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MLM Prospecting: How to Recruit More Reps Using These 7 Powerful Questions

Getting prospects to join your MLM (multi level marketing) business is not just about finding the right people, it is also about knowing what questions to ask when you do find them. The very best recruiters in MLM know the right questions to ask to get a positive response from prospects.


These questions are not tricks or gimmicks, but simply the best ways to start a dialogue and get the conversation moving in the right direction. You really need to know how to close the deal before you start prospecting, which is why it is important to know when to introduce these questions as well.


You should try to find a “break in communication,” which will prevent you from saying too much. This keeps your prospecting short and precise and will lead to more prospects sharing their information.
How to Recruit More Reps Using These Powerful Questions


Why is prospecting so important for your MLM Network Marketing business?


Prospecting is one of the most important components of building a success MLM business.  It's a consistent daily method of operation that you need to do in conjunction with recruiting.


You cannot have one without the other. You must prospect every single day in order to build a business.  When you are prospecting, you'll want to put them into your pipeline and keep filling your pipeline.


Eventually, you'll have some prospects that will be recruited and will eventually join your organization.


For example, let’s say you are meeting a potential client for coffee. After a few minutes of formalities and chit chat you say something like, “I really have to go, but before I do, could I ask you something?” This gives you the break in communication you need to get things started. Once you have found this break, then you can ask the following powerful questions:


How to Recruit More Reps Using These 7 Powerful Questions1. Would you be open to a money making side project if it did not interfere with what you are already doing?


2. Do you keep your income options open when it comes to making more money?


3. If I were to show you an opportunity that I'm working, would you be open to taking a look at some information?


4. If I could teach you a way to increase your income, would you be open to it?


5. Do you or anyone you know that would be open to making some extra income part time?


6. Do you know anyone that would like to know some ways to save money on taxes?


7. Do you know anyone that can spare 10 hours per week to make money from home?


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As you can see, these questions elicit a positive response and generally lead to the person sharing more information. You don’t have to ask all of these questions at once, but simply drop one or two in when there is a break in communication. These questions will pique the person’s interest and get them to share more information with you. If you are looking for better ways to recruit more prospects to your MLM opportunity then these questions will help.


Now it's your turn!  What questions have you used that has worked well to get the prospect to look at your opportunity?  I look forward to reading them!


To your Success,

Nate Leung

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Nate Leung

Nate Leung

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Nate Leung
Nate Leung

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14 Responses to “MLM Prospecting: How to Recruit More Reps Using These 7 Powerful Questions”

  1. Steve Clausell

    Hey Nate,

    These are certainly great tips and techniques to help sharpen us when we are in the field; The open ended questions will go a long way in engaging the prospect into a productive conversation.

    Great stuff sir!

    • Nate Leung

      Hey Steve,

      You’re absolutely right, my friend. These questions do help in figuring out what your prospect is looking for, and more so their desires. You’re there to assist and see if there’s anything you can do to help. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Ryan Biddulph

    Line up each question to create a positive experience. I dig your insight Nate! Because each question is clear, direct and non-threatening, and by setting up the queries in such a manner you can naturally disarm the person across the table from you.

    Do this and you are pretty much golden, at least in terms of accelerating the relationship building process.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Sherman Smith

    Hey Nate,

    Best recruiters know how to get their prospects to talking. This is how you qualify and disqualifying them.

    These are excellent questions to see who you will be interested in your offers. Many people have the idea that you have to be the fast talking salesman to build an MLM business. But it’s totally the opposite.

    Asking questions and listening makes you a better recruiter then the stereotypical fast talking salesman. The one thing that I learned, especially Ray Higdon, is asking these questions then ask “why”, to really get their wheels turning!

    Thanks for the great questions!

    • Nate Leung

      Hey Sherman,

      Exactly. The one who asks the questions controls the conversation. Developing the relationships and finding out what the prospect’s desires are what the rep should be focusing on. So many reps do it wrong and wonder why they never get the results they want. Thanks for the feedback Sherman!

  4. Andrea

    Great post Nate. Love the questions

  5. Katrina

    Awesome post, Nate! As always! I like to find people that already blog and are good at it and ask them if they’d be interested in getting paid for something they already do!

  6. Darren Spruyt

    Hey Nate,

    Simple questions and non-intrusive. Love them… It is so simple yet effective.

    I’ve been talking about being more honest and truthful lately and one thing that happens here is people try to ask people out for coffee.

    Their intention really isn’t just to meet someone for a drink. They try to sneak a chance to pull someone to a business opportunity, which is really sneaky in my opinion.

    A little off here, but I guess what I’m trying to say here is that more people know what network marketing is about and they usually ask a question in return to questions you might ask them like “is this network marketing?”

    The best way isn’t to avoid the question. The best way is to answer them truthfully. That way, nobody’s time gets wasted and your friends will still respect you for it.

    Just my two cents worth.

    Great questions… everyone should use them! 🙂

    • Nate Leung

      Hi Darren,

      Honesty is the best policy. There’s nothing to hide. Even if they do ask if this is MLM or Network Marketing. Some ask just to ask, some ask because they don’t know. We make the mistake of thinking that it’s always negative but not always the case. That’s why we have to ask and see what they mean by that question to get clarification. Thanks for the feedback Darren!

  7. John Rusk

    Love the questions that you have shared! I’ll be using this in my business. Thanks, Nate!