MLM Tips on How to Place the Perfect MLM 3-Way Call

Succeeding in the world of multi-level marketing will be easier when you master the art of placing the perfect, 3-way call. This type of call will help you to connect with your up-line, thereby assisting you in forming the strong connections that inevitably lead to vital sales and increased interest in your products and services. Without this communication technique at your disposal, you may be missing out on the perfect format for cold calls, follow-ups and so much more.


In order to ensure that your MLM 3-way skills are up to scratch, we’ve created a helpful quick guide. When you follow these tips and tricks, you’ll become an expert, and you’ll have one more weapon in your MLM arsenal.

How to Get Started with 3-way Calling

The first step is boning up on the technical requirements of making a three-way call. This requires knowledge of your phone type, such as an iPhone or Android. There is plenty of info available online or in your own phone’s instruction manual. So, take the time to read up and then practice by making three-ways calls with friends and family. Once you’ve mastered the technical requirements involved, you’ll be ready to use this new process to make the most of your multi-level marketing initiatives.

[stextbox id=”info”]How to Put Together a 3-way Call with Your Upline Sponsor[/stextbox]


3-way calls are perfect ways to bring new and seasoned MLM people together. This is what I call the MLM hot market.  Before you get your upline on the phone with your prospect, always make sure you edify your upline making them look like they are 10 feet tall.  When a 3-way call happens, It’s you, someone from your organization, and someone they know. 

You’re creating this synergy on the phone.  For example, holding a call between yourself, a new prospect, and an established member of your up-line will be a great way to share ideas, answer questions, close and inspire a newcomer to get on board with your company or concern. By sharing information and experiences that will really inspire new prospects, you’ll create the ideal atmosphere for MLM success.

Use your own judgment when it comes to who needs a 3-way call. This thoughtful approach will work best. Quiet, shy people may not respond to 3-way calls in the way that more gregarious types will. In fact, shyer people may vastly prefer one-on-one calls that seem more subdued and private. For chatty types who seem very social, a three-way call can be plenty of fun. Therefore, it’s important to think hard about who you’re calling before you decide to make a cold call (or a follow-up call) that features a 3-way focus.

[stextbox id=”info”]Add a Call to Action at the End of your 3-way Conversation[/stextbox]

There should always be a point to a 3-way call. That’s why every call of this type should feature a “call to action”. After the conversation has run its course naturally, be sure to ask a new prospect to participate in your company in some way, via buying your products, becoming a part of your up-line or getting more involved with your MLM concern. While it’s tricky to ask for something, particularly with a relatively new prospect, it’s very important to get in the habit of adding a call to action to every 3-way conversation.

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