job on Monday, and I’m going to start looking for paid employment. Back to the ‘real’ world for us and if I continue to blog it will just be because I enjoy the writing, not because I’m trying to engage people to spend money on our websites. Interesting points though, wish I’d known this 2 years ago when we were just starting out! Andrea

  7. Aditya Singh says:

    Social media is very important for the site . because you can share a content with large people. And your Point about “FACEBOOK IS SMART” is absolutely awesome.
    Thanks for sharing this article

  8. frank joseph says:

    I do remember those lovely days when we would sit at a corner in the eyes of the dying moon to share and tell our stories, but then children grow to men and then we gather at inns to share and then came the boom of the WWW and we only can do that online now.
    Thank you.

  9. Diana Foree says:

    Hey Nate, actually my daughter and I are working on adding our bio/story to my blog right now. My blog post “Love Your Craft” is really “our” story. Thanks for this post!

  10. When I use social media, in particular Facebook, I just try to be me. I share what makes me laugh, what makes my cry, my frustrations and celebrations. By doing this I get a fair bit of feedback from different people that can relate to me and my interests, and many people sending me private messages for conversation sake. They always end up asking what I do. Thanks, Nate, for your wisdom and teaching! I appreciate you.

  11. Sharon ODay says:

    My constant question is “Now can I create engagement with my readers?” I don’t feel I have to be on all sorts of platforms. 3-4 major ones are a great place to start. But I DO need to figure out what they respond to on each platform … and give it to them! 😉 Social media is not a place to start trying to buck the trend!

  12. Great post as always Nate. Some of my best stories revolves around my son!

  13. Gabor Kovacs says:

    Your reflection on the importance of social media is absolutely correct! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Thank you so much for the gift I am grabbing it now. I hope to get lots of value from it.

  15. Our story tells about us. People want to know the real “you”. Connectivity is what its about. Thanks for the book referral. I look forward to the read. Always expanding.

  16. Esha says:

    I’d agree facebook is awesome indeed, great article Nate! 🙂

  17. I totally agree that the word social implies discussion in itself. On the likes of Facebook and other large platforms I find it extrememly annoying that I am actually trying to engage with robots!!!

    Everyone is shouting but no one is listening … I have become invisible to those I wish to engage with and totally visible to those who I’d rather avoid!

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