How To Monetize Your Personal Brand With A Home Based Business

In order to learn how to monetize your personal brand with a home based business, you need to start from the ground up. Important areas such as content marketing, video marketing, SEO and copywriting should be considered and implemented. Using all of these strategies, your personal brand will grow before your eyes.


Below I will go in detail which each of these terms mean.


Your home based business is going to need a website and the basic SEO elements of this website are of vital importance.

URL Good Practice

Each sub-page of your website will need its own internet address and you need to make sure each one is SEO friendly. For example, instead of using strange characters or numbers in the URL, try to use a keyword that ties in to the content on your site, this will best support your SEO activities.

Analytics Are Important

It’s easy to get into the mind set of purely looking at numbers and forgetting that the views your site receives actually come from real people. You need to use the analytics to discover where your visitors are coming from and what they are actually looking at when they get there.

Fast Website Speed

The speed of a website is key in ensuring a good user experience, and Google actually considers this and has made it part of its algorithm. Hence, if your site is slow to load or the HTTP request optimization isn’t the best, you may find that your page rank isn’t as high as the website deserves.

Quality Links

Quality links from other websites that are relevant to the industry you are operating in will provide your business with much more credibility and not only to viewers and potential clients. The credibility built through quality links will also help to show the search engines that your website really matters and therefore serve to improve your page rankings.

Unique Content

Ultimately the best personal promotion technique is to always provide unique content. Keyword stuffing is not going to get you anywhere and quality is certainly more important than quantity. In this digital society where everyone under the age of 60 has a blog, you need to make your content stand out from the crowd.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is your secret weapon. If you can do it right, then you are going to dramatically increase the chance of potential customers finding your services and choosing to use them.


Every page of your website should have some sort of email sign-up sheet or another kind of call to action such as a comment box or a connection to a social networking site such as Twitter or Google+.

Offline Marketing

Sometimes it’s difficult to remember that not everything revolves around the internet, but it really doesn’t. Make sure you don’t cut off potential clients by limiting yourself to online marketing. Get yourself some business cards and start networking with real people. Make sure that your business cards have all the essential information on them, including your website and email address and possibly a telephone number for the not so computer savvy customers.

Regular Updates

Keep in regular contact with your customers. Compile a monthly newsletter to send out via email that can direct people to important information on your website. Use the newsletter to promote new content, highlight special offers and gain more web traffic.

Social Media

Use social media as a promotional platform. Spend some time putting together a concise and interesting summary of your content and post this on your social media pages with a link to the full document. You could also offer to provide downloadable content to readers, this will enable you to get their email address and open regular lines of communication with them.

Press Release

In a similar form to the newsletter compile a press release that provides a detailed summary of your content and the services that your home business offers. Distribute this press release to the relevant movers and shakers in your industry as well as on your own website and your personal social networking sites.

Human Optimization

With all the techniques and tips for boosting online presence it’s extremely easy to forget that ultimately it’s real people that are going to be paying your bills not Google and you need to ensure their experience is as good as it can be.

Online Engagement

Even if a potential customer hears about your services from another source, they will definitely be heading to your website to do some further research. This is your chance to convince them that your service is exactly what they need. This is why having a professional, organized and easy to navigate website essential. However, there is more to it than that, you need to prompt them to engage with you and your business, an easy way to do this is to include special offers or free consultations.


It is not enough to just provide your customer with a service, you need to provide them with an experience. Every aspect of your working relationship should aim to fulfil and exceed the needs of the customer. Building good working relationship is key when considering how to monetize your personal brand with a home based business.

Customer Re-engagement

Getting customers to return to your business time and time again will ensure that you always have a secure customer base. In order to do this you can use web engagement tools which will allow you to recognize previous customers returning to your site. You can then interact with them personally and possibly offer special offers or invitations that are unique to them.

Integrated Communication

Convenience is always key, and sometimes communication can be inconvenient. You need to facilitate an environment in which customers can easily contact you or use your services in a way that suits your schedule. To do this, you could consider integrating online engagement capabilities such as web-based scheduling, online payments and invoicing as well as online document sharing.

Copywriting/Sales Skills

Creating compelling copy for marketing materials is an important skill and does require quite a bit of effort, however if you can succeed at this (or find someone who can do it for you) then you will be sure to reap the results.


The headline is going to be the first thing a reader sees and will ultimately form their decision of whether to read the rest or move on. Your headline needs to be your priority when it comes to crafting promotional copy. You need to immediately spark an interest in your reader within the first few words. Numbered posts or Listicles work brilliantly online because they allow the reader to scan and find the information they are most interested in.

Principle Selling Position

Your copy may feature a lot of information on more than one topic however you should have one principle selling proposition (PSP) that is referenced throughout. The PSP will be the product or the service that you wish to specifically highlight. Make sure to include any features and benefits and try and find something that gives it an edge over the rest.

Key Information

In contrast to other types of writing which draws the reader in slowly, promotional copy needs to hit them in the face. The most important information should be in the first paragraph. Outline clearly and concisely what you are promoting and why, you can get in to the nitty gritty detail later on.


Try to avoid listing the features of your product or service. In most cases your customer won’t actually understand what these features are. By all means highlight them, but you need to present them as benefits. You need to be saying to every customer ‘this is how this service can benefit you’.

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    I’ve been searching for awhile on how to brand myself online. This article is pure genius. Easily digestible and broken down. I’ve never seen anyone explain it the way you did. You have a new follower! 🙂

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