How To Increase Conversions And Close More Sales In Your MLM Business

I know for many of us, we struggle to get past this stage.  Whether it’s lack of confidence, or ‘know-how’.  I can relate.  In fact, I used to suck at closing.  In the past, I’ve always excelled in inviting and getting people in front of the information.  Close and follow-ups are the two most important factors when it comes to making sales.  Connecting with people, getting them in front of the information is easy.  How much you care about your prospect and showing them your purpose will make all the difference in the world.  The income you make comes from purpose.  Purpose comes from you and how much you want to help the world.

How To Increase Conversions And Close More Sales In Your MLM Network Marketing Business

In this blog post, I want to share with you a few factors that have helped me over the years increase conversions and close more sales.

At this point in the closing, you should have already had your prospect reviewed the information.  This also applies to three-way calls as well.  Make sure that if someone in your downline is doing a three-way with you, that they do the proper edification before they get on the phone with you.  This is a MUST!

Here are the steps to follow once you get on the phone with the prospect.

Make A Connection

This is where you get to know your prospects.  If you ever heard of F.O.R.M in network marketing.  This is where it comes into play.  This is where you get to learn about their family, occupation, what they do for fun and their message (or money).   This is extremely important that you do this first step.  If you do not build a rapport, the edification is useless.  You must build a rapport with the prospect in order for them to gain your trust.

Make It About Business

One thing you must understand is that you are here to close the prospect.  You are not here to make friends or make it an off-topic discussion.  This is about how you can get the prospect from point A to point B.  You want to use this opportunity to figure out what you can do to help this person.  More importantly, help solve their problems.

What Is Their Vision?

This is a very open-ended question.  This is where you get them to talk about their ‘why’.  Asking them why they want to do the business and why this is important to them.  They may say that they want to walk away from their ‘9-5’.  They may want to supplement their income in addition to their full-time job.  Allow the prospect to express to you what they are looking to benefit from joining the business and your team.

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What Is This Important To Them?

This is where you will listen to their reasons for doing the business.  On the flip side, we also want to use this as ammunition later.  No, we’re not looking to pull a gun on them.  We will use this so that when we come to the closing table, we will use this in our objection handling.  That’s if it comes up.  This will be useful for those who decide to skip out the last minute.  Usually, those who decide to skip out, are doing it out of fear and lack of confidence.

What Is Stopping Them From Having The Success They Desire?

This is solidifying their reasons for why they have not got to the point where they want to be in life.  Everything we are asking up to this point is building blocks.  Sub-consciously we want the prospect to stay in tune with their feelings and we are there to help them get to that point.  Think of yourself as a consultant.

What Do You Think It’s Costing You Not To Have The Success You Want?

Have them throw out a monthly figure that they want to earn per month.  Whether it’s $3,000, $5,000, $10,000 a month.  Be sure to write this number down and remind them of this number.  At the end of the call when the objections start to surface you will want to take the figure they shared with you and divide that number by 30.  We divide the number by 30 because potentially that is the amount of money they are losing per day.  So say, it’s $10,000 a month.  Typically there are about 30 days in a month.  That will be approximate, $333 a day that they are losing.

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How Committed Are You?

This is where you will ask the prospect, how committed they are.  It can range from 1-10.  You will want the prospect to be somewhere in the 8-10 range.  This is an indicator of how serious they are.  If they are less than an 8 then it sounds like they are not committed.  This is where you will want to take the opportunity to take it away from them.  Here is an example of that.  “Mr. Prospect, it sounds like this may not be a fit for you”.

Now, if they are an 8 and above, then you have to assume the sale.  You will ask them what package they are ready to get started with and start having them fill out the application.  This can be over the phone or in person.  Now, if this is over the phone, you can fill out the application for your prospect.  This way you know that they will get started the same day and you have made a sale.

Let Me Turn It Over To You

Over the years of being in the profession, I’ve had my fair share of ways of closing.  Trial and error have allowed me to fine-tune my closing process.  I hope you found this useful and hope you can use this in your business to increase conversions and close more sales.  Please be sure to share this blog post among your downline if you found this useful.

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