How To Make Money With E-mail (The Right Way)

The reason why many people do not make money with e-mail marketing is that they copy other e-mail marketers who force their way into people’s inboxes by making offer after offer.

They hammer a brand new offer almost every single day. The claims they make are “game-changing”, “once in a lifetime opportunity”, “ground floor”.

People who are successful in e-mail marketing build an audience. When you collect e-mails, you are playing the long game. Your goal is to give a great experience. and treat your list with respect. Treat them like humans.

Speak to the right avatar

For years, I tried to cater to everyone. I learned the hard way that the key is to serve one type of core customer.

In order to help my avatar reach a specific outcome, these are the questions I had to ask:

  • What are their aspirations?
  • What steps do they need to do in order to hit the goals they’ve set for themselves?
  • What is holding them back? What are they afraid of, or excuses that they must overcome to achieve their goals?
  • What solution can you give them to help them with their problem? What value, can you offer them?

Meet Susie, my perfect avatar

  • Susie is 40 years old
  • She has two kids and is a stay at home mom
  • Her husband is working full-time while she takes care of the household and the kids, but she is worried about their finances
  • She’s currently not making any income and wants to contribute to the household
  • She has searched on Google endlessly on how to make an income online but has left her confused, and overwhelmed
  • She doesn’t know how to get started with an online business
  • She doesn’t have any kind of structure in terms of how to start a business
  • She’s starting to second guess herself to see if starting a business is worth it
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Know your audience like you the back of your hand

Step 1: Identify the audience you are speaking to – Speak to one group of people. In my example, I speak to other females that are just like Susie.

Step 2: Identify their problems – What are their pains and frustrations? What keeps them up at night?

Step 3: Understand their desires – This is important because you want to know their wants, needs, and desires. Know this and you can make lots of money.

Step 4: Understand their dreams – What outcome are they looking to get out of this experience?

Step 5: Understand their fears – What is holding them back from achieving their goals?

Step 6: Your solution – What will you recommend to them? How can your solution help them?

If you can help your perfect avatar move one step closer to their goal, you have gained their trust.

Become the attractive character

The Attractive Character comes directly from Russell Brunson’s DotCom Secrets book. (If you haven’t read Dot Com Secrets yet or you don’t know who Russell Brunson is, stop everything you’re doing and get yourself a free copy by clicking here).

Your Attractive Character is the person your audience will connect with.

Think of The Rock, Oprah, Michael Jordan, Tom Cruise, to name a few.

The Attractive Character is the person that will prove to your audience that their goals, dreams, and ambitions are possible.

An attractive character allows you to connect with your dream customer as a marketing strategy. It doesn’t matter whether, on e-mail, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, your Attractive Character will draw people to you.

There are 4 elements you need for an attractive character:

  • Your Backstory
  • Your Parables (little stories)
  • Your Character Flaws
  • Your Polarity

The Soap Opera Sequence

The key to using email marketing effectively is to hold your audience’s interest. You have to make them excited to open your next email.

How do you do that in an age where attention spans are short and the options seem endless?

Create a soap opera sequence.

And, we’re not talking about handing your company to your competition. It’s a method of sprinkling a bit of drama and suspense to your emails.

Generally, it is a series of five emails that are sent out over the course of five days to an email subscriber.

The sole purpose of a Soap Opera Sequence is to tell an emotional story similar to a TV Soap Opera but in an e-mail setting to build the know, like and trust factor. All while this is happening, your subscriber wants to be engaged and entertained.

You want to do this because eventually, you’ll be making offers to this audience of e-mail subscribers when they trust you.

For my own soap opera email sequence, I have 5 emails with one email sent out each day and I tell my story of how I started an online business. Where I was before I started, and where I am now.

Here’s typically what the 5-day email sequence looks like:

  • Day #1: Setting the stage
  • Day #2: Drama and backstory
  • Day #3: Epiphany
  • Day #4: Hidden benefits
  • Day #5: Urgency: Call to action also known as a CTA

At the end of each e-mail, you want to keep the audience engaged by including an open loop. An open loop is like a cliffhanger when you watch your favorite TV show that makes them look forward to the next e-mail.

Final thoughts

Email often gets sold as a magic bullet in the world of online marketing when it’s actually just one of many actions to convert leads into customers.

Before focusing on email, ask yourself: Is email really our biggest opportunity for improvement right now? And if not, what is?

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